A Pleiadian Message: Pure Light – A Catalyst for Evolution


Beloved ones, we greet you. The brilliant light from the Holy Vine has been fully cast upon your Earth plane. This has developed a pure container, like an energetic womb, which was fully created during the month of September. The makeup of this container is pure multidimensional light consciousness. This essence has become the catalyst for the evolution, forging a higher consciousness state for all life force energy on your planet.

This pure light has entered the vastness of your heart, and it is recalibrating your energetic settings within all the cells of your physical body. Simultaneously it has opened up into your energetic field, expanding the frequency of the aura. The aura is now reflecting back to you an energetic realignment of the expanded consciousness state of your Higher Self, mirroring to you your completion energy.

The energetic core of the Earth has gone through a further metamorphosis, which is largely responsible for the increased drama on your planet. Through this infusion of light, the density on the planet is surfacing and accelerating like never before. All that is not Truth is being unveiled. The deepest and the densest energies within mankind are surfacing and being played out on this grand stage of illusion upon your planet. The depth of the very dense ego nature of man is being revealed. This process is happening between countries worldwide, within individual countries, throughout communities, within your families and through your own relationship with your human self.

Know that this drama can only increase in these upcoming months. There is going to be a further magnification building as the light frequency from the Holy Vine continues to reflect this energy of Truth. The dimensional frequency will move into a deeper expansion on the planet, creating a further discrepancy between what is Truth and the hidden deception. There will be a mounting intensity that will create further eruptions on many levels throughout the planet.

Energetic drama
We, the Pleiadians, are monitoring this energetic drama and can reassure you that you have nothing to fear. Your Earth will remain intact during this powerful time of upheaval. This process is the precursor to the complete rebirth of your entire community of Earth and is designed to ultimately restore you to your higher communion state of consciousness.

This expanded light frequency has impacted your heart space, creating the reopening of a multidimensional space. This brings to you opportunity for the realignment to a new dimensional access within your heart. This doorway within your heart brings you into direct alignment to an “inner guidance system.” This will enable you to navigate, in a conscious way, to your pathway Home. This entry point is a destiny opening that has been planned at this very time for the realignment to your original blessed state of being, to your Higher Self guidance.

Your heart is your only true reference point in your life. This is essential for you to recognize, and through a deepening desire to realign to Self, you will be enabled to move into Truth and clarity, bringing to yourself the information that you need to become stable within this upheaval in your day-to-day life in the world.

Through this development of the womb surrounding your planet, you have been repositioned within your multidimensional heart, enabling you to consciously access this “inner guidance system.” You are, by nature, a multidimensional being; however, up to this point in time within your evolution, you have been anchored, almost tethered, to the limitation of your third-dimensional human experience.

Now you are finally able to realign into this other level of your spiritual aspect of Self through this expanded connection within your heart. This process heralds in the beginning of a new conscious path of awakened relationship to your spiritual Self, and it will be the catalyst to developing a new relationship to your human self. This reconnection has always been the plan for the success of this second phase on the planet.

Holy Vine energy
Each of you carries unique aspects of the Holy Vine energy within you. During this phase of metamorphosis within your heart, your aspect of the Holy Vine will be reopened within your heart as part of your enlightenment process. Your individual component of the Holy Vine will be made active. As you consciously align to the heart, the form of a seed will be planted within your multidimensional heart. This seed will then germinate and naturally expand your state of consciousness aligning you to your Higher Self.

You will discover your self naturally realigned to your multidimensional purpose here on planet Earth. You will find a new depth of stabilization, moving beyond the third-dimensional drama into the multidimensional experience of Self. There is a flow that you will be reconnected to, which — in truth — is a natural part of your makeup and this flow is your unique Higher Self. You will experience guidance and receive revelations as you gain mastery within this tool of your heart.

All of humanity is being held within this fluid membrane that has been birthed around the planet. Each individual will shift in accordance to their own personal agenda of where they are on their life path presently. Those of you who are on the path of awakening will automatically begin to source directly through your heart to align and work with your new inner guidance tool.

Your heart will become your greatest stabilizing tool for living now. You will have moments of incredible clarity as you are naturally aligned to Truth and understanding within your day-to-day life. And yes, you will have moments where you find yourself in fear from the ego mind’s insecurity. Know that you are human, and the moments of disconnection from your heart can be expected. However, every time you link into your multidimensional tool of your heart, your cells will reflect Truth, moving away from the anchor of illusion.

With every experience of Truth that you allow within your heart, there will be a breaking down of old patterns that have contributed to keeping you in a separated state and that have been in place for lifetimes.

Enormous change
These refined energies that are operating on your planet bring you to a new juncture with your self that has never been before. You are on the verge of enormous change, standing at the cliff’s edge, ready to fly! You are ready to fly! Opening your wings and taking flight into new territory with the vastness of your heart to your Higher Self.

You each get to choose the time of beginning, of making a commitment to access and claim your heart’s internal guidance system. You decide when you are going to begin to master this inner guidance tool and shift the way you live, to living in the moment within your heart’s guidance — becoming a warrior of your heart!

Remember: “You are who you have been waiting for.”

You have been given the perfect canvas through this new energetic setting. You are able to choose to stabilize within the natural multidimensional space of your Higher Self through the Holy Vine womb that is established. Nothing will be the same in your individual world when you make the commitment to move into your heart’s inner guidance system. There are unlimited numbers of moments for you to choose to forge this path for the connection with your inner guidance system.

Paths of choice
There are only two paths of choice: the path of the ego mind or the path of the heart’s inner guidance system. This is a very simple choice and there are no complications within this choice. The ego mind will want you to try and understand this choice and break it down into a series of complicated scenarios, however there is nothing to understand.

Know that the ego mind always has the need to understand everything. And yet, it misinterprets everything that is anchored beyond the third-dimensional illusion. This need of the ego mind to understand is totally overrated and unnecessary. This need to understand is a large part of the ego mind process and prevents you from moving forward. Your ego mind is incapable of understanding anything that arises from your multidimensional heart.

Your pathway is wide open in front of you, a new way for your complete liberation for you to link into your authentic potential. True living is found in the path of the heart. As you participate consciously and continue on this new path of reconnection to Truth, you will be enabled to fully return to your original power of your Higher Self. As you wear this mantle through your unlimited heart and engage with your inner guidance system, you naturally hold a pure platform for others to follow.

Each one of you on this path is destined to hold an energetic stability for the entire planet during this phase of your transition. Many of you have pre-agreed to participate now. Realize that only those who are on Earth can achieve this for humanity. We can hold the energetic space for each one of you, however we cannot play this complete role. The sacred design was for you to resurrect yourselves on planet Earth, and we were to witness you in this journey.

You hold true power within you for your own planet’s transition. As you work within the inner guidance system of your heart, you can align back to your fluidity and sacred potential. In the very action of you doing, you automatically set up the platform for the rest of humanity to follow.

Your heart’s tool
At this juncture each one of you can utilize your heart’s tool. All it takes is a desire from you to establish this connection. This is a time like no other where there is an ease in which you can begin to activate your self-realization process of reconnection to your heart. All the layered energetics are in place for the alignment to your inner guidance system.

1. Place your full palm on your Heart, breathe and connect to the heart.

2. Open up consciously your desire to align to the way of your heart, your inner guidance system, take ownership, and claim all that is yours.

3. Now bring your awareness deeper within your heart by using the conscious breath and placing the out breath directly within the heart. Do this three times.

4. Now bring your unique frequency of this sound within the pathway, which is opening up to you. You may see, sense or feel this pathway.

5. The sound is NASTAE (pronounced NARSTAY).

Repeat this entire process every morning. Each time you will feel a growing connection to your essence within the heart space. Eventually you will only need to touch the space of your heart to experience this connection fully.

Don’t listen to the comments from your ego mind as you move through the steps given. The ego will simply wish to break down your experience through its lack of understanding of any part of this process.

You can call us forward to be with you as you embark on this part of your journey. Remember we will witness you and hold the love around you as you return to your heart, to your pathway Home. Let go and allow this unfolding within. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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