Happiness is…


Be in love with the moment and you will find and unfold happiness. Be in that moment even when misery tears you apart, and you feel your heart has no more room to love. You can still love the moment: the angst, the tears, the despair and the beautiful heart that feels so much. In the moment, happiness, even joy, is there waiting for you to know only what is true, what is you.

All the colors, splash them on your canvas, for you are the creator, the artist of your moment, though it is a moment that seemingly arrives uninvited. Splash the blue of you, the blush of crimson purple, so many angry reds — you are fed up — unleash them, next the calming ancient greens wise and gleaming, the majestic magentas follow, and now the swirling strokes of your scarlet paintbrush are all over the once pure white canvas, with a smoky black-indigo mystical paint.

Madness can be deliriously delicious or is it deliciously delirious, whetting your appetite with a wild banquet of liquid colors dripping and riveting. You are fully alive, on fire and flowing freely with the moment you are now lost in.

Happiness is giving misery enough attention not to feed it, but to love it into something new and inspired. However much the light of happiness seems stained with sadness, pierced by bitterness, it is always there for your acceptance and for you to receive it opening like the flower who you really are.

Happiness is your natural state of being, like peace, joy and love. There is no need to search for happiness, within or without. For it is who you really are. You are God fully human. And God is happiness.

Meanwhile it is late night for the Painter/Creator. She knows when enough is enough and so surrenders tired to the moment, now awash not in colors but in sleep. That, too, is a happiness, a release and peace.

Now in a dream or is it in her ear, she hears the whispering of words informing her, “Hasn’t this day and its rich and lustrous cascade of the moment, the one eternal moment, been beautiful after all?”

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Astrid Bergie
Astrid Bergie is a mystic, poet, metaphysician and writer. Contact her at [email protected].


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