Emergent Light: The Sonata of the Master Musician


Sound gives birth to all that is. It is the power behind existence itself, and the universe is merely its outer effect. At first glance this may seem a strange notion. Yet, within Christian theology we are told that Creation came forth in response to the “Word.” In the East we are given to understand that Brahma sang the universe into existence. Both these mythological views seek to express the same truth. That is, that God gave birth to existence through the power of sound. No notion is as important to the understanding of human existence as this idea. If sound is the creative force behind all things, then humanity’s use of it must be examined in this light.

When sound is expressed as music, it is a force that has the power to awaken the heart. Indeed, music can be a great transmitter of love, and its gate of entrance is the heart chakra within each of us. In our society, however, music most often reaches the masses through the solar plexus — the chakra that gives rise to emotion and desire. Yet, as one matures, and the soul becomes more influential in his/her life, music is then increasingly felt in the heart and far less through the solar plexus.

Another important manifestation of sound is language. Fundamentally, human speech is the art of shaping sounds into words that will touch others in some way. The words we speak inevitably create outer effects. When loving and wise, they have uplifting value. Conversely, when motivated by lack of insight or selfish intent, words can wound. Just as the Universal Word was sounded forth, thus causing galaxies to come into being, so too do we sound forth our words resulting in outer effects that contribute to the shaping of our lives. The Hermetic axiom forever holds true: as above, so below. All things created by humanity are the product of ideas transmitted through the power of word, song or artistic expression. Other factors, such as intonation, syntax, volume and cadence, all contribute to the power of the sounds we convey through language. Wise consideration as to the words we use is therefore well-advised.

Looked at with greater depth, the soul itself is sounding a note, and it is doing so for the entire duration of an incarnation. This note represents the soul’s essential quality and nature. In its long evolutionary journey, the soul’s intention is to sound its note through its outer garment (the personality) as a means of serving the outer world. Yet, the personality is also sounding its own independent note. Essentially, the personality has a vibrational quality in and of itself. For many incarnations these two notes (soul and personality) are dissonant. The note of the personality tends to be inharmonious with the soul’s subtle voice. Indeed, for countless incarnations the soul’s tonal whisper is not even heard, for personality trumpets its note too loudly and drowns out the soul’s gentle murmur.

Eventually there will come an incarnation when the creative note of the soul is sensed for the first time. The personality recognizes that there is a soundless voice deep within. Sometimes called the Voice of the Silence, the soul’s creative voice is now intuitively known. The challenge is to now harmonize the two. It is the process, slow and laborious, of blending these two tones so that their dissonance is transformed into harmony and creative effectiveness.

Creation itself is an expression of sound echoing throughout the vastness of time and space. Embedded within this Universal Word, the soul within each of us is sounding its sacred note. When the personality is willing to “change its tune” so as to resonate to that sacred note, the soul can truly shine forth within one’s life. The two notes are then harmonized, and a sacred chord is formed. And when that chord is united with the clarion sound of the cosmic symphony, the music of the spheres is known, and the Sonata of the Master Musician is then heard.

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William Meader
William Meader is an author, teacher and counselor. Much of his work is focused on the subjects of Spiritual Creativity, the Evolution of Consciousness and the Art of Meditation. At present he is teaching in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He resides in Oregon, and can be contacted through his website at www.emergentlight.com.


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