Why I Am Vegan


My idea of living with a vegan lifestyle is that I don’t consume any dairy or animal products. As someone once said, “If it has a face or a mother, I don’t eat or drink it.” We can eat healthy without having to sacrifice any animal’s life.

Instead of saying “I’m a vegan,” I like to proclaim that “my life consists of a vegan diet,” because that it isn’t labeling who I am as a person.

I do take a B-12 supplement, as I feel this is necessary to have a healthy, functioning body.

It’s amazing that there is such a wide variety of foods available to satisfy my love of variety — from fruits to vegetables to grains and nuts and seeds. I enjoy visiting co-ops and natural food stores to see what’s available.

I believe I’m helping the environment by having this type of diet. I encourage you to check it out and see if making even a slight change would alter your happiness and health for the better. After all, the choice should be yours! Enjoy the healthy things you already are implementing and look forward to exploring and experimenting!


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