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Rangels IntraAwareness

Heart to Heart: The Edge Interview with Jeremiah & Amanda Rangel of IntraAwareness

When two people have the essential training and inspired passion, anything is possible. Case in point is a married couple living in Minneapolis --...

Healing is Inside Out

When you hear the word healing, what do you think of? Do you think of your body's ability to mend a cut or broken...

Reflections on Pathways

When I was in third grade, I took wrestling as a sport, a requirement for the school I attended. I was not very good...

Vision Questing for Soul Purpose

How do you gain insight about your calling in life -- your soul's purpose? There are many self-reflection exercises and discovery tools that you...

Techniques to Release, Overcome and Transform Negative Emotions: Part 2

Second of a four-part series To stop and control Self, follow these steps: Observe yourself having the emotion. Just become aware and watch yourself in...
Movement Meditation

Movement Meditation helps You find Stillness and Merge with the Universe

"Okay, this time I'm really going to meditate. Focus...focus...I'm hungry. What should I make for breakfast? Oatmeal might be nice. I could put some...

Maple Grove Holistic Expo to debut in July

In response to public demand, Edge Life Expos & Events will launch its first summer holistic expo in the Twin Cities on Saturday, July...
River Cruise

Third Eye Socialize Cruise returning to the St. Croix

The third annual Third Eye Socialize Riverboat Cruise on the scenic St. Croix River -- a gathering of all those touched by angels, to...
peace lanterns

Rochester to observe Peace Lantern Floating Ceremony

For the 32nd year, the community of Rochester, Minnesota, will gather at twilight on Thursday, Aug. 10, to remember what happened in Hiroshima and...

From the Heart: Claim Your Inheritance

When my coaching client Lana was a small baby, her parents divorced and she never saw her father again. For much of her life,...
Sun Greeting

A Pleiadian Message: A Destiny Meeting: You Birthing You

Beloved ones, we greet you. This is humanity's time to move away from the old habits of the past, the old ways of being....

Food First: Celebrating the Pineapple in July

Summer is a great time to have lots of fresh fruit, veggies and leafy greens on hand! One thing I hear often from people...

Emergent Light: Higher Love: Custodian of The Saving Force

As we look at the current state of the world, it can easily feel like civilization is coming to an end. All around us...

Spirit Leaves: Heart of Community

Community is invariably defined as a feeling of fellowship or connectedness with like-minded people. Where is this mythical place, though, for people who are...
July Fireworks

Mercurial Messages through the Zodiac — July Horoscope: Come Home

The planets call for loyalty in July, but what do we mean by that? Do we mean loyalty to our conscience and our path,...

They see me smile but they don’t know what I feel inside

Stay with me. I've got a story for you that you might have experienced yourself at some point in the past, as well --...
Sea Dance

This extroverted Introvert finds Comfort in the Company of Mother Earth & Angels

When I participated in the Meyer's Briggs personality test many years ago, it indicated that I was an "extroverted-introvert." That means I'm socially adept,...