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When I was in third grade, I took wrestling as a sport, a requirement for the school I attended. I was not very good and my instructor’s post-season comments said, “Timmy tries hard but he has much more potential.” My parents loosely explained what this meant and the next season, I exerted more effort, resulting in the instructor’s follow up comments stating “Tim did well — he found he had more inside.”

In an elementary way, this experience demonstrates the core essence of who Pathways is, who we serve — and what will continue: experiential understanding. Participants who come to Pathways differ, but the undertone of what they experience has a similar theme to them. The chaos of illness, of life situations, adds layer upon layer of emotional “clutter” over an existing issue or emotional obstacle.

Our providers work every day with participants to help peel back those layers, ultimately creating the opportunity for the participants to discover — or remember — their own abilities to take part in their own healing process.

This mission-centric, desired goal of self-realization continues to be supported by ongoing programmatic cultivation and development, ensuring we are offering a wider breadth and depth of meaningful, impactful programs, services and education.

What we learn and implement at Pathways we have found to be effective in the greater community; organizations that are interested in better supporting the people they serve have been working closely with us to determine what programming might be most beneficial. This requires insightful listening, discussion and customization to best resonate with the engaged participants.

In 2016, we were asked by Ford Motor Company to offer mindfulness-based sessions to women with breast cancer in Miami, Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, Denver and New York. This is promising news for us, but we still work diligently to work in our own backyard of community health opportunities. In 2016, we worked at Wayside with women experiencing addiction, staff programs for Simpson Housing, Renewing Life™ facilitation training for nurses at CentraCare in St. Cloud and expanded senior programming with Presbyterian Homes, Ebenezer, and Good Samaritan.

For the Pathways community, current and new, our work remains focused on guiding participants towards self-discovery of new possibilities for healing and hope. We thank you all for being part our community.

If you are suffering from a physical, life-threatening or chronic illness — or are a caregiver of someone who is — you can learn more at, or come to one of the weekly orientations. “Take a mini-retreat. Listen to the voice of your soul.”

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Tim Thorpe
Tim Thorpe is executive director of Pathways. Contact him at [email protected] or call 612.822.9061. Visit


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