Abundance is Our Birthright


Abundance is our inheritance, but for eons the misconceptions of man about Abundance have led us down the false path of limitation. Many people have taken on these misconceptions as truth.

We are vibrational beings and co-creators with Source. We are made from Source and, therefore, we can tap into the vibrational frequencies that will create unlimited Abundance.

Before we can tap into those vibrational frequencies, we have to change the negative thought forms that create lack and limitation. The key is changing these thought forms into an Abundance Consciousness.

When we decide what we want and how we want our lives to go, then we can start the process of changing our consciousness and creating Abundance in our lives. It is recommended that we journal about four divisions of our lives. What do we want in our Spiritual Lives, in our Home Lives, in our Career, and in our Relationships? And when we write down what we want, we need to get specific. At the end write, “this or better, brought to me properly.”

Now we get into the part of changing the consciousness. Here is the process:

  • Surrender…any misconceptions you have about abundance and know that Source will provide everything to you.
  • Believe…that whatever it is will come to you.
  • Imagine and Visualize…see yourself have it and use it. Let a movie of whatever it is play in your head and hear the sound of it or hear the conversations that will take place.
  • Forgiveness…will set you free. You cannot receive and create if you have anger, pain and fear blocking your good from you.
  • Release…once you have asked the Source to create something, then release it to Source to bring it to you. Do not keep wondering where it is at, know it is coming.
  • Receive…be open to receiving it from Source.
  • Be Grateful and Happy…knowing it is coming before you receive it. Do not look at what you don’t have or that you don’t have it yet.
  • Prayer…give thanks when you do receive it.
  • Give…you have to give to receive; there has to a balance of giving and receiving. Tithing is very important to give back to Source.

Affirmations, meditation and prayer are all avenues to raising your vibrations to higher frequencies. Once you have higher frequencies, then you set into play the Law of Attraction, which is our avenue to creating Abundance in our lives. We will then attract all things at those higher frequencies. The Source is our provider, not our jobs or any human. Change your consciousness and receive your birthright of Abundance.

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Nancy Robinson
Nancy Robinson is a Psychic/Medium and Pranic Healer. She has studied Edgar Casey teachings, Morris Pratt Institute for Pastoral Certification, studied with Rev. B. Anne Gehman in her Spiritualist Church, and she has studied all the Advanced Pranic Healing Classes and practices Arhatic Yoga. She has a center called Spiritual Paths in Minnetonka were she does Readings, Healing, Meditation, Classes, Workshops and Past Life Regressions. Visit Mysticalnancy.com. Contact Nancy at [email protected] or call 703.589.5047.


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