Maple Grove Holistic Expo to debut in July

In response to public demand, Edge Life Expos & Events will launch its first summer holistic expo in the Twin Cities on Saturday, July 29, at the Maple Grove Community Center, 12951 Weaver Lake Road. The event begins at 10 a.m. and doors close at 7 p.m. Admission is $5 and parking is free.

The day will feature a broad spectrum of opportunities for visitors to learn about the world of spirituality and psychic phenomena. The spotlight of the event will be the 30+ exhibitors. Intuitive readers, wellness products, healing resources, animal communicators, aura photos, jewelry, crystals and other unique gift items will be featured.

John DeSalvo, Ph.D., will be displaying his scientifically tested four ancient skulls, some dating to 4,000 years old. You can hold them and take pictures for free.
“Many of our exhibitors and attendees mentioned to me that they would like a summer event with intuitive readings and healings,” said Gary Beckman, executive producer of Edge Life Expos & Events. “The big reason we put this show together was so thousands of people with like minds, compassion and feeling can come together and share their thoughts and ideas with each other.”

Edge Life Expos was created in 2000 to offer the public an opportunity to come together and explore cutting edge ideas and thoughts, Beckman said. He and his team have produced annual shows in Minneapolis, Fargo, St. Cloud and Des Moines.

Beckman said the transformative energies now taking place globally have inspired him even more than before to offer a place where people can come and share their experiences and learn how to cope with the change. “The United States of America and the human race is experiencing one of the most difficult times ever, with all the lying, cheating and killing taking place and people not sharing the truth. Come to our event and we will share the truth.”

Two exhibitors coming to the Maple Grove Holistic Expo have studied the changes taking place and will offer insight on what is happening now:

  • John DeSalvo, Ph.D., a biophysicist and author of 10 books, has studied the paranormal for more than 20 years, including extensive research on the Shroud of Turin. He will share information about parallel universes and The Mandela Effect — the eerie sense that what we remember in the past is changing — and promote his keynote talk on the topic at the Minneapolis Holistic Expo in November.
  • Dave Schrader, host of the long-running paranormal radio show “Darkness Radio” and regular guest host of “Coast to Coast AM,” will be at the Maple Grove Expo and he will share with attendees his sense of what lies behind the transformation taking place.

“Meeting in a safe place is a must,” Beckman said, “and if you have concerns about not fitting in or who to trust, come and see us. We plan to make some major announcements about new findings that have never been shared with the public.”

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