Spring Renewal: Virtue and Valor


Spring is a season of both physical and spiritual renewal. Given the political upheavals confronting this country, and world, one could say that applies — but on steroids! It is hard to remain calmly centered during such periods, but that is precisely what we must do while simultaneously acting to restore peace and righteousness to our nation and planet.

In many ways, what we are seeing outwardly is a reflection of the battle each of us is called to engage in inwardly. In Vedic tradition, the battle fought in the Bhagavad Gita is a metaphor for facilitating the restoration of soul consciousness over material consciousness. This is the spiritual battle that has been fought within all disciplines of all faiths throughout the ages.

Each of us must remember who we are at our core, in our soul, and act in alignment with the dictates of Spirit –accepting its guidance, not responding with fear, anger or unfettered emotional reactivity.

The world is a huge game board of infinite variety and cleverness that excels in drawing us out to engage in varied distractions — some good, some awful — that seem to make us forget our real place and divine purpose. Again, I emphasize that while situations around us appear to abound in tremendous disharmony, we must redouble our efforts to cultivate and remain anchored in spiritual realization — and then act in whatever ways we can to restore peace and balance in our midst.

My invitation is nothing new: “Seek the Kingdom within” — with faith in Spirit, in your personal process, commitment to the cause, and patient resilience. Keep putting the right foot forward in ways both small and large. Only by invoking and spreading Light can darkness be diminished or defeated.

So don’t despair — engage. Do by shining your own inner light more brightly through attunement with Spirit in whatever way you hold dear. Apply the fruits of soul cultivation — peace, love, joy — with another supernal trait, wisdom, to secure for yourselves and others a society and planet worthy of bequeathing to future generations.

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