A Pleiadian Message: A Destiny Meeting: You Birthing You


Sun Greeting
Beloved ones, we greet you. This is humanity’s time to move away from the old habits of the past, the old ways of being. This is the time for a sacred communion to be experienced and expressed as you reopen through the multidimensionality of your own Heart space. This is the time for you to form a new alliance with Self through your own Heart. As these resurrection energies of the Holy Vine unfold and intensify throughout your planet, there will be a profound opportunity for the opening of a completely different space of awareness for you to enter. This path will be laid before you, allowing you to reunite with your unlimited potential in every moment of your day-to-day life.

By choosing to align through your Heart, you will begin to perceive and receive clarity on simple adjustments that you can open to, which will allow change to occur, bringing transformational moments into your life. These simplified moments will continually alter your experiences through these new perceptions received from your Heart connection. We liken this process of living through the Heart to turning on a light switch in a darkened room. Suddenly you can see so much more! Up to this point many of you have been stumbling around in the dark not knowing or understanding your unlimited power and your full potential in the moment.

There is a strong energetic support system around each one of you to enable you to utilize your Heart as a tool, so that you can give yourself the direct experience of opening to Self. This unfolding will be set in motion through the direct result of your own conscious choice action to shift the relationship you have within your own Heart connection. Your awareness needs to be accessed through your Heart space, and through your Heart you will begin to access and channel a different viewpoint of Truth that will be revealed to you within your daily life. It’s almost as though you are looking in one direction and seeing an illusion of a vista, and then, suddenly, you turn around and witness Truth, which holds an entirely different perspective or viewpoint for your life.

Within the space of one moment in time there will be a series of alternate experiences that will be able to open up before you, a space where you can align energetically to a shifting energetic perception of you. This is taking place within the dynamic of your own Heart. This conscious movement by you can open you into that realignment of an energetic framework within your Heart, and it is through this framework that your conscious awareness is linked back to a place of reunion of Truth. This space of purity within your own Heart is free of the fear that is perpetuated by the illusion within this 3rd dimension on your planet.

To gain access into your heart, it will be necessary that you open up your awareness to these series of transitional moments that are being activated through the Holy Vine energies. This is part of your support system that is in place for you in this transitional phase. Remember, this entire process is based on “you birthing you” through the integrity of your own Heart. There is no other dynamic involved, just you. Each one of you has a destiny meeting with your self. You hold the keys to Self through the tool of your Heart.

You are Who You have been waiting for
We, the Pleiadians, continue to speak about the appearance of these energetic forms, these Markers in the sky that are carrying the Holy Vine essence to each one of you at this juncture. This essence from the Holy Vine is beckoning, and this calling frequency activates a strong energetic quickening within you. Your Heart cells are responding to this call and your Heart is waiting for you to consciously engage.

Your path of the Heart requires a commitment from you. What is really demanded here is the process of a continual “letting go.” The old way of interacting with the ego mind can no longer be sustained; instead, you are being drawn with your awareness, to choose the way of your Heart — allowing your self to realign within this incredible expansion of capacity of light that you are naturally. No matter how things appear to be within the illusion of your life, your Heart moves you towards clarity and Truth.

We remind you of the process of how to “let go” and realign to your Heart. You need to take a Conscious breath, physically hold your Heart with your hand as you bring your awareness to your Heart. This Conscious breath process involves breathing in the mouth and then breathing out through the mouth. The Conscious breath is simple and bypasses the ego mind, while allowing the building of a reconnection to your Heart.

The Conscious breath is the activator of the process of letting go. It says, “Yes, I willing to let go,” and “Yes, I am willing to realign to my light, to my Heart.” With every Conscious breath, there is a letting go energy created within you, and this letting go action is a natural realigner, anchoring you back to your Heart.

Movement of expansion
As the dimensional shifts rapidly increase within your Earth plane, the perception of time is breaking down on your planet. This is, in Truth, a movement of expansion that is creating an unfolding of awareness within you. You are actually accelerating through these realignments and there is an energetic repositioning opening up through each one of you within your Hearts, whether you have awareness of this or not. You are being moved and realigned dimensionally to another aspect of Self through your Heart in readiness to meet the ongoing dimensional shifts that are coming soon.

This entire awakening process is creating a powerful disorientation within your consciousness — and this is an essential component of your awakening. The ego mind has been placed in a tailspin by not being able to recognize or strategize what is taking place in any given moment. The ego mind is being dislodged and cannot maintain its control within this new energetic setting that has anchored on the planet.

Letting go and aligning within your own Heart is your very best option at this time to maintaining your balance. It is important for you to understand that you are in an expanded phase of not “knowing” during this stage of your transition. So, “letting go” is your only option to maintain your equilibrium. Again, we say “all is in hand” in this seeming chaos.

Understanding of Self
This multidimensional energetic that is unfolding on your planet, that you are being realigned to, will bring to each one of you, ultimately, a profound understanding of Self. These activations are going to strongly impact the planet and each one of you. You are each being called to open up consciously and say yes to your process. This conscious “yes” will support you in being able to adjust into the new energetic terrain that is going to be revealed within your multidimensional world. These activations will begin to take place somewhere around late July, and they will continue through the full month of August.

This is your time of allowing a shedding of the old ways of being, to allow yourselves to open up and utilize the essence that is coming onto the planet now. Consider your Heart as a tool, a sacred tool of reconnection for you to utilize now. Your heart is in actuality a receiving station, a tool to activate and then fully receive that which is your heart’s desire. In this new environment on your planet the Heart can be fully utilized. Within this new era you are to open into reconnection to the new awareness and understanding of who you are. You can move into a repatterning of Self and then navigate beyond the misperceptions and misunderstanding of the ego mind through the reuniting with your Heart.

An aspect created by these misperceptions creates fear and struggle, sometimes moving you into a feeling of helplessness. You are separated from your power only through the belief connected with the ego mind. In Truth, there is an unlimited level of love for you to receive and to be nourished through your Heart connection, empowering you to access a new way of Being. The ego mind limits your ability to experience this abundance of love.

Your multidimensional Heart awaits your conscious connection. Now is your time to step forward differently than ever before on this pathway that is wide open. There are countless moments of opportunities for you to engage through you Heart and reach forward to reengage with this aspect of Self that has always originated within your Heart. This aspect of you is a more complete and authentic part, which has not been utilized consciously in your lifetime.

Now there is the rising, like the sun coming over the horizon, you being revealed to you. This self-revelation has an energetic momentum, a sacred timing that is designed to build over the next few months. You are being enabled by this new design of energy on your planet to reach within your multidimensional Heart and align to this expanded essence of Self.

A Dramatic Shift
You will experience a dramatic shift within you in the coming months as each one of you is being cradled in a cocoon of this light frequency that is permeating through to you from the Holy Vine energies. You are a part, an aspect, of these sacred energies. As you are being held within this deeply expanded process within this cocoon, you are undergoing a deep metamorphic process.

These activations and the unfolding of your birth create very challenging experiences as you live out your 3rd dimensional experience here on the planet. This entire birthing is pushing you, moving you to let go and simultaneously allowing you to align to a new way of interrelating to your Self, to your Heart. There is an action of a stripping away, a dropping away, of your persona during this powerful process.

You are going to have moments of hardly recognizing your self within this deep shifted state of consciousness. You will witness that you are working from a very different, elevated frequency platform. This new environment in which you find myself might be disconcerting, however that is the moment to take a Conscious breath, and let go. It is the ego mind that is set off balance by this changing experience. Your Heart recognizes this path. Your whole journey is about reconnection, reunion and remembering. There is nothing new here that is being revealed to your Heart.

Know that the blocks that you have carried around with you within your 3rd dimensional limitations are being melted away in order for you to take this next step forward. You do not need to struggle to get this right. You naturally come Home to your self through the Heart. This reconnection to your Heart is a simple process. You are enough just as you are in this moment of time.

We are giving you a frequency sound for your Heart. Know that the cells of your Heart will recognize the unique frequency of your voice when you make the sound. This will support and accelerate your realignment to your Heart to utilize as a tool. Use this sound daily. Early morning is best. Always physically hold your Heart as you make the sound. Feed the sound directly within your Heart. Do this for five minutes minimum a day. The sound: ANNN… TAEST.

This sound will fortify you during your day. Every time you feel off center by the third dimensional dramas, place your hand on your Heart and utilize the sound just once.

Know that we continue to witness you as you continue your journey. Call us forward at any time for support. We cannot support you without that permission. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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