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Back in the last century, hope for global consciousness flowed through our thoughts and actions, not despair over the politics of meanness and greed. We felt there was so much momentum forward and upward. Gary Beckman and I were studying with a master in a mystery school and Gary was inspired to create The Edge. Knowing I was writing, he asked me to be a contributing writer. Thus began a many year time of interviewing the greatest minds in the world and offering those interviews through The Edge. My own growth was boosted, and we all were enriched.  Since then, life has happened in big ways. Divorce, remarriage. Death of my mother. Quit working at the large clinic I cofounded. Originated and ran a charity for Russian orphans for 10 years. Cancer just about won in a four-year tussle, but I survived to go on to work as an emergency room physician. Sold my precious home and land in Minnesota, waved a tearless goodbye to ticks and mosquitoes, moved to my stunning land and home in Washington state. Working in the ER here at age 72 — I just cut back to 10 twelve-hour shifts a month. Wrote a book in 2011 — Football Wife: Coming of Age With the NFL — about my first marriage to Minnesota Viking Karl Kassulke. Just published some of my poetry in a new book — In the Words of Olympic Peninsula Authors. Now playing with acrylics. I always wanted to do art, but I cannot draw. I hope The Edge can continue to inspire to service, joy, mystery, and delight in life. Congratulations on 25 years of evolution! My greatest wish is for all of us to live and be the principles we learn, in peace. Jan Thatcher Adams, M.D., Port Angeles, Washington

I first started working for The Edge over 20 years ago. I had recently ended a relationship and was trying to figure out how to be a single parent of a young child and make a living at the same time. I had been working at a call center selling the St. Paul Pioneer Press when I first met Gary Beckman. I was trying to sell him the newspaper when the next thing I know he is talking to me about The Edge and asking if I would like to come and work for him. I ended up working for The Edge and Gary Beckman for four years selling advertising. I learned so much and met so many amazing people who were on the cutting edge of the spiritual movement at the time. Many of those people are still in my life to this day. Della McGee, Ashland, Wisconsin

The Edge was there for me. It was a lifeline of connection to people who understood what I was about. The Edge explored and exposed and gave us a voice to things we felt but just couldn’t put into words. It created a community out of the void. I am grateful for The Edge, for Gary, for Tim, for dear sweet Insiah, for Doug and for all the others. Thank you. Kathryn Harwig, Florida

I began advertising in The Edge in 1996. It offered me an ideal venue to connect with my current and future clients. I built a marketing plan to develop my business with half-page and quarter-page ads to showcase my unique products and services. I also advertised that I was attending the Edge Life Expos each year so I could meet the people with whom I was connecting. I believe The Edge magazine is the ideal location to connect spiritual leaders with spiritual seekers. Wes Hamilton, New Hope, Minnesota

Psychics in the Cities would like to take this opportunity to congratulate The Edge on its 25th anniversary, and to thank Editor Tim Miejan for his support and friendship over the years. The Edge has helped the three of us enormously on our personal journeys of developing our awareness and our gifts, as well as on a professional level in creating and launching our company. We wish you continued success in bringing enlightenment and hope to so many. Debra, Judie and Connie, Psychics in the Cities, Minneapolis, Minnesota

There comes a time in a person’s life when they begin their journey of spiritual awakening, whether in this life or another. For me, that time came about 25 years ago, around the time The Edge was first published. The Edge was, and continues to be, an important, invaluable resource for me in my growing, healing and awakening journey. It was as if each month I was drawn to an ad or article that provided the next step in my personal, professional and spiritual unfolding. The Edge has been instrumental in helping so many people like myself evolve and grow. Thank you for being a valuable key in the raising of consciousness on this planet! Eric Christopher, St. Paul, Minnesota

I am delighted to tell others my deep gratitude for The Edge magazine. The work/service I have been doing in the last five years — Kundalini Awakening System and Kundalini Radiance — as well as all aspects of my life are the result of the following. In the summer of 2011 I first heard the word “Kundalini.” I had no idea what it was. Late summer I picked up an Edge magazine and saw an article on service, written by a man named Chrism. The article talked about Kundalini, and in the opposite page there was an ad for the showing of the Kundalini film in Dinkytown. The ad also mentioned a coming seminar in September 2011. I attended the film; neither it nor the article itself presented anything compelling about Kundalini. I listened and considered doing the seminar, as a seeker of knowledge. I had no idea the impact that would have on me. In a Kundalini seminar one is given the option of receiving a Shaktipat, which I chose, and that was the beginning of my activation, a process that leads to Kundalini Awakening. After the seminar, I stayed connected to the seminar leader, and my process continued deepening. I learned that Kundalini is the 10,000-year-old word for the divine presence within us, coiled up in our tailbone, waiting for the right time to emerge and take us to the next evolutionary level. This is our birthright, and when this awakening happens we receive spiritual gifts from our creator, i.e. expressing the presence of the divine in its creation. I stayed connected to the teacher and in 2013 asked him to return and do another seminar. We have since had Kundalini Awakening Seminars in September 2014, February and November 2015, and July 2016. Our next is in October 2017 in Mankato. This has become my life service, and my life continues to deepen in the presence and impact of Kundalini within me. I am eternally grateful for all I receive, for the Kundalini community in the Twin Cities that exists through these five seminars, for Chrism’s writings that continue to be published in The Edge magazine, and for people who continue to read them and find their way to a Kundalini seminar. I continue to be grateful to The Edge for its contribution to me and our work here in the Cities and beyond. Thank you, Tim. Rosemary Golias, Kundalini Awakening Systems1, Mendota, Minnesota

Thank you very much, The Edge, for your 25 relevant, evocative, supportive, beautifully displayed, ever informative, inspiring, and indispensable years of service to the holistic, metaphysical community. I always look forward to reading you cover to cover every month. Rachel Miejan, St. Joseph, Missouri

While, I’ve always loved Spirit and life in general, when I was in a car accident five years ago, it changed many aspects of my life. While I still look the same, the trauma replaced parts of me I took for granted. While I appreciate the conventional medical avenues that worked for me, I also had to search and find many alternative healing modalities which I have read about, tried and now use daily. Part of that journey has been finding The Edge and connecting with it. It has helped me on my journey and increased my love of Spirit and life. It has allowed me to awaken that part deep inside of me that longs for more connection to the spirit within me. Writing articles and poetry has allowed me to share with the hopes of helping others and having them published in The Edge lets me do so and connect with other like-minded people. Isn’t that what we’re all here to do in this world — share light and love with the world and connect to help each other? Thank you Edge! You have made an uplifting difference in my life! Sending much gratitude to you all. Congratulations on 25 years and many more! Maria Lisa Polegatto, Nova Scotia, Canada

What do you do when a seer says you have “healing hands,”‘ that Edgar Allen Poe is in the room and that you were French Indian Gypsy in another life, or “You wouldn’t understand” when she reaches the biological father you’ve never met. Intuition knows without knowing how (or why) you’ve been given prescience. Why, for instance, are you given knowledge of a death without benefit of a telegram or the usual phone call? “Accelerated logic” is how Professor S. McNeel defines intuition. With her professional reputation at stake — and neither shaman nor quack — Dr. Janis Amituzio, a Minnesota medical examiner, has written several books on messages from people deceased. “Most intuition,” Sue Grafton wrote, “is the sudden leap the mind makes when two elements fuse.” When 10-year-old Ronnie drowned, my brothers begrudged pallbearer duty. Girls were forbidden. People approach Raymond Moody [author of Life After Life] aching to make contact with the deceased. After death Ronnie told me, “Don’t worry.” Of her death, Marilyn Monroe told Truman Capote, “I hate funerals. I’m glad I won’t have to go to my own.” The “World at War” television series featured people burned in ovens, enough ghoul to fear and dread cremation. An illustrated magazine is sent to emergency rooms nationally with the request, “Can you ID this unidentified person” when there are no loved ones. Diane Arbus photographed unidentified people bearing toe tags in a New York City morgue. Anonymous persons and indigents are rotated among mortuaries. Cemeteries used to be benevolent societies, and burials were funded by societies. Thomas Lynch, funeral director and author, cites some basic questions: How did we come to be who we are, where do we come from, where are we going to and where’s home? Tarot and horoscope try to answer, but I asked my attorney friend for advice. He said, “Try The Edge.” Elizabeth Ellis, St. Paul, Minnesota

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