A Pleiadian Message: Being Present in the Heart


Beloved ones, we greet you. Your Earth plane is continuing to move through a rapid evolution towards a powerful shift of destiny. All aspects of life, which contain conscious life force energy within the planet, are being reconnected with the universe by moving through this metamorphic change. This dramatic change is designed to bring your planet back to a natural realignment of consciousness, allowing a shift in the development of a synergy of a multidimensional nature and form.

Through these frequency changes, a new energetic landscape is being created within your planet. A melding process has been set in motion. The old dense energies are being transformed, as a series of new light reflections of Truth are arising through your cells and flowing outwards across your planet. This transmutation is being made possible by the Holy Vine’s pure energy membrane encircling your Earth.

This is the process, a sacred design, that is underway and will continue to accelerate for many months. For there are many series of levels leading into the completion of this second phase of awakening for Earth, and each one of you are to play a pivotal role within the full design of this plan.

Your Role
You are not insignificant within this unfolding process, and you are not to play a passive role in this unfolding. An essential aspect of this entire process of transformation is for you, as a human being, to actively engage through your heart chamber and realign to the sacred aspect of Self. This realignment to your personal power will be a major catalyst in your Earth’s awakening.

Each one of you is being called forward at this time to be present within the heart space to meet a multidimensional component of yourself. A newly accessed chamber within your heart has been birthed, and within this container is the essence of your own mystery. This is where the reflection of your own sacred Truth resides and where you access your unique power. The conscious activation of alignment to this aspect of your sacred heart is what will fuel the transforming elements of consciousness on your planet. There is no greater process in which to engage than to consciously choose the action of reconnection through to your multidimensional heart. In Truth, there is no other reality.

Know that as these radical energetic shifts arise, level by level, there will be a deepening action of upheaval and revelation opened up throughout your Earth plane and within your very being and consciousness. This is a natural reaction, the byproduct of the Holy Vine light membrane that has been formed to hold you and the Earth plane as you birth. These series of upheavals will create shifts that are imperative to enable the entire consciousness of planet Earth moving forward towards achieving this completion path of transition.

Illusion of Separation
One of the biggest illusions on your planet is the belief that you are all separate, and this has manifested a constant scenario of separation. Your ego minds are quick to create reasons to separate from one another, often through the action of criticism. You are most critical of that which, in fact, you hold within your own ego self. There is the illusion of difference of religion, skin color, sexual orientation and race.

Each one of you holds the potential of an interconnection to the sacred that you are, and this Truth is firmly anchored within your own heart connection. We are currently witnessing the strong action of separation taking place on your planet, which is erupting through these deeply held beliefs of illusion.

The action of this energy of illusion will not be sustained on the planet much longer because of the shifting energy held within the light and within the changing energetic framework of your planet. The light from the Holy Vine reveals the hidden, deep shadows of illusion within you and society. This is why you have these strong reactions and are witnessing drama taking place throughout your planet right now.

Reversing the energy
When we speak of further upheaval, we refer to the onset of what we call “a reversal energy” activation. This process of reversal is the action of an energetic movement that is being held throughout the entire universe, set in motion to move Earth into a repositioning of alignment. As this motion takes place, there will be an automatic releasing of the fixed dense structures of old illusions. There will be an aligning of your planet energetically back to a form of fluidity, which carries and opens an authentic flow throughout the Earth. This fluidity form has always been a permanent movement within the universe and is now to be extended to your planet. Earth will then take back its rightful place as it holds this fluid patterning of consciousness.

This shift opens a door, and it is designed to ultimately bring about a new sense of peace and order to your Earth plane. This movement of patterning is an essential component within the process of your unfolding destiny for humanity, as you realign back to the patterning held by the rest of the universe.

This process has already begun on your planet. This unique pathway is opening up before you, and we ask you to pick up the mantle now by utilizing your newly opened heart chamber connection. You have gained access to the opening of the heart chamber, which enables you to begin to glimpse and understand the vastness of your own heart’s purpose at this juncture. Each of you has a role to play within this process, and as you choose to engage within your heart’s chamber you will naturally rejoin the collective group, those who are also taking this step.

A deeper shift
Each time you choose to move your awareness into your heart chamber, a deeper shift will take place throughout the planet. All of humanity will be impacted, touched through a series of energetic ripples that are created through the action of your alignment to your heart. This conscious action by you will make a difference globally.

There is the need for you to continue letting go in all areas of your life, knowing that change and upheaval will prevail in your world at this time. Expect the unexpected in your life, understanding that there is nothing you need to fear within this entire process. All is in hand in this seeming chaos. You only need to move into a state of witnessing the ongoing unfolding within your planet that is happening on so many levels simultaneously.

Your newly designed access pathway within your heart brings significant support through the upcoming changes leading into the New Year. Remember: your heart is the only true reference point in your life. Your heart chamber can be likened to a compass, pointing you in the right direction, giving you tools that you need to navigate your way, moment by moment, step by step, through this transitional period.

This reconnection to your heart chamber is designed to be a stabilizer in your life, enabling you to meet each moment in your world, aligning you beyond the drama. You consciously get to choose moments to align to your heart chamber. You consciously choose the experience of receiving that which your heart desires. All things arise within this connection to your heart. In Truth, you are your heart!

New sense of ease
As you bring your focus within your Heart chamber, you will begin to experience a new sense of ease unfolding within you. Through this action, you begin to access your light Self within your heart and you align naturally into a deepening connection to clarity. This is a doorway being reopened by you. You move yourself beyond the veil to enable a forging of reconnections to your Higher Self, to move through to the sacred aspect of Self that has always been intact just beyond the veil.

You have always had two elements within you: your human aspect and your sacred aspect. They have been simultaneously operating; however, your human experience has been at the forefront most of this incarnation up until now. For lifetimes, you have played out the limitation of your humanness, and even though the sacred aspect has not been consciously utilized, it has been in full form, always lying intact just beyond the veil. At this juncture in your lifetime, you are destined to move beyond the veil to reconnect consciously to your full sacred aspect, while still experiencing your humanness. This action will be you moving into a place of remembering and reunion to the sacred that you have always been.

Conscious steps
Within Earth’s transitional process, you are being asked to open up to many Truths and to take a series of conscious steps towards renewal. The first step is to begin this anchoring process within your newly opened heart chamber. This will be an unfolding process.

The next step is to begin to extend your consciousness from your own heart outwards by bringing your awareness to another individual human being. As you bring your awareness to this person, know that they play an essential part of the collective consciousness as you do. This individual has said “yes” to being here at this time on the planet. They are also playing a unique role as you are on the planet. Witness their heart, consciously connecting your awareness from your to their heart.

No matter how they may appear within their own human persona, they also carry their individual sacred signature within their heart chamber. They are not separate from you, and through the heart you are interconnected by the God Consciousness element. You anchor this Truth through witnessing them.

You and this person, on a multidimensional level, hold a natural link through the God Consciousness state between your hearts. By this conscious action of simply witnessing another person in this Truth, you activate a wave of consciousness that impacts that individual being witnessed. Simultaneously this energy begins to ripple throughout the entire planet, forging the essence of this interconnection that exists within humanity and breaking down the grip of the separating elements.

A Truth: Every individual on your Earth plane is interconnected through the God Consciousness element within his or her heart. You have never been separated from each other.

Heart alignments
As you open into these conscious heart alignments with others and anchor this Truth, there will be a natural and extended opening within your own light consciousness. Your heart will expand through your light. A building force of love will begin to transmit naturally from your heart outwards to all of humanity through this Truth.

This witnessing process does not mean you will necessarily want to align and engage personally with these people you choose to witness. You don’t necessarily have to like them on a human level. This process moves beyond the 3rd dimensional ego and opens up and acknowledges the sacred connections that we all mutually share in every moment.

Heart Chamber Connection
In the following process, we give you another sacred sound to enter your Heart’s chamber. Remember: your heart extends over the full chest area and then beyond the physical body.

  1. Hold your Heart. Your palms rest on the full chest area.
  2. Bring your awareness into the warmth of your hands, the pressure of your hands, on your chest. Take a breath, and place that breath like a soft wind into your chest, into your heart space. Let your awareness move deeper into the area. You do this by taking another breath again into the space of your heart. Breathe and then let go. This aligns you deeper into your heart. (Do this for five minutes, and don’t rush.)
  3. Bring in the sound, ANTASH, directly into your heart, just once. This will move you into your newly accessible chamber of your heart. Then bring your awareness into the space, which begins to open. Breathe into the space, like a soft wind.
  4. Repeat Step 3 as many times as you need.
  5. Claim this space of your heart and anchor here using this sound, ANNN — as many times as you need.

We witness you as you choose to move and realign to your sacred within the chamber of your heart and embody the light that you have always been. Blessings, The Pleiadians.

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Christine Day
Christine Day is a leading spiritual teacher, healer, channel and author. Following a traumatic childhood in her native Australia, Christine was diagnosed with advanced Systemic Lupus at the age of 31 and given a short time to live. Shortly afterward, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, the energy of which moved her to a place of complete self-healing. Since then Christine has been presenting Pleiadian Events, Seminars and Transmissions of Light throughout the United States and internationally. Visit www.ChristineDayOnline.com.


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