Growth of Consciousness. Why bother?


Amidst increasing polarization, raising consciousness becomes both an opportunity and a real problem for the aspirant. We want to be able to see and understand all viewpoints, and hope to resolve them, but we’re apt to be stymied by the vigor of binary thinkers, and fall back on an unhelpful default position: let everyone do what he or she wants.

So, why work to expand our conscious awareness at all? Inner conflict is often the result. We can see more broadly, and as a result, we harshly judge others and ourselves for not measuring up to the standards set by the new reality we see. As our horizons widen, rather than getting answers to our questions, more and more questions arise. Rather than resting on the certainty of wider knowledge, we find ourselves embroiled in webs of uncertainty. Who would choose to live in such misery?

A growing conscious awareness is essentially not a choice at all. It is an attribute of that divinity within each of us calling for contact. And that call, initially intermittent but gradually more and more insistent, is the most important influence in our lives.

The soul, the higher self, is a given within each person. For hundreds, perhaps thousands of incarnations, it is within us as potential only, and we live our lives as unaware gods in kindergarten, gathering our building blocks and practicing creating things we like. Trial and error is the early method. Pain and pleasure are our road signs.

But then, during one lifetime, a sort of discontent begins. We wonder, “Is this all there is? What is wrong with me that I’m unhappy?” Some of us turn to distractions that mask this vague, yet deep dissatisfaction. Some of us become seekers, looking here and there for answers. We become consumers of information, comparing and contrasting as we go. This sacred process is critical to our becoming our unique path. The breadcrumbs we follow lead eventually to meditation, and in meditation we find the Holy Grail — our soul, our higher self, the Master within.

The result of contact is a slow, but sure, identification with that Master within, the soul. Its qualities seep into our personalities. Intuition replaces rationalization. Love replaces desire for comfort. Goodwill replaces fear. This magic transforms our lives.

Because humans follow role models, given time, our growth can transform the lives of others. They notice not so much what we say, but what we do. We become open and sharing. We can become lighthouses and wells of healing and helping. As our awareness grows in depth, we begin to see the connectedness of all life. Because we love, what happens to others affects us. The relatively few agents of Love and Goodwill grow and come together in groups, and then in larger groups that can see and act on behalf of the greater good.

Love is the basic energy of this world. When we grow in consciousness, we access more and more of that Love energy, and the energies of Aquarius now flooding the planet. We begin to see patterns and dynamics in life that transcend the physical, and carry us through every difficulty. Such a powerful realization of Love, of Good, especially when combined with that of others, creates a platform of Light in the world that is bringing humanity into its new paradigm of Oneness. The Aquarian energies inspire creation of a new civilization based on Oneness, Brotherhood and Synthesis.

All this begins with individuals awakening to the call of the soul, and to meditation.

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Betsy Whitfill
Betsy Whitfill is a volunteer for Share International with a B.A. in Philosophy from Wilson College in Chambersburg, Penn. Contact: 888.242.8272 or


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