When Your Soul Asks You to Pause


I have been following my soul’s quest to go deeper with my self-care in 2017 on this journey of becoming my own beloved. Specifically, I am on a mission to move completely from my intuition and the call of my heart instead of my mind. I am a driven and striving person who has largely operated from her mind for too many years. This period of my life is calling me to operate from the wisdom of my heart and soul. And on your journey, somewhere along the way, you will all reach a point where your soul asks you to pause.

In our Western society, we are all so tuned into achieving outcomes and constantly producing. And in truth, everything is a cycle of periods of growth and expansion and periods of contraction. We seem to get squeamish when confusion, loneliness, lack of clarity, etc., shows up at our doorstep. And we start to do a number of “spiritual gymnastics” to move through whatever is showing up so we can move on ASAP. You know what I mean — mindset practices, journaling, manifesting practices, etc.

Pema Chodren wisely invites us to rest the in the middle instead of moving left or right. Her book, When Things Fall Apart, is the perfect guide for this period in my life. I am taking the time to meet the emptiness in me, the confusion in me, the one wondering who I would be if I wasn’t caring for others all the time in me, and a cast of other parts of my humanity.

Managing when your soul asks you to pause
I learned very quickly that my usual mode of operation does not work in this place of pause. Of course, in an attempt to create comfort and security, I brought my usual patterns of behavior and ways of thinking into this place. It’s like having the wrong currency in a foreign country — completely useless!

Here’s the exchange formula of behavior for working through this phase:

  • Trust the process implicitly. Forget any notion that this is a mistake or something you have manifested by doing something wrong. Your soul has you here for a reason and you can safely stay open to the process.
  • Stop wasting time worrying, wondering or wiggling. Learn to be more present with all of your experience more than ever before. Everything is Divine, no exceptions.
  • Consult with your soul as the ultimate wisdom on this journey. Limit interactions with others who don’t get where you are or your journey while you are traversing this tender place. Consult your deep inner wisdom instead of always seeking experts out there.
  • Change your drive to try harder in your life to a drive to try harder at resting, restoring and pausing at a deep level. Give that inner driver a new role. How good can you get at pausing, resting, and restoring?
  • Let go of all definitions of yourself and all focus on outcomes. Who you are is up in the air. What you will choose to keep is yet to be determined. What you are going to do with your time or life is uncertain. None of that matters in this place of deep pause. You will pick all of these questions up when the time is right — for now, trust this process!
  • Start collecting things and experiences that bring you joy and light you up for no apparent reason. If this were the last three months of your life, how would you spend your time?
  • Get back to basics. Eat when you are hungry. Drink a lot of clean fluids. Spend time in nature. Fill your heart with the people you love in doses that feel right to you. Rest when you are tired. Expect less of yourself than ever before. Read things that touch your heart. Reconnect with the deepest rhythms of your nature.

This summer, many empaths who have been working to bring more light into the world for several years will be called to pause. I invite you to take this opportunity with me to embrace the experience and recharge for the next adventure.

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Theresa Nutt
Theresa Nutt is a transformational coach, author and speaker. She empowers disenchanted women to become Vibrant. Imaginative. Unforgettable. Her business is Closeted Creatives Coaching. You can reach her at [email protected], www.theresanutt.com, or 949.728.8640.


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