Emotions & Spirituality — Part 4

Last of a four-part series

As we transform our negative emotional states and take control of our inner space, spiritual qualities and actions become a much more prevalent part of our character. As emotions are harmonized and brought under control, the soul/ higher self, which is the deeper part of self, comes forward.

The soul inspires us to reach for the highest part of ourselves, and we automatically desire to develop and live the spiritual qualities of love, peace, service to others, courage, strength, gratitude, understanding and harmony. We gradually move from an emotionally dominant life and mindset to a spiritual one where the highest aspects of ourselves are practiced in daily life.

Integrity is a hallmark of emotional self-control and transformed negative emotion. We want to do the right thing in every situation naturally. The ego is out of the way, and we act from the higher part of ourselves daily, even during challenges. When we fall short of that, we correct any situation in which we didn’t do the right thing. We grow into this state of being through dedication, self-correction, hard work and daily application. Inner peace and happiness are the reward.

Love and all of its aspects, including respect, kindness, caring, understanding, tolerance of differences, forgiveness, empathy and non-judgment, are at the basis of spiritual actions.

Here is a simple exercise to increase and expand your love: Close your eyes and image a beautiful pink and gold flower made of brilliant light in your heart. Allow the petals to unfold one by one. Feel love for yourself; you’ve been through so much. As the feeling of love builds, send it out to your loved ones and neighbors, workmates etc. Now send it out to all life in the world.

Do this for 5-10 minutes daily, and your ability to see with love, feel love, act with love and spread love will develop quickly.

When love is present in our consciousness and in our lives, we want to make a contribution in the world. Are you using your gifts and talents to be of service to others? Research shows that people who have found a positive way to be of service in the world are the happy ones.

To actualize our spirituality, we need to act intuitively instead of emotionally. Intuition is the voice of the soul, a deeper part of our awareness which is our inner wisdom. It is a natural part of our consciousness and available to all of us. We just need to develop it and use it daily. It is our higher guidance system and will give us the highest and best course of action in any situation. The Perceptive Awareness Technique that I teach does just that.

Inner listening allows us to move beyond negative emotions on a daily basis; it helps to become very quiet for a few minutes and move into inner silence. When the emotional mind is quieted, new insights for solutions and directions can emerge. Relax and be silent, be very still and listen to the wisdom within. With daily practice and focus, you will begin to transform daily grievances and stuck places within your mind and heart. The answers are within.

Here is my Diamond Self Meditation that you can use often to overcome and put behind you painful emotional states, face challenges and act from your spiritual self:

• Close your eyes and let your body find a natural position of comfort and relaxation. Adjust, shift gently and peacefully until your body feels just right.

• Breathe in light and let it circulate throughout all your cells. Melt into ease and harmony and begin to become quiet inside. Breathe in peace, slowly, Peace in, peace out. Slow gentle, long deep breaths. Enjoy the natural rhythms of your body and go inward to that still point deep within. Silence. Feel it; luxuriate in it.
Now, experience yourself being enfolded in a blanket of beautiful soft pink light. Feel its silkiness as it touches your skin. Soothing, pink brilliance.

• Allow many bright beams of pure crystalline light to come towards you from many directions. Feel them as they penetrate your body energizing and lifting you up, awakening all your cells and increasing your frequency. The light beams are beginning to weave magnificent patterns of light around you and within you. Crystalline, sparkling light, all in motion is surging through you, cleansing, nurturing changing you. There is love in this light as it caresses you. You are expanding, becoming brighter and iridescent.

• Now, move inside your heart. Find an illumined pathway there and follow it inward. Continue going deeper into your heart until you come to a cave. The cave fascinates you as you see that the walls are made of beautiful gemstones — gems and crystals of all colors. There are green emeralds, purple amethysts, red rubies, yellow and blue topaz, blue sapphires and other gorgeous minerals. They are sparkling, shining and reflecting light.

• As you look up at the ceiling of the cave, you can see an opening, a hole where light is pouring in from above. As the light enters, it illuminates and clarifies the colors of the gems and crystals making them look as if they are lit from within. The intensity of beauty brings a feeling of awe.

• Walk to the center of the room. On a table there, you can see a huge diamond. It is brilliant and shimmers with crystal clear light. The facets and sparkle are unlike any diamond you’ve ever seen, as is its size. It is an awesome sight. This diamond is like you. It is you. It represents your true self, your invincible spirit. Walk inside and feel what it’s like. Sparkle, glow and shine with your essence, your ebullient spirit. This is the way you truly are, pure and bright, very beautiful. It is your nature to be this way; your natural self. Sometimes you don’t feel at your best, but always there is this wonderful part of you that sparkles and shines with strength, power and beauty. It shines through disappointments, challenges, confusion, heartache, failure and regret.

• Feel the pure power of your Spirit now. Know that you can call on your Spirit for anything you need. Think of something in your life that you need your spirit for, anything you need. Your spirit can overcome and resolve any obstacle or challenge. Shine the tremendous power of your spirit on it now and watch it transform. You can and will overcome it. Know your power and remember that you are spirit. Remember to call on your spirit whenever you need it. You are this diamond.

• Walk to the wall of the cave and choose a gem stone that you find especially attractive. It falls into your hands and you notice its many angles and patterns. As you look deeper you can see that it contains many shapes and pictures. These forms have special meanings for you: they are messages from your spirit. You may see people, objects, scenes, colors, symbols or hear words or have specific feelings as you are absorbed in the gemstone. Insights flow to you.

• Think of a specific problem you want to solve, and watch as the gemstone or crystal changes and offers you fresh pictures and awareness that pinpoint the answers you need — for resolution. Enjoy and be inspired. You can always get answers from your spirit. Now, place the diamond in your heart. It is always with you. And you can come back here any time to commune with your spirit.

Here are additional ways to develop spiritual qualities:

Love: Focus on your interactions with others. Check to see if they include the following: respect, kindness, honesty, understanding, calm, non-judgment, and boundaries (self-love). Work on consciously developing these qualities and actions in relations to others. Every interaction is an opportunity.

Integrity: Focus on doing the right thing in every situation. Correct any mistakes without putting yourself down. You will be an example for others and they will trust you.

Gratitude: Everything we experience is for our benefit either to enjoy, learn from, give to others, gain wisdom, share, strengthen us, correct us, or to overcome or learn. Remembering this and approaching life with this attitude keeps our energy in a positive state, and makes our difficulties smoother with quicker solutions.

Harmony; Accept people as they are and allow them to change on their own if they want to. Learn simple mediation skills and apply them for conflicts and learn assertive communication (not aggressive) to help you relate well to others.

Strength: Tackle your goals and be determined to accomplish them. Overcome challenges with hard work, self-discipline, love, and willingness to grow. Success brings strength and confidence. Challenges overcome can become assets and resources.

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Carole Cravath, B.A., has over 30 years of experience in the fields of counseling, teaching adults and children, cultural diversity, creating programs for compassion and empathy, as well as peace-making skills for kids. She currently teaches The Perceptive Awareness Technique, which brings rapid unfoldment of Intuition, our Higher Awareness, for excellent decision making in any situation. She also teaches Soma Pi Healing workshops. Soma Pi is a powerful healing for emotional and physical concerns and its success is well documented. Visit www.tiptopwebsite.com/carolecravath. Contact Carole at carolecravath@hotmail.com.



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