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When I decided to open a metaphysical store, I did not know that The Edge existed until Gary and Insiah Beckman stopped by to check out the store. I was so excited to discover that there was an entire community of like-minded people who were interested in healing and growing from within.

As soon as I began to advertise, I was introduced to so many incredible people in the community who also came to visit the store, and that was the beginning of a new journey for me. Later that year we became the bookstore at the first Edge Life Expo, and that was another wonderful experience. In just a few days, I met so many people who would come to impact my life for years to come.

One day Gary stopped by the store with a stack of papers in hand and asked me if I could help sell ads because his regular person was ill. I had some extra time, so I was happy to do it.

Again, more great people came across my path. I decided to work for The Edge part time and then, eventually, full time as a sales manager of the magazine and the expos. In December 2008 when the economy had taken a downturn and many magazines like ours were closing their doors, the announcement was made that The Edge would follow suit.

It somehow just didn’t feel right to me that The Edge magazine would come to an end, since it led so many people to the connections and healing that they needed, similar to my own experience

Tim Miejan and I decided that perhaps we could be the ones to keep it alive, so by January 2009 Tim and I formed a business partnership and he and I did what we both always did best — Tim as the editor and me managing the sales/business side, plus a few more hats we had to wear!

We are very proud to be in this community in 2017, still able to provide this resource to everyone who needs it. Thanks to all of the advertisers and contributors past and present who have provided a means for The Edge to continue to exist.

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Cathy Jacobsen
Cathy Jacobsen is Publisher, Advertising Manager and Business Manager of The Edge magazine. Contact her at 763.433.9291 or email [email protected]


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