Womb of the Unknown


There is so much beauty breathing right where you are.
7 billion hearts beating between footsteps and stars.
We are a miracle,
Miracles are all around–
Spinning and wandering though the silence and sound.

I wonder who created this strange place that we call home–
Do you think they watch us grow inside this Womb of the Unknown?
Sometimes when I look up…I think I see a trace
Of something alien or angel
smiling down upon my face.

Whomever my creator and whatever be their name,
I hear their whispers in the water, and the soil, and the flames.
And I know that I’m the same, for there’s divinity in me.

I’m a spirit in a body,
I have come here to be free.

But before I’m free to fly,
I know I’ll land in some learning.
This planet wakes and breaks us,
in the process
we grow wings.
The Book of Life’s a mystery
but there’s something I know for sure…
Each life happens on purpose,
so play to win, but don’t keep score!

You’ve a special destiny.
So you, we cannot do without!
7 billion hearts are beating here…
And yours is needed, dear,
no doubt!
So let your heart drum bang and brace for some uncertainty.

You’re a spirit in a body,
you have come here to be free.

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Devon Dennis
Devon Dennis is a budding transformational life-coach and non-denominational minister who facilitates a weekly meditation group in Minneapolis called The Circle. She specializes in hypnosis, aromatherapy and ceremony co-creation. Her mission in life is to assist others in igniting their inner spark and getting present to their own capacities for growth and greatness. In everything she does, her intention is to leave a legacy of love. Contact her at [email protected].



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