A Pleiadian Message: Activating the Self-Realization Process


Beloved ones, we greet you. The Holy Vine frequency is intensifying in the form of an expanding brilliant light. This light is activating and creating a new weave of consciousness throughout planet Earth. This flow of light weave can be likened to the creation of a unique fabric, containing colors and textures never seen or witnessed before on your planet. This light texture flow is simultaneously being interwoven within the heart cells of mankind, within your heart cells.

This movement is designed to activate a further resurrection frequency within the heart. This self-resurrection energy comes directly through from the Christ energy, which makes up an aspect of the Holy Vine frequency. This essence is designed to build up and activate the self-realization process within those of you who are ready to move into a new place of enlightenment within your selves.

Embodied within
An essential aspect of your self-resurrection is embodied within the entwining of this light force within your heart cells. Know that your heart carries a natural extension of the Holy Vine component and your unique divine energetic signature plays its role by acting as an anchor for the Holy Vine on your planet. This anchoring is supporting this creation of the form of a natural womb-like expression surrounding Earth.

The Holy Vine frequency will continue to intensify during this month of September, and those of you on the path will experience a deepening of intensity of drama within your human experience on the planet. At the same time, there will be a more complete unveiling of components of your Higher Self, which will be made available to you — unveiling another level of your sacred path, opening you up into a deeper understanding of your Higher Self with your human element.

We wish to remind you of the illusion that exists and is operating strongly on your planet. At present, it is impacting many of your decision-making processes and the way you move in the world. One of your greatest hurdles right now is to move and stabilize beyond the illusion through aligning into the vastness of your own heart. You can achieve stabilization beyond this illusion on Earth through the weave of the Holy Vine essence. This weave carries Truth, and it holds the frequency of the completion energy. We reference this by saying, “all is in hand.” Your own heart naturally holds the reflection of this Truth within this weave, and this weave is designed to steadily mirror the frequency of Truth back to yourself.

Your human aspect
Another essential aspect in your evolutionary process is for you to hold your human aspect with respect and love. Do not allow the reflections from the illusion in your life to define how you relate to yourself and who you believe yourself to be. Now is the time for you to allow your full human expression of being alive. This feeling of aliveness arises through the action of self-love and compassion for your own humanness. The true act of love is self- acceptance. The self-acceptance of your vulnerable human parts is a necessary and an essential component in your unfolding process. This acceptance comes through your understanding of your own human idiosyncrasies and that being human is to be in a “perfectly imperfect” state.

Relax. Let go of trying so hard to get it right, to do everything perfectly. Celebrate your own imperfection!

You are, in Truth, a powerful creative being, and the illusion of fear and lack and the judgments of the ego mind can bring you into a place of disbelief in your self. There can be the feeling of despair within this illusion. The immersion within the illusion can be highlighted at this juncture as the drama on your planet intensifies. What is essential is for you to align within your heart space daily and work consciously within and through your own unique creation of life.

Emotional expressions
The current situations in your life are mirroring the hidden aspects of unfulfilled emotional expressions of your human nature. You are the creator of every experience in your life that surrounds you right now. These experiences have been co-created by you, and your Higher Self and these experiences are here to provide you with an avenue in order to bring you to a place of new understanding of your human vulnerabilities. This is part of your journey, a sacred design to bring you to another level of inner healing for your self-liberation.

Know that whatever is happening in your life now no way reflects who you are as a human being. You are perfect just the way you are. There have been no wrong decisions. Each decision has led you to a much needed experience. Each experience has brought you to who you are in this moment of time.

What you are being asked to do within your current experience in life is to feel the emotions that are coming up from what is happening in your life. Everything in your current life is simply a mirror of that which is inside you. It is also mirroring that which you believe your self to be. You are not a victim in your life. So you need to actively work with each experience by being willing to feel the depth of the emotion that comes up from the experience in front of you. Then, as you begin to claim and meet your vulnerability within you, the situation in your life can change.

Remember: you need to consciously claim your creation. Claiming responsibility moves you away from being a victim and aligns you into your power. Meet each aspect of your creation, whatever it happens to be, and feel that which is arising in your own heart. Hold your human element with love and compassion and move away from the self-judgment, simply witness yourself in the action of life. This is the recipe for living.

Mother Mary
Another beautiful aspect of the Holy Vine component is Mother Mary’s essence. She is here within the weave to assist you in being able to open into the depth of your own sacred heart for your self-resurrection. It is prophesied for this time on your Earth plane that the Christ energy and Mother Mary will be present for you in this time of your evolutionary self-realization process. They have returned to the Earth plane ready to play a new role with each one of you. This is their next step of commitment for all of humanity, but most importantly for you.

The Earth itself is being shifted dimensionally on another level through the Holy Vine weave. Open to the picture of your entire physical planet being encased in a fluid membrane of an expanded light weave. This is what is forming during this month, and there will be a full membrane of fluid light birthed completely around the planet by the end of September.

The energetic process created from the membrane will strongly impact the natural forces on the planet through a higher stabilized frequency. This is created through your planet being encased by the membrane. The oceans will be going through a strong metamorphic process of energetic change, creating a shift in the currents. The animal and plant life will also go through adjustments through the changing frequency. These changes are necessary to the overall benefit of your planet.

There will be an expanded potential of connection made possible for you with the natural forces through these changes. You will emerge stronger as you are enabled to align with a merging of consciousness with the plant life, the rocks and waterways.

Expanded communication
The frequency held within this membrane is going to allow a more complete communication within the Spiritual realms and your entire resident Universal community. There will be new openings that allow some of you to begin an extended telepathic communion with your resident Universal life force groups. This, of course, includes the Galactic community and us, the Pleiadians.

There is going to be a revolutionary step opening up within you towards the end of September that will create a further activation within your pineal gland. Seals will be removed that have been in place for lifetimes. These seals have kept you in a restricted and limited expression of your selves and have prevented any indepth communication within your resident Universe. This has been in place in order for you to play out your full experience of the illusion of separation in your life. This restricting is ending.

Know that during this second transitional phase on your planet the Galactic council will be fully supervising your process. This means that the fluid membrane in place around the Earth is designed to act as a supportive integrative tool for those of you embarking in the telepathic communion within the full Universal community.

You will find a natural empowerment emerging within yourself as you consciously choose this communion path with your neighbors. As you choose to move forward and utilize some of these abilities, you activate a level of your power. Don’t be afraid of the word “power.” This word has been misused in the past on your planet. True power is being fluid, being vulnerable and being wholly within your Heart.

Protected communion
No negative forces will be allowed entry within this protected communion setting between you and beings from your resident Universe. This is an essential component to allow each one of you who feel called to be able to move forward freely on your destiny path, moving into different states of reconnection. Many of you carry as part of your destiny significant and necessary reconnections within your resident Universe.

All of humanity on Earth originated off planet. Your true family of origin is off planet. Some of you will have a strong calling to begin or continue your journey of reconnection to your roots. With the support of this newly anchored membrane you will be able to accelerate into a further aspect of your self-realization. Through this reconnection, you can enter into a flow aligning into an essential part of your enlightenment process.

Heart connection
We come back full circle right now to the importance of your heart connection. Your heart connection leads you home. There is nothing more essential than developing your relationship through your own heart, which takes you home to Self. Your own heart embodies the love that heals the wounds of your human self. You have been searching for this love during your entire journey in this lifetime. Now is time to fully engage with your heart and come home to your Self. This is your true heart’s desire.

You are the love. “You are who you have been waiting for.”

1. Hold your heart, which encompasses your full chest area. Place both palms of your hands onto your chest.
2. Feel the warmth the pressure of your hands on the body, feel your heart.
3. Take a conscious breath into your heart. Claim your heart by bringing your awareness into the area of your heart.
4. Now bring in the sound, ASTAHN. Feed this sound into your heart, breathe and let go into your heart.

Do this every morning for 5 minutes to build on your multidimensional pathway home.

We honor you. We send you blessings from all who witnessing you within this resident Universe. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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