German Dentist to Lecture on Teachings of Bruno Groening


Dr. Ulrich Meyding, D.D.S., Ph.D., of Verden, Germany, will give a series of lectures this month in Duluth and the Twin Cities on a natural, cost-free way to attain help and healing through the teachings of Bruno Groening.

He will speak at 7 p.m. at all of these events: October 2 at Clyde Iron Works, 2920 W. Michigan St. Duluth; October 3 at Springhill Suites Mpls West, 5901 Wayzata Blvd., St. Louis Park; October 4 at Carondelet Center, Room 101, 1890 Randolph Ave., St. Paul; and October 13 at SpringHouse Ministry Center, 610 W. 28th St., Minneapolis.

Bruno Groening & Dr. Ulrich Meyding
Dr. Meyding has practiced dentistry and oral surgery for 41 years, working in private practice for the past 36 years. He embraces a holistic approach: he has advanced training in periodontology and has been licensed as a Healing Practitioner for 20 years, supporting his patients with Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Nosode Therapy And Kinesiology.

For the past 24 years, Dr. Meyding has been a member of the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends, one of the largest organizations worldwide for healing on the spiritual path. He is a member of the Medical Scientific Group (MWF) of the Circle of Friends, consisting of thousands of medical professionals. Dr. Meyding is one of the many physicians in the MWF who document and medically verify healings that occur in the Circle of Friends.

Bruno Groening made headlines in the 1950s following mass healings that occurred in Germany. He implored the crowds of seekers to cast off hatred, worries and illness and called them to the “great turnaround” — the belief in God, in the good and in health. Eyewitnesses and media stories from the time reported spectacular healings: the blind could suddenly see, and the crippled and sick stood up from their wheelchairs and stretchers and walked.

Groening taught about a natural, divine power that helps and heals, available to everyone regardless of nationality or religion. He organized communities where friends could meet every three weeks to take in the divine healing power. He compared the human being to a battery that needs to be recharged with divine energy regularly to gain and maintain health and attain happiness.

Today, Bruno Groening Circle of Friends communities are active in more than 90 countries, and on every continent, and include people of all faiths and indigenous traditions. Healings continue to occur, even for those with longstanding illness, chronic pain, severe depression and drug addiction. Many Bruno Groening friends also report attaining an increased sense of peace and happiness, as well as general help in life — with studies, work and finances, and improved family relationships.

Several communities are active in Minnesota where deeply impressive healings have occurred. Larry S., 60, of Rosemont, suffered an injury to his knee at age 12 and it led chronic pain. Later in life the pain became so severe that his ability to work became restricted and he was not able to walk more than a few blocks. He was diagnosed with arthritis in both knees and the absence of cartilage in the injured knee. Despite the use of knee braces, physical therapy and a number of natural treatments, the pain remained. A year and a half after joining the Circle of Friends, he was spontaneously healed; today he has no more need of a cane and enjoys hiking and even mountain climbing.

Jeff H., 63, of Duluth, lost his leg in a motorcycle accident, and he was healed of 30 years of regularly occurring, excruciating phantom leg pain. After attending community hours and practicing Groening’s teachings, he received a total healing and has been completely healed of the phantom pain for more than two years.

An archive in Rottenburg, Germany, stores thousands of such medically verified healings. Groening always refused payment, saying that it was not he, but God, who heals. He only asked that those who are healed to write down their healings and get follow-up examinations and confirmation by their doctors. He always strove to work in cooperation with physicians and never discouraged medical treatment.

Today the Circle of Friends is a non-profit organization. All activities and events are free and all activities are funded through voluntary donations.

Dr. Meyding will present medically verified healings and give simple instructions on how to absorb the natural, divine healing power that Bruno Groening spoke about. The healing stream can be experienced during the lecture.

For more information, call 218.349.1571 or visit

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