The Power in Discernment


Voices in my head are not really voices — the supernatural are just using my extrasensory perceptions. I know when this happens because I hear ringing and pressure around my ears. This awareness has helped me to understand that I primarily rely upon my clairsentience, but my clairaudience becomes the filter for my third eye.

Yes, some voices are my own thoughts and fears, but some occur when I am around other people and/or entities. I not only feel my feelings, but I also pick up on other energies and other people’s feelings. Being aware of this heightened sensitivity, I discern who is communicating and what is being communicated. God has given me (and all of us) this power of discernment, and in my case, clairaudience helps to filter what I sense around me. Then, the message transforms into competent feelings that then form into messages that dance through my mind.

Divine guidance like this happens every day. For example, the other morning, my partner made the decision that we were going to get breakfast from a restaurant. I thought to myself that the idea wasn’t the best. I vocalized this to him, and when we arrived (thankfully before we got out of the car and ordered our food), he realized that he forgot his wallet. He was a bit frustrated and I told him “not to start,” so obviously, that started the argument. He said that I had a bad attitude about the situation from the beginning, and that I “willed it into existence.”

I could not argue this point because he was right that I had a bad attitude, and I agree that I predicted the situation would not be as pleasant as he wanted, but then I realized that I had taught myself something: I realized that I tapped into the energy of the event. My personal feelings were that we should not go to breakfast, and those stemmed from my intuition and thoughts about the outcome of the situation. I did not just have a bad attitude. I had bad feelings about the situation when I tuned into its potential energy. When I thought about us, as a family, going out to eat, my attitude was a reaction to what and how I felt.

Everything that I felt about the situation came from the potential energy that I tapped into. So yes, I did not want to go, but my personal feelings were in response to my intuition. I could have said that my intuition was the reason that I felt this way, but what is reasoning when attempted to be used as an argument in the existential?

As I begin to refine my abilities, self-care is becoming the center of my daily practice. Because I am primarily clairsentient, I feel every influx of emotions that happen to me. Every emotion and feeling floats to my sensitive Higher Self and affects the way I clearly hear, clearly feel, and clearly think. I raise my vibration by following Divine guidance so I can carry the magnitude of God’s light and love to those around me. In all aspects, this is great. The power of discernment is available to everyone, and decisions of all magnitude can seem much more simple.

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