Taylors Falls Dragonfly


A striped-winged dragonfly roosts soundless,
firmly entrenched on the flat gray rock next to our bench

poised high on the cliff’s edge overlooking
the meandering river, the blue sprawling sky —
as if to say, ” I am a messenger from another world.”

The last time I lingered here with another,
a magnificent pileated woodpecker landed

in the explosive autumnal color of the tree
just beyond the flat gray rock

while a stark white-bellied, black-tipped,
gray-winged herring gull in slow motion

dipped and swooned, dived and soared
over the panoramic length of the river —
practically serenading us.

This quiet green seemingly birdless summer day
a more modest, yet perhaps,
more mysterious magnificence unfolds

in the rare daring solitary dragonfly
perched so still and intent…in our oasis,

seeming to mind its own business,
even as it overhears us speaking
a strange and foreign language of words,

even as its big, powerful, all-seeing eyes
direct their aim at me, shattering in a second
my unconscious and the romance of the moment.

In my soul, I hear loud and clear, “That person
seated next to you, has betrayed you more than once,
and will never be the One.”

When dragonfly comes to you, be prepared for big change,
the giving up of illusion’s sweet play…for the truth.

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Astrid Bergie
Astrid Bergie is a mystic, poet, metaphysician and writer. Contact her at [email protected].


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