Conscious Consumerism: Responsible Choices As We Ascend


An incredible amount of evidence exists for the support of a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. We could go into living a life free of animal cruelty, the health aspect, or the humanitarian route. We could also spend time going over how vegetarian/vegan lifestyles are far more sustainable for our earth, and how we could feed more starving people considering over 70 percent of the world’s grain goes towards food for animals that are pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals.

I will be scraping the surface of some of these topics, but the focus of this article will be on “conscious consumerism,” whether you are raw vegan or eat meat at every meal.

As we continue to ascend our frequency and vibration, the less tolerant our bodies will be consuming and digesting non-whole foods. This is especially true when consuming the meat of animals, and specifically animals not raised and slaughtered humanely. The negative karma and negative energy will eventually cause more obvious issues, especially for people who are sensitive to energy.

I have already noticed this in myself, as well as my clients. I regularly convey the message that they have pre-existing conditions that could be helped, or even cured, by eliminating animal products from their diet. This is especially true for anyone that is trying to become “in tune” with spiritual/psychic gifts. How we consume and what we consume matters, and we will be held more spiritually accountable. It starts with you and your choices. It starts locally, it starts at home and in your own back yard.

This is a lifestyle choice. When I met my fiancé, I was heading down the road of raw veganism, studying it, practicing it, working in a raw-vegan kitchen and seeing it being how I lived my future. Meeting my chef fiancée changed that, as his cooking is often incredibly meat focused.

I come from a traditional cooking background as a former chef, and my family eats like traditional Midwesterners, meat and potatoes. I understand the challenges with living this lifestyle in the Midwest. It’s not about perfection, it’s about making conscious choices out of love. As my goal is to get back to raw-veganism someday, I make choices one meal at a time.

Here are some tips that are easy and realistic for changing how you eat:

• Buy locally and buy seasonal foods. Shop at farmer’s markets, local farms, and places that purchase from local small, sustainable businesses, such as co-ops. Many farmers cannot afford to have the “organic” label, but still practice organic methods. Some of these farms will even deliver to your front door.

• Eat at restaurants that make it their practice to purchase from local farmers that farm sustainably. The “farm to table” trend among Twin Cities establishments is growing. By supporting them, you support green living.

• When buying meat, do your homework. Buy from farmers who make it a point to humanely raise and slaughter their animals. Grass-fed, pasture-raised/free-range animals are never fed grain, soy, by-products, hormones, antibiotics or chemicals. Steer clear of factory farms and huge companies.

Plenty of resources are available online for finding merchants. Many sell from their farms, not grocery stores, which makes their prices comparable to the big stores. Sometimes the meat is more expensive. Grass-fed beef is expensive because it takes more land area to feed a single cow. It’s worth it. The meat is clean, tastes better, and the energy is a lot less toxic.

My fiancé and I purchased a pig from a farmer who only raises three animals at time. Their animals have names, are treated as pets and are fed vegetables from the garden, and they are slaughtered on the property quickly without suffering. When I do eat meat, this is the meat I eat. It costs us about $3 per pound. It’s doable for everyone with the right research.

Ultimately, it comes down to how you choose to live your life. By consciously choosing where you spend your money, what you support and what you consume, you make a big statement. You make a huge impact by small choices; your shift will make a difference — not only in your own life, spiritually and physically, but in the world around you.


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