The New Human: An Interview with Lee Carroll, channel of Kryon


Lee Carroll, channeler of the loving, angelic entity known as Kryon, has shared messages about our collective transformation for 25 years. His channelings have lit up the hearts of metaphysicians for several decades, but they aren’t the only ones who are hearing what is being said. Carroll says there’s now a new breed of Kryon follower, old souls in young bodies who live without any of the baggage that comes with New Age belief systems.

The Kryon channel says old patterns can inhibit the growth of new agers, just as they can anyone else. Sometimes it takes a new generation to breathe life into a new way of being.

“Let me give you an example,” he said in a phone interview from his office in California. “One of the things that we know about in history is that while the Israelites were marching 40 years in the desert, they could not go to the Promised Land until after 40 years went by. Kryon always said it’s because you cannot take the consciousness of slaves into a new energy, and a whole generation had to die and be reborn before they actually could go to the Promised Land and understand what they were seeing.

“We’re seeing a little of that today, because old souls are still in what I call the residuals of the old ways and the old energies. Many people are still expecting bad things and doom. And the experiences of the past are not the experiences of today. What do you feel when you meditate? What does a healer feel when they heal? These things are starting to shift.

“People are saying, ‘Well, what’s happening to me? What did I do wrong?’ instead of realizing that a new energy is flowing in and around us, almost like a new broadcast we’re expected to tune in to, just a little higher frequency. This is all positive and benevolent stuff, but we still wallow in the ‘poor me’ thing. I’m included. It’s just habit — the habit of being who we are for as long as we have been and having to fight old energies that are now starting to be released.”

Lee Carroll is returning July 22-23 to the Twin Cities to present two seminars featuring live Kryon channelings at the Minneapolis Airport Marriott, 2020 East American Blvd., Bloomington, MN. He spoke about old souls, quantum healing and much more in his interview with The Edge.

I listened to a recent channeling at in which Kryon addressed the bias of those who have been involved with metaphysics for a long time. That’s what you’re talking about, right?
It really is. It is a bias — an overlay of what we’re used to. It keeps us in old patterns when we don’t need to be. The new patterns are there and ready for us to learn new things, and yet, if we’ve done a certain thing a certain way forever and it has worked, you would be the last one to go there and try this new thing.

The fun thing is when you see some of the young people come along who are just awakening and getting into this — they’re just on fire. They don’t have any of the old stuff. They look at us hungry for information. And they truly get it.

Did Kryon recommend anything to overcome that bias, or just to let it go and just do things differently and more spontaneously?
We were in Canada when Kryon talked about that, and it was about greeting your body’s cells and starting to talk to your Higher Self and your Innate, through affirmations and connecting in ways you just have not done before. Kryon says it’s a more informal process, visualizing a giant hand ready to take yours and walk you through it. It’s not about climbing stairs or reading books or going through a new learning process. It’s about relaxing with this and truly letting it work to its best ability.

You mentioned talking to our body’s cells. For those who have not followed Kryon, tell us about that smart part of the body known as the Innate and how we can communicate with it to assist us in our lives.
We have a system that we have known about for hundreds of years, where the body is ready to be “signaled to be healed.” An example is homeopathy, a tincture or a remedy that is absolutely too small to have any kind of a chemical reaction at all in the body, according to Western medicine, and yet it signals healing.

Kryon says, “Your body is self-healing, and it really waits for signals. It doesn’t wait for drugs. It doesn’t wait for medicine or Band-Aids. It waits for signals.” Everything is in our body, according to Kryon, ready to respond to these signals. He even says we have what is called the Youth Template, which means that we can control how fast we age. But nobody ever talks to the body in that way — very few people do that. In fact, we’re in so much fear and full of self-worth issues that we never even get to first base, hardly. That’s what we’re talking about here.

So, let’s start with this: what are we talking to? The smart body is known as the Innate, and it’s the body that homeopathy talks to, and it’s also the one we muscle test, for those who know about kinesiology. People have been doing that for a very long time. The body answers questions for you that you can’t know. A doctor could find out with tests, but it’s almost like a wall exists between your consciousness and your cells’ consciousness. So we go through these things in order to signal the body and ask the body questions. That wall, by the way, is going to start becoming thinner and thinner as we evolve, I’m told by Kryon, but right now it’s quite thick.

According to the channeling, the Innate is connected in some way to the pineal gland and your Higher Self, so you really are talking to what I would call the Divine Body. In other words, it’s not only smart, but it’s more connected than we are intuitively to the other side of the veil.

It knows what we need. This is the whole premise of so many healers today who are teaching this very thing. Everyone has seemingly unique processes, and they are all doing pretty much the same thing in different ways, because we have different strokes for different folks, and people respond to things differently.

I believe in the channeling Kryon also talked about how the Innate is contributing to world peace through compassion.
That is a subject that will encompass our Yellowstone conference coming up June 2-4. We will have the full team from Heart Math on site. Heart Math is the group that for two decades or so has been able to correlate the coherence issue. Coherence is what happens when compassion happens on the planet. They’ve actually measured our collective response during changes that have taken place on the planet, such as the 9/11 attack. Princeton University has placed sensors — random number generators — all over the planet that are watching for coherence — and during some events they will actually synchronize.

In our conference we have some software that can measure the coherence of a person. Someone sits in a chair and the software will determine when they start becoming compassionate and start breathing a certain way, when all of their systems start to settle down. It’s good for health, it’s good for groups of people, and it’s good for the planet — and if you have enough coherence on the planet, you have a lot greater chance for peace because people are together in thought.

This is happening more and more, and that’s why Heart Math is so riveting to me. I just love what they have discovered.

Kryon is described as being of magnetic service. How does Kryon’s work with the magnetic grid relate to the shift that is taking place now?
When you go to Heart Math, you discover that the Earth’s magnetic field is related to life. This has been their work, noting that processes in the grid are processes of consciousness. Satellites have actually proven it by picking up coherences of consciousness that affect the magnetic grid. In fact, the magnetic grid actually gets stronger, there’s more amplitudes, when there is coherence with people. So, we’ve got a relationship of physics to consciousness that has been proven.

When Kryon came in, the first thing he said in Book 1 was, “You need the magnetic grid to live. You can’t be without it.” And then he said it was going to move more in 10 years than it had in 100 — in other words, he said our compass was going to point differently — and it did! It stopped moving so greatly in about 2002 or so. The answer to your question is that in order to move into a higher consciousness, which is the prophecy of the ancients, we need to have higher tools to do that — and part of the tool is that the magnetic grid was going to shift and change, and it did.

I have a new book coming out soon called The New Human, and it takes us apart so people can see who we truly are and how we are evolving. The magnetics of the planet are being altered so we can have a higher consciousness. Kryon is a magnetic master. It took me a long time to find out what that meant. In the old days, before I really got straight with all of this, I thought I had an angel I could paste on the refrigerator. I really thought this was a magnetic master. That was funny to me. Now I realize that Kryon is here to move the grid and make all kinds of other adjustments. The whole reason for his existence with us is to help us across this bridge into this great shift of consciousness.

So, as we’re shifting collectively, he is also working with the magnetics to be in coherence with us?
That’s exactly right, and lately I think it has been about providing more instructions for us as to how to work with what we’re starting to feel. During that channeling in Regina, Canada, Kryon was actually saying, “See, it can be uncomfortable.” I guess a lot of people thought that this shift would be utopia. It’s actually been everything else but that. It’s been change. People don’t like change, especially when the change does not look like it’s better than where we were.

A little bit like the shifting from one president to the next, right?
Yes, sir, and we talk about that. In fact, what we do is we try to get everybody neutral if it’s possible, because we have lots of people on both sides. I mean, this president was elected by us and our system.

Many people are very positive about the president, and many people are not, and there’s a big chasm in between. One of the recent channelings was entitled, “When the butterfly flaps its wings.” This is what happens when our president is what Kryon calls “a wild card.” Looking at this situation, you know that’s correct. Nobody really expected what happened, on either side.

The president is a wild card, and this wild card is meant to put a stick in everything and stir it vigorously, to be a catalyst for change, to make things happen — it’s not good or bad, it’s just different. So when the wild card moves on, we have things exposed. We have things that we know are right and wrong, so we are further ahead than if we had simply stayed the same. That’s what’s going on at the moment.

You mentioned the new book, The New Human. Kryon has been talking about changes in the human DNA for quite a while. What is the most important thing we need to know about the new human from your perspective?
It’s more complicated and different than you think. People think that the DNA is going to change, and is it? Kryon says, “Of course,” and you say, “Oh, yeah, well that means that we’re going to have new chemicals.” No, we’re not. Think of DNA as a Ferrari and right now it’s only activated as a Ford.

We’re meant to last 900 years. There’s all manner of things we’re starting to see. We’re only operating at about 33 percent or so of our capabilities. This is what Kryon said. The future of DNA is what happens when the rest of us starts to be energized. This is when things that you don’t expect start happening.

There is a phrase that Kryon has used, “A fool does not know they’re a fool.” That means we are not aware of what we’re not aware of. You can’t look up into something when you think you’re on top. There is nothing to look up at. So, we don’t know what a higher consciousness even looks like. People say, “Well, a higher consciousness is a guy who contemplates his navel all the time and can throw colors across the room.” It’s nothing like that.

First of all, it has to be a consciousness that allows us to live longer, be wiser, get along with each other, not create war, see better ways to do things. Let me give you some of the chapter names in the new book. One is called, “The Triad,” which talks for the first time about how certain parts of the body work together — the brain, the heart, the pineal. Another is called, “The Future of DNA,” and one is called, “The Hidden Youth Template.” Then there is something called, “Conceptual DNA.” And then another one is called, “The Energy of the Future.”

This is Kryon trying to explain in metaphors where we’re going from here and what an evolved human being looks like. It’s more than just DNA, but the model I love is the Ferrari disguised. Right now we’re only using it as a Ford. Another metaphor he uses is a Boeing 747, but all we do now is taxi it up and down the runway. It’s being energized, engaged. That’s part of the grid system, that’s part of this new energy.

What does Kryon say that each of us can do daily to contribute to our conscious evolution?
Stop verbalizing your doubts. Stop watching the news. Don’t feed yourself with bad stuff and drama on purpose. It’s just a habit. Right now, and for some time probably, broadcast television is still going to feed us what they think we need and what we want. That is starting to change dramatically.

If you’ve ever bought a new smart TV, you don’t need cable ever at all. In fact, gone are going to be the commercials — they are leaving, too. Right now, our news is being handed to us and we’re watching it, and it is designed to be dramatic and sell things, period. And, when you start having choice on the news, there will be new channels that will give you a much more balanced approach, good things, they will talk about great things that are happening on the planet, as well as some of the immediate bad things, and you will have something that gives you hope. It’s much more of what’s happening on the planet instead of just dredging up the bad stuff so you’ll sell more soap.

One of the things I tell people is to be careful what you watch on TV. The news is not a good thing to watch daily. You can catch up with it on the internet by just reading what you want to, if you choose.

The other thing I tell people is to start talking to your body on a regular basis, with affirmations. If you’re sick and you get a homeopathy remedy, that remedy is a wellness remedy. It’s not a sick remedy. It does not reflect your sickness; it reflects wellness. You put it inside you and you instruct your body for wellness. This is what you do with affirmations. You start telling yourself and giving yourself good information about who you are, even if you may not feel that way now.

The more instructions that you give like this, the more the body is going to take hold. I found that it makes me more peaceful — there is no anger in my life anymore. It’s true that I get disappointed, but I don’t get angry. It does not push my buttons, because my affirmations are really working. You don’t wish for something, or want something. It’s not praying, and it’s not asking your body to give you anything. It’s a declaration of your power.

That’s what we tell people. On a daily basis, wake up in the morning, put your feet on the floor, and say, “This is a great day. This is a wonderful day and it’s made for me. I’m going to do great things.” And then you get up and move on. Brush your teeth.

Here is a question that came to me that I’ve never asked you over all these years. What does Lee Carroll, the human, at this time want to learn from Kryon that he has not heard yet?
I would say, “What’s next?” I am constantly shocked and surprised at what happens on the planet, and Kryon keeps hinting about what’s coming. He says, “Well, there are a couple of wild cards coming. There is even one coming with Trump,” he said. So, I’m always wanting to know, okay, what’s next, and I never get that answered, ever — and I know I never will.

But I was a good Boy Scout and we had that motto, “Be Prepared.” That’s my bias, to continue to step out without having any idea where we’re going. Kryon has said, “Expect benevolent change.” And walk into the light and don’t be afraid because you’re winning. And, that’s about it. I don’t get any inklings about what is happening in the future, either for me personally or even for the planet, except the one biggie. Kryon says he has seen this before, and that means he’s referring to other planets, so there is protocol and precedent, and we’re evidently going on a path that has been traveled before.

There’s so much positiveness in the channelings. Kryon he has mentioned before that I’ve been accused of being the Pollyanna channel, because there’s no gloom and doom — but there is a responsibility; two steps forward, one step back, the wild card are giving you lessons, things like this.

Personally, I never know what is happening. I’m no different than anybody. There are things in my life, some of them have surprised me, some of them are terrible, and some of them are just inherent in traveling, and I get used to solving these things in a whole different way than how I see people around me solve their problems. I’ve learned how to stay out of drama. I’ve learned how to get rid of the anxiety and the fear. I’ve come to zero, and I can smile and say, “Boy, isn’t this an interesting puzzle,” when everybody else is tearing their hair out.

What closing message would you like to leave with our readers?
I would like to tell them that light is winning, no matter what you see on television. We are in a time that was predicted. If it was predicted, then it’s not something that is a surprise to God. I’ve heard over and over that what we’re going through is awful, that it’s a surprise, and nobody expected it, that even God didn’t expect it, even though we were told there would be good things. The answer is that we are in a time of change, and in this change we need old souls to be positive, be circumspect, pay attention, talk to your cells, and don’t get overwhelmed with what you’re told, especially on the news.

Become overwhelmed with your magnificence instead. Go inside and feel what’s going on. You know? Instead of getting it from somebody else who is just always going to tell you we’re going to a bad place in a handbasket. This is what I like to tell people, that there is hope here, a lot, and it goes slower than you want, period. Slower than we want, but expect benevolent change.

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