Inward Community

We are all thrust into this world racing through the day and into the night to do it all again over and over. While we can be open and eager to spend time in the bright lights, we also need those who can teach us how life can be enjoyed by oneself. When we accept ourselves for who we are, we can teach ourselves and others so much about life.

While spending time with others can be uplifting, so can it be so rewarding to be uplifted from within. Balance is the key to growing and becoming stronger. Some people get great strength by looking inward to allow themselves to feel the emotions that flow within. Spirit soars as strength increases by exploring the gifts God has given us. Not all gifts can be seen, some need to be felt deep within the soul.

I step forward into nature to open myself up to receive the love God sends forth that I can share with those around me. I internalize the great abundance of love He offers through the silence of nature as it speaks to my soul, as nature carries me away. I walk in meditation to the sights, the sounds, the love that fills my spirit as nature grows all around me.

As I enter into nature I see the clouds as they change shapes in the bluest ocean of fluffy white clouds. Angels appear with wings as the wind wisps them in flight, changing to chariots racing through the sky, to bunnies and dogs hugging and playing. The stories unfold as the wind softly rolls the scenes on by.

I hear the birds chirping, welcoming me into their forest. The ravens speak language I know only in my heart. They beckon me to come forward as they peer into the truth and whisper it to the winds that carry me home to the place where intuition grants me knowing that I have the ability to be authentic. My spirit is full and gives me great strength.

I sit with a calf just weeks old to share love, share energy, share spirit. Helping others can be so rewarding. Compassion overflows from the beauty of the soul. The innocence instills in me the knowing that goodness exists in the world. We speak the same language, the language of love as it spills over. No words need be said, as love comes from within. For when I know the inner me, I accept the love that comes back to me.

As I step forward into community, I am uplifted and ready to reach out to share the love I have received. I know that God has created this world for us all to be unique. The time I spend with me is the time I find inner peace, the peace I take forward into community with the strength to be myself. I am thankful for the gifts God has given me, one of which is the gift to be myself.



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