Abundance is Contagious


Abundance has been my favorite word ever since I tapped into the power of it five years ago. Living an abundant life is living with joy and gusto, not only taking in what life has to offer fully but giving it back freely. It’s a universal give-and-take that manifests itself as an amazing life.

Abundance is living without fear and trusting the Universe will give you what you need. It is a genuine respect for giving to others and appreciating the uniqueness and richness of people and the environment and how interconnected we all are.

Once you live with an abundance mindset, you become contagious — people want your positive outlook and they are curious about why you always seem “so lucky.” Things just seem to be easier, and if you have a setback you don’t get discouraged. You view it more as a challenge for growth to do more, be more, and appreciate more.

Abundance is what God or whatever you believe to be the Higher Source wants for all of us. The only thing we have to do is believe in its power. Once you start living and giving abundantly, you will be amazed at what life really can be.

How can you start living with more abundance, you ask? It sounds easier said than done, but there are some simple steps to get you on the right track of an abundance mindset.

First is learning to be grateful and appreciative of whatever you have. Many of us are naturally taught to see what is wrong rather than what is right. We need to retrain ourselves to notice our daily blessings. Instead of being upset that you burnt your toast, you are thankful you have another two pieces to put in the toaster and start again. When you are stuck in traffic, instead of complaining and being irritable, use the time to mentally write your shopping list, or listen to an extra chapter on your book on tape, or do your kegel exercises.

Start thanking your feet for holding up your body so you can walk, thanking your hands for being able to hold your child’s hand or pet your dog. You get the picture! Gratitude is a simple but so very effective way to bring about positive changes in your outlook and in your life. You start to notice and appreciate the abundance you already have and are more aware when even more comes into your world.

The second step is to really give of yourself, not just give with hope that you will get equal treatment back, but give with your full heart, unconditionally. Use your unique gifts that you were born with — start sharing your abundance with others and it spreads as they start sharing their abundance with you.

Appreciation of what you already have and the genuine sharing of your unique gifts to the world are truly the fastest ways to start seeing more abundance pour into your world.

Abundance is contagious — don’t be afraid to catch it!

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Jennifer Aeshliman
Jennifer Aeshliman has been a school social worker for 17 years. She also is in training to be a Life Coach and light worker through "Abundant Blessings." She is married with four great kids and feels blessed every day.


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