On the Day I Wept for this Land


I am.
I am the all
the everything, the alpha
and the omega.
I am the Muslim,
the Christian.
the Hindu,
the Jew.
I am no one and
I am home and
I belong.
I am love
and so I cannot
be stifled.
No order or ban can suppress me
nothing can take away
my humanity, no hate
no rage, no illegal
action or racial
epithet can erase me
I — we all
children of one divine
We belong to the
earth and in the words of
a wise one,
we grow out of that
we are all one
Love has no color
no citizenship, no race,
no creed, and no religion.
It is only fear that creates
separation, fear that
attempts to take
away our thusness
and the perfection that
we are. Let us remember
where we all came from
and stand together
in unity.
Let us be love.
And let us always

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Rizwati Tatu
Rizwati Tatu was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she discovered the alchemy of poetry at the age of 12. She has lived in Chicago, Portland and Las Vegas, and she spent five transformative years in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is currently at work on a novel. Her short stories have been published in Foliate Oak Literary Magazine and the Hawai'i Review.


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