Nature Expands My Consciousness


To think, to feel, to be aware of oneself and of that which surrounds us in our daily life — that is consciousness. It’s so simple, yet so complex that it requires your full awareness to achieve it. In life we often look for the complexities instead of these simplicities for healing our soul, but healing occurs when we enter into stillness, awareness and the unfolding of emotions where consciousness exists.

There is no better place to find this place of sweet serenity than nature.

And so, I set out upon my daily path, just as the leaves bustle in the wind, and I am aware of the sights and sounds of nature. I let go of the busy world and let myself relax into the world that dances all around. The sound of birds chirping makes me feel blessed to hear the messages they foretell. Flowers burst forth with sweet aroma as each petal opens itself up to the world. The ocean calls us forth with great abundance. Nature offers us reminders that Spirit is always near.

Meditate on the breathing of each wave, each connection to a living soul, the scent of each flower petal, the wind as it flows its way to your heart — for that is where consciousness lives, deep within your very being as it beats to the vibration of love inside and out into the world.

As life pulls and tugs with its currents, the ocean welcomes us forth to join in each breath as it inhales and absorbs the sorrows and toxins of our world, making room for each exhale breathing new life into our very being, our soul, that longs to be touched with such delicate divinity.

Allow the ocean’s roar to clear the storms that approach, allowing the gems that dance upon its waves to entice you to gaze upon it as it reflects back with its cleansing duty that heals your soul. The gripping of the waves upon the shore ensures that love not only washes over but takes hold for deep healing to occur. Feel the ebb and flow as it comes forth — cleansing, refreshing, replenishing with the quality of life. Breathe in that love and allow it to reach deep within you on a cellular level, relaxing as it washes over your body, soothing you with each embrace. Feel the joy in taking each breath, let yourself rise above the iniquity of the world, hover at that vibration in the Light, in gratitude and compassion, as you are conscious of the healing that binds your soul to God.

Morning has now broken into a new day that sets before all who are open to it. My thoughts are still as I let nature guide me into the freshness of its spirit. As the trees grow and stretch beneath my feet, as the ocean breathes forth new life, I reach out for all that nature offers. In doing so, I allow my breath to relax into a place of solitude. Here I stand in this great Uuniverse that humbles my spirit into a place of gratitude. As the air gently flows, with each step I take, I know I am surrounded with blessings brought forth from Spirit. I feel the energy of this living world swirl around in living color. I am recharged the more my consciousness expands with loving healing.

Allow your spirit to receive the love to fill and expand your consciousness to heal and also to reach out in healing love to others, for healers need to heal, too, and they come in all areas of life. Therein rests your ability to create a better you to share with others by healing from within and out into the world.

Choose Consciousness
When we stand so still that we can feel our thoughts radiate throughout our body, we can take that moment and expand it into more moments as more thoughts and feelings come forth and lead us into recognizing ourselves in this world. Let us be humble and feel compassion for others, see the conflict for what it is; unconsciousness. And so I choose to be conscious all the days of my life — conscious of the gifts God has given us all in moments to expand into His unending love.

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Maria Lisa Polegatto
Maria Lisa Polegatto grew up and lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she works full time. To rest and relax she loves to retreat into nature and spend time with animals enjoying the magic that surrounds us. Contact Maria Lisa at


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