A Pleiadian Message: New Markers of Light assist in our Transformation


Beloved ones, we greet you. We continue to hold the energetic settings for the ongoing anchoring of these new awakening frequencies that are flowing and activating on your Earth plane. Through the movement of a direct alignment between our star systems, the Pleiades and planet Earth, we are able to play this role in a more complete way than ever before. We create the form and become the powerful catalyst in the transformation of this frequency light as it enters your planet.

We are able to do this through the action of being able to transmute these awakening frequencies of light and bring them into a multidimensional form that breaks down and transforms an aspect of the illusion that is held within your planet. This change in the form supports the further shifting and loosening of the density of old structures, which create a further lifting of veils that has held your planet in this place of continual separation. This process opens up an illumination that is transmitted throughout the planet by the pure rays of light reflected from the sun.

This process of transmutation through the lifting of the veils will be building in momentum throughout this year. This action is recreating a completion cycle energy on the planet. Every moment these light flows enter your Earth’s atmosphere, they carry another aspect of the illumination frequency supporting mankind.

This energetic action is designed as ongoing support, enabling each one of you to begin to glimpse and align to another level of Truth within yourself. This is a designed plan to realign you into this other level of reality that you co-exist within simultaneously. The energetic plan is to bring you to the place beyond the illusion that is currently accelerating on your planet: repositioning you to where you exist, to your place beyond the veil. This is an essential time for you simply to witness drama, not to participate in the drama, which is part of the illusion.

Remember, the illusion on your planet can be likened to a dream. The fear, the struggle and the lack is all illusion. The play out of the drama throughout your planet is all illusion. You get to choose to be drawn into the drama or simply witness the drama. The misinterpretation and misunderstanding of the human ego mind is fully linked into the illusion. Now, you get to choose to move away from this alignment with the illusion and move into the reconnection of your Heart, the doorway to your Higher Self. This is an important moment for you to consciously choose the path of the Heart.

Parts of your self
In reality, there are two distinct parts of your Self that exist. You have your human aspect and your sacred aspect. For the most part, you have spent lifetimes on your planet living out your direct experience within the illusion with your human aspect. Your ego mind consciousness or your human aspect is fully aligned and operates only within the illusion, and understands nothing else.

You also have your Heart, which is a doorway to Home, to your Higher Self. Through the Heart you move beyond the experience of illusion. This doorway realigns you to your multidimensional aspect of Self, this is your natural state of sacredness, where you exist beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion on Earth.

Now it is possible for you to open up through your Heart, and prepare your Heart cells to align to these energetic “Markers” that are entering the planet for your transformation. Through the use of a sacred sound, ZAHM, you can create a deepening of a bridge into your own Heart. Your own unique frequency that is created as you make this sacred sound is like no other in the Universe. Your own Heart cells recognize your unique sound and they begin to respond by expanding and anchoring a multidimensional energetic form of your Higher Self. Like a flower that responds to the sun, your Heart cells begin to respond and embody this higher frequency with this sound.

As you change the vibrational energy of your cells with this sound, ZAHM, you are automatically aligned to the vibrational light flow of your Higher Self. Through this sound you are able to first realign, utilizing your Heart as a tool to gain a deeper access to the higher dimensional aspect of you. This is an empowering process of you birthing you. This process does not involve any other individual or factor, so you can begin a self-liberation process through your own conscious choice action.

Know that your human aspect and sacred aspect are designed in this lifetime to work in unison. As you evolve through your Heart connection the sacred aspect of you will support and hold the most vulnerable aspects of your human elements.

Markers of Light
Another essential part of your transmutation process is being supported through a series of energetic Markers of Light that are appearing in the sky. The appearance of these markers began mid April and they will continue to appear through the rest of this timeframe of 2017.

These markers appear as unique forms of brilliant light colors that will be appearing in the night sky and during the daylight hours. These markers hold unique light patterns and will sometimes be held within the clouds in the sky. Watch for cloud forms that are carrying brilliant light forms within them; they will have a unique appearance and energy. They will be most prevalent at the time of sunrise and sunset.

These markers are appearing in many different forms to individuals at this juncture. These markers herald in this second phase of the “new dawning” on the planet and are designed for your specific awakening. The markers carry unique frequency activations of the Holy Vine that transmit clarity and understanding to those of you who open into them consciously. These energies actually realign you beyond the illusion and bring you into multidimensional moments of reconnection to Truth.

These markers carry what we call the Holy Vine essence. The Holy Vine holds the fully mirrored energy of the “new dawning” transition of planet Earth and your own unique path within this transition. The presence of the Holy Vine on Earth signals the acceleration of awakening for those of you on the path. Its essence is designed to support you in a realignment to deepen your conscious connection within your Self. To realign you to the path of your Heart, aligning to your Higher Self.

A powerful action of love is held within the Holy Vine essence, and this love creates a deepening of a multidimensional doorway being made accessible to you within your Heart. This reopening of your Heart sets in motion the natural element of what we call “effortless receivership,” allowing you to open into the full flow of receivership for your self. The love is a base element to who you naturally are within your sacred Self. The vastness of this love calls to you, nourishes you, enabling you to consciously choose and to move into this reconnection to Self. This sets in motion an alignment for you to reach your own multidimensional framework of your heart.

You each hold a unique component of the Holy Vine essence within you. This is a part of your sacred makeup that is held within your receivership center of your Heart. So the Holy Vine essence is an awakener for each one of you, calling you back through the multidimensional alignment within your own Heart/Home space. As you align deeper within the Holy Vine essence through each location of the markers you naturally anchor and stabilize beyond the veils of illusion.

You are Who You have been Waiting For
There are simple steps to working with these Markers of Light as they are revealed to you. Utilize this process each time the marker reveals itself to you:

1. When you perceive a marker, it is important to immediately connect into your Heart space by simply bringing your hand and place it on your chest. Bring your awareness into your hand on your chest and bring your Conscious breath (breathing in and then out of the mouth) and direct it into where you are holding your chest.

2. Once connected to your Heart, move your conscious awareness towards the marker. You want to then align deeper into the essence of the marker. To do this, you keep your awareness on the marker and take a Conscious breath, and “let go” into the marker. As you let go, you naturally align deeper wherever your conscious awareness is anchored, (which is the marker). Continue this process of letting go within the marker with the Conscious breath until you are deeply connected into the experience of the marker. You may see, sense or feel this connection.

3. Now bring in the sacred sound, ZAHM, just once. You will bring the sound directly within the energy of the marker. As you bring the one sound into the marker, feel, sense or see how there is a transmission of an essence from the marker. Open up to receive that energy, and allow it to move within your Heart.

4. You can keep using the sound, ZAHM, until it feels complete. Note: Know how important it is to fully integrate the essence from the marker within you before bringing the sound into the Marker again. The essence from the marker highlights and aligns you to your Higher Self aspect through your Heart.

Beyond the Illusion
Know that you can flourish on Earth and live beyond the illusion within this multidimensional setting of Self. This has always been part of the divine plan. This is your next step.

You are, in Truth, naturally a multidimensional sacred being. You are being handed the keys to reaccess the doorway within your Heart, which will reestablish you to a natural state of Being, to your Higher Self.

Through this changing element on the planet there is the constant action of the veils being lifted, revealing an easier access to this expanded consciousness level of you, reopening your higher aspect of Being. There is a sacred timing, a destiny for this new design of awakening for you personally and for the entire planet. This time has already begun, and it is opening up for you.

There is going to come a time, in a certain moment, when the veils of illusion will lift completely on your planet. All humanity will awaken from “the dream,” the illusion at that moment. As they awaken from the dream, they will simply remember and reconnect to who they are. There will be that natural reconnection to their Sacred that already exists beyond the veil right now. When this event takes place, this shift within them will be as natural as breathing.

Those of you who are already awake and on the path need to take this step consciously and move through the veils now, enabling you to hold a steady platform for the rest of humanity to take their next step at the right moment. This is part your pre-agreement.

We continue to witness you in your evolution. We invite you to call us forward to individually support you in your needs. This request by you must come from your own Heart space. The sacred sound we have presented to you will accelerate your Heart reconnections and this opening within your Heart will allow us to communicate with you. This is your time to thrive within yourself. Through your own Heart you come home. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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