A Pleiadian Message: The Way of the Heart


Beloved ones, we greet you. During this month of August, your planet Earth will reach a destiny meeting point within an expanded multidimensional setting within your resident Universe. This will take place at a specific coordinate of time within your reality base. There will be an activation set in motion, like a wave flowing across the planet creating this monumental birthing process. Ripples from this wave are going to infiltrate the entire consciousness of those of you who are aligned to your hearts. The frequency of light from this flow will impact and shift the entire energetic settings of your planet on another level, moving you into a different dimensional reality potential.

This activation is designed as a rebirthing process, opening up further adjustments by aligning you to another step beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion, and enabling your planet to be repositioned, energetically aligning you to a higher level of conscious communion within the Universe. Within the wave of this energetic flowing frequency, a pulse is opening up, giving access to a deeper communion. The essence carried within this wave will be a catalyst for your transformation, and it will be quickly absorbed throughout the entire energetic and physical structure of the Earth plane.

As this activation is set in motion, your planet will be moved into a new cycle of an energetic reconstruction phase, which will take place on a multidimensional level. This transformation will be made possible through the anchoring of this new frequency state that will embody the full energetic signature of the “New Dawning” era that is currently in transition. This frequency signature acts as a mirror, holding the pure frequency of the transformational awakening of humanity and for your entire planet. This frequency design carries the full energetic aspect of the new framework for the second phase of your planet, which began in October 2016.

Through this shift, within the multidimensional action, there will be set in motion a deep and profound metamorphic change. Your Earth is going to be immersed and engaged by this sacred flow of light. As this light enters the atmosphere of Earth, a new form of creation energy will filter through the energetic settings of the planet. This will positively impact your ability to align to your Higher Self aspect. Simultaneously, this energy form is going to create an expanded vibrational opening within the magnetic core of the Earth, and that will set in motion new vibrational frequencies realigning to your own resident Universe.

These openings will reposition and activate an entirely different vibrational light current for planet Earth to begin drawing and sourcing from. This dimensional repatterning light will then encapsulate the full arena of your Earth plane, revealing these new frequency openings in the form of clarity and knowledge. These openings will create new vistas for you to enter and engage. This will propel you into a state of remembering and recognizing a more expanded form of Self.

These openings are also designed to play an integral part as they interweave and anchor through all aspects of nature. They will flow within all the grid lines, vortexes and energetic sites, creating a transforming element within all the individual sacred sites throughout your planet, aligning them back to their original, pristine forms. This will be a gradual, yet natural, process of realignment back to the sacred light that has always been contained within. An emanation of light will come from these multidimensional sacred sites to hold steady the changing platform of consciousness.

A new patterning of consciousness will arise because of these frequency openings, and this patterning will flow throughout the planet and align within the consciousness of the heart. These patterns will ultimately interact through all the multidimensional layers and aspects of the energetic field and cells of your physical body.

These frequency flows will create realignments that will naturally awaken your own conscious “knowing” on a deeper level. You will be repositioned to connect with your own unique, multidimensional potential of the sacred Self. It is essential to understand at this juncture that this process is simply a reconnection. This process is a natural realignment to that part of you that is awaiting you just beyond the veil. This sacred part of you already exists, fully intact.

Through the action of this profound frequency shift on your planet, your ability to align back to the sacred of Self is fully accessible. The new patterning is designed to deeply penetrate the psyche and consciousness of mankind. This time heralds in the realignment, the waking up to the higher potential of humanity through this flow of light frequency. Each one of you who is on the path will be able to consciously choose the action of Truth, which is your reconnection to the sacred.

As your sacred nature becomes naturally accessible, you are enabled to begin to consciously utilize the higher source of your Self. Part of the design for this time in this second phase on the planet is for you to individually begin a new journey of relationship with the human aspect of your self. The sacred part of Self can begin to hold the human part of your self with love and compassion. You can consciously bring to a close the internal separation that you have created by participating in the illusion. Up to this point you have been actively engaging in the process of self-judgment of your human journey on Earth.

This time of our transition is about opening into the action of letting go of elements that have contributed to this separation. This action of love allows the human part of your self to be able to transform through receiving the Truth of your journey, through the love from your Higher Self. This love will allow a maturing of your human aspect. You will begin to move into a state of deeper understanding of your full journey as a learning experience in this lifetime. This natural process of healing, an unfolding of self-acceptance, will open up a new doorway of potential of you being able to let go of the past. There can be rest in this clarity, and a sense of being nutritionally fed on the love of the Higher Self. As the self-judgment is released and the internal separation comes to an end, there is liberation.

This frequency of Truth will allow a new focus to open up within your senses. This will enable you to suddenly understand this new perception of Self within your environment so that your experiences in your day-to-day life will begin to flourish, as your human element is able to let go.

This shift will be supported through the newly embedded light frequency operating through your own heart cells. This is designed to allow an expanded alignment and experience of remembering your sacred expression of Self, while simultaneously allowing an emerging of both aspects, your sacred Self and humanness, to work in unison.

Through this realignment within this expanded multidimensional realm that will be entering the planet, your perception will be further shifted through the repositioning of your consciousness. Your DNA strands will continue to be realigned and you will be able to access a different perception of Truth through your heart, allowing you to further open into the multidimensional aspect of Self. This is the plan for your unfolding. You will move step-by-step, as you are ready.

There have been many misperceptions and misunderstandings regarding who you are in reality. Know that beyond the veil you are already fully complete within your sacred multidimensional Self. You are already fully self-realized. There is nothing that you have to change within your “perfectly imperfect” human aspect to reconnect to the sacred aspect of Self. This is important for you to understand now, because it allows you to be able to move forward without hesitation. You can move forward and consciously choose realignment and reconnect to that aspect to the sacred Self, that you are. This process is accessed through “the way of the heart.”

Through your heart, you come home to Self. This is an undeniable Truth. You are being called right now to come home. Through the new frequency design that is about to enter your Earth plane, the doorway of your heart will be fully accessible like never before. The pathway home has always been accessible through your heart. There are no complex steps. There is no mystery. Your heart has always been your tool for reconnection to Self.

Your heart is a natural receiving station for reconnection to Self. However it does require you to consciously choose the path of your heart. The simple step of conscious choice is a powerful moment of creation being set in motion. Through your activation, there is a frequency change in your heart’s pathway.

Let’s look at the energetic shifts that will take place on a multidimensional level as you bring your conscious choice action towards your heart/home space. The cells of your heart begin to activate and open on a different frequency. They begin to pulse this higher frequency as you bring your intention forward to this realignment to Home. You begin to activate a powerful process of creation through this simple step of bringing your intention and focus forward into your heart.

You are naturally a powerful creative being. And when you bring your conscious energy forward into a focused point within your heart, you set in motion a huge wave of energetic creation light within your heart cells. You will naturally begin to activate this new multidimensional dynamic within your heart cells by your conscious choice action of reconnection towards home.

As you choose this action of reconnection, you set in motion this transformational action, and thus you begin this revolutionary opening within your heart cells. This process moves you beyond the 3rd dimensional illusion of limitation and lack, and you begin to align to the higher dimensional realm of essence to Self beyond the veil.

You can reach forward through your deep conscious desire with your awareness to move beyond the veil to Self. This action is you realigning you through conscious choice. Your choice to utilize this opportunity of reconnection to Self through your own desire of your heart sets off this next phase of your reawakening process. This is what we refer to as a self-realization moment.

This is your time to build a series of self-realization moments towards your own awakening. The new energetic framework that will be anchoring on the planet this month has been designed to bring you to the place to be able to utilize this destiny moment towards self-realization. You have always been destined to set in motion your own self-resurrection process.

We carry the mirrored frequencies in place to support you in this transitional phase. We give to you a sacred frequency sound to support the activation of this new dimensional setting within your heart cells. This sound needs to be brought into the heart daily to support the cells in this transitional opening.

The sound, ASTEN LEANE, can be utilized as many times as you feel necessary during this five-minutes process:

  1. Hold your entire chest area with the palms of your hands resting physically on the chest. Feel the warmth or pressure of your hands on your chest.
  2. Bring your full awareness to your chest, your heart space. Breathe and let go.
  3. Maintain your awareness into your heart space while you bring in the sound, ASTEN LEANE.
  4. Bring your awareness into your heart and breathe consciously through your heart cells. Let go and claim ownership of your heart as a tool.
  5. Then remove your hands from your chest when you are ready.

There is much for you to achieve during this time. Know that you are a sacred being. Now is the time for your own revelations to unfold. We hold you with love as you allow your birthing process. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.



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