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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Video: Reflection on The Edge

IntraAwareness OnenessNLP™ Experience with Gina Soleil from IntraAwareness on Vimeo.

How Practicing Yoga improves Muscle Tension, your Health

Practicing yoga, with the added benefit of flexibility and meditation, goes a long way to helping achieve harmony in the mind and body. Often...

Structured Water, Air, and Sound

During a prolonged potentially fatal illness, I lost 35 pounds and 50 percent of my energy. My legs were getting weaker each time I...

Emotions and Relationships — Part 3

The following basic operating principles are the foundation of good relationships: Acceptance/non-judgment. Love and all its aspects, including respect, kindness, caring, attention, understanding, generosity,...

Inventing the Shamanic Journey

Twice I dreamed of a group of people who danced around a bonfire under the stars at nighttime. They dressed as early Native Americans,...

What a Hopi Healer taught me about Ceremony

I can tell you the true story a Hopi healer told me. He spent seven days preparing for a ceremony. He fasted, dried certain...

Earl Bakken recognized by University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota announced today it is renaming two health-focused interdisciplinary centers in honor of Earl E. Bakken in recognition of his support...

Yogananda event focuses on Yoga Meditation, Inspirational Talks

Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF) will be holding its annual World Convocation at the Westin Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles from August 6-12, focusing on...

Doctors receiving Education on Meditation, Yoga, Breathing

Noted neuroscientist, brain scan researcher and meditator Sara Lazar, PhD will join the faculty of The American Meditation Institute (AMI) for a 30-credit-hour mind/body...

Nature’s Kindest Heart

eternity can last for a single second or a thousand centuries it just depends on the nature of the situation, and i like those eternities spent in nature's knees; for she...

Womb of the Unknown

There is so much beauty breathing right where you are. 7 billion hearts beating between footsteps and stars. We are a miracle, Miracles are all around-- Spinning...
Grizzly Bear

EarthTalk® | August 2017

Dear EarthTalk: Is the federal government's decision to take Yellowstone's grizzlies off of the endangered species list good news or bad news for the...