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I’m always amazed at workshops where spiritual seekers try to write down every word with their head buried in notepads, instead of facing the speaker to totally absorb the message. There’s something extra for the person who is fully absorbed in watching and listening. Sounds are energy that roll toward us like waves and either bounce off us or become absorbed in us.

Energy, after all, is consciousness. And consciousness is spirit. If we are fortunate, we become part of this constant, changing flow.

All of life is evolving, as we are evolving, in cycles of completion and renewal. This absolute reality shapes all and unifies all, as all seemingly fragmented parts come together like interlocking pieces of one gigantic, cosmic puzzle. Fundamental changes in spiritual evolution are periodic and constant in cycles and dynamic in their impact on all of life.

Helena Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine, with ancient insights gathered in the Himalayas, describes how cosmic consciousness, as spirit, manifests in the form of nature all around us in the physical world, teaching us the necessary cycles of life as it unfolds. Spirit (consciousness) in its purest form is timeless, she said, at least in terms we think of as time. It evolves in cycles through stages of creation.

Blavatsky viewed creation as continually expanding as consciousness expands. In fact, she saw consciousness as fundamental to cosmic evolution on the grandest of scales. Looking about our manifest world, she recognized consciousness as a fundamental aspect of nature and the individual consciousness in each of us as derived from the cosmic consciousness that inaugurated the Universe.

Our world is expanding into the new Aquarian Age. In a real sense, the arrival of this age depends on evolving group consciousness to usher it in. And if any of us are to realize it, our consciousness needs to evolve.

Dr. Albert Amao, who speaks May 8 at Church of St. Francis, has written a survivor’s guide to the coming Water-Carrier Age. His new book, Birth of a New Consciousness: The Cycles of Time, describes changes that will come. This will be a golden age of harmony and insightfulness where competition gives way to cooperation and people, at last, evolve spiritually to encompass a more meaningful unity and oneness on social and cosmic levels of understanding.

The coming new consciousness will affect everyone and everything. The golden age of the Water-Carrier has been forecast for thousands of years in the ancient mystery tradition as a natural progression of primal forces that project human development through Earth cycles. And each new age ushers in the energy of the next Earth cycle in progression. We will experience the new energy of a world that renews itself and transforms itself on a primal level periodically. And the new energy will last for 2,160 or so years. Regardless of when you were born, you will experience the magical forces behind this air sign, as its energy sweeps across our world, affecting all human consciousness.

Indeed, the ancient wisdom tradition has long spoken of the driving primordial forces behind all of creation and the transitions that they bring to human consciousness. Helena Blavatsky, in previewing the coming new golden age, spoke of an eternal “dance of life” with rhythmic movement that shakes up all of creation. Primal energy is the driving force behind this dance of birth and the cycles of rebirth.

Dr. Amao advances the theory that the Universe was created and exists through consciousness, or infinite mind. He sees this universal consciousness behind all of creation. He references Blavatsky’s fundamental propositions regarding the cosmos and human development: The oneness in all, periodicity, and evolution of consciousness. He cautions religious zealots who foresee some sort of end of the world that this shift from the Age of Fishes is simply a patterned, predictable shift in the cycles of time and part of the grand design of evolution. He forecasts many social, political and religious changes and urges everyone to become ready for the shift in consciousness that must be made. In the coming age, he says, we must be ready to meet the divine on a direct and personal level.

Blavatsky viewed the spiritual aspect of absolute reality as consciousness, the primal intelligence behind all of creation and spiritual evolution. This underlying consciousness is the guiding intelligence behind cosmic evolution and the source of all individual consciousness. This universal life force that runs through all of creation is a primal force most obvious on a mundane level in the cycles of nature, but present in all creation. It is the propelling life force behind everything.

Life is about change and transformation. The light that descends lovingly from the heavens above today energizes us and ignites new life. The energy that falls on us tomorrow will be slightly different. Like a prism that bends light into various colors with different qualities, the primal energy that drives all of creation changes in a pattern of mysterious hues and varying properties. We are facing such a major change, as the energy of Pisces gives way to the energy of Aquarius. And the changes will be sweeping.

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Von Braschler
Von Braschler is a former newspaper and magazine editor. He writes and leads workshops in the areas of consciousness development, time, chakra healing, pet healing, and dream work. He is a trained massage therapist, pet therapist, energy healer, and Kirlian photographer. Von is the author of 7 Secrets of Time Travel (Inner Traditions), and most recently, Confessions of a Reluctant Ghost Hunter: A Cautionary Tale of Encounters with Malevolent Entities and Other Disembodied Spirits (Inner Traditions). Von lives and works in St. Paul, MN. Contact him at [email protected].


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