Eagle Wisdom On Embracing Abundance


On our path through life, guidance is available to us in many ways, supporting us and easing our way forward in all areas of our lives. One of these areas is abundance, as we seek knowledge and guidance on how to let go of all our worries and limiting beliefs, and instead live a more prosperous, peaceful and joyful life.

For this article, I used a Sacred Spirit Journey (a form of shamanic journey) to connect with an animal willing to share its wisdom on opening up to the experience of abundance.

I will also share some of my preparations for the journey, because in this case they are relevant to Eagle’s message.

As part of my preparations, I become fully present in my body and in the place I am in. I fill out my body with my awareness. As I feel and make a connection with the Earth, I feel drawn into my heart center. I connect with the light that shines brightly in my heart space and let the light move down into the Earth, spreading out “light roots” far and wide. Letting the light touch the Earth and all beings along the way, delivering blessings with the light.

When the network in the ground is established, I focus upwards, opening up and upwards, and as soon as I open up, it is like opening up to the infinite blue sky on a sunny day. Clear light, and what I can only call Divine energy, fills me.

All I need to do is open up and allow myself to receive.

I become filled with clear light, and I find myself standing on a beach by the sea. The sky above is a deep blue, and my eyes can see far and wide. The water glistens where the sunlight touches it.

As I look above, I see a big silhouette of Eagle flying above. I wave to him, and he comes down and lands in front of me. His eyes looking at me reminds me of the power of Focus.

What am I focusing on?

Am I aware of what my intention is and where I put my focus?

Eagle says: “That’s true. As you mentioned before, abundance and the Divine gifts of the Universe are already available to you.

“Your main work will consist of opening up and allowing yourself to receive. Not receive in order to hold on, but keeping the energy moving, because everything is energy.

“Give and receive; those two go together. Keep the energy moving. The more you allow yourself to receive, the more you can give, and the other way around.

“An important practice in your daily life for embracing abundance is to pay attention to your thoughts and where you put your focus.

“Do you see lack, or do you see the blessings that are already in your life?

“The more you can acknowledge and appreciate the blessings already present, the easier it is for you to open up to abundance.

“Connect with the light in your heart, let it connect you with the Earth and, once grounded, open up and let in the Divine light, just as you described in the beginning of the journey.

“Your body is part of the Earth, so make sure you become present in your body and make a connection with the Earth, but your soul is like a bird; let it fly on the wings of your dreams and bring back those dreams to your heart. Keep and nurture your dreams, and let them grow.

“Let each day be a day where you take actions towards creating and living your dreams. That is abundance — not something you achieve in the future, but a state you develop and return to each day.

“Keep the image of me to help you stay focused, and let your dreams take flight. Blessings and light.”

I thank Eagle and watch him take off. He flies off easily and gracefully.

I end the journey.

There are several possible action steps in this journey. Which one can you implement in your life today?

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  1. I cherish the wisdom and teachers of Eagle. My Native American teachers told me he is the one that flies closest to Creator and carries our dreams and prayers. He holds a very special place in my heart.


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