Awakening with our Planet: An Interview with Christine Day


Born and raised in Australia, Christine Day experienced a traumatic childhood involving cult ritual abuse. In 1986, following a diagnosis of advanced systemic lupus, and having been told she had just two months to live, Christine experienced a profound spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, which enabled her to move into a place of self healing. She has now been symptom free for the last 26 years. Over the past 25 years, Christine has become internationally renowned as the Pleiadian Ambassador, as a gifted spiritual teacher, healer and channel.

She will be presenting three powerful events during the next two months to help the entire planet continue in a transformation that she says the entire universe is celebrating.

At the 2017 Minneapolis Holistic Expo, from 2-3:30 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 12, she will present a Keynote talk entitled “Pineal Gland Activation,” an initiation that will lead participants into a deep rebirthing process. She also will lead a two-day Post-Expo Workshop, “Holy Vine Initiations,” on November 13-14 at Hilton Hotel Minneapolis North, 2200 Freeway Blvd., Brooklyn Center.

On December 2-4, Day will present the three-day Pleiadian Seminar, “Higher Realm Initiations,” at Crown Plaza Aire, 3 Appletree Square, in Bloomington.

She spoke with The Edge about this series of three events, the like of which we’ve never experienced before.

For those new to what you do, let’s begin by talking about the Pleiadians. Who are they and what is their relationship to planet Earth?
The Pleiadians are living in incarnation right now. They are not in spirit form. I think that’s a very important piece, that they are actually living in incarnation and part of their mission and destiny of their incarnation in this life, in their lifetime, is to support planet Earth in the transition that we are going through.

Their role is to bring information, understanding and clarity to us as human beings of how we can evolve and what is taking place on planet Earth. Bringing clarity and information so that we can be self-empowered to really step into more aspects of our own sacredness, our own mission, and get a better understanding of who we are in our humanness, who we are in our spiritual selves, and where we fit in with the universal community that we are a part of.

What is their relationship to planet Earth and why are they involved in helping us?
A lot of people say, “What’s in it for them?” The Pleiadians are part of our resident universe and, actually, the Pleiadians are working as part of a universal team to support humanity, because the whole universe is going to benefit from an evolving planet Earth.

As we evolve, we realign and reconnect to our true place within the universe. The universe is not complete without our awakening. Through our awakening, the universe itself becomes much more productive, much more effective, much more alive, and so the rest of the universe is waiting for us on planet Earth to remember who we are and start reconnecting and taking our full place within the universal collective consciousness.

That is why the Pleiadians are playing their role, and the rest of the universe is playing its role to bring us back into a remembrance of our place, our true place, and our true home. Our universe is our expanded home. We’ve kind of got tunnel vision, that we are here all from planet Earth, but we actually do belong within the universe, as well.

It’s like the galactic community is a bunch of butterflies and there is one cocoon waiting to transform, right?
That’s a very nice analogy, Tim, and yes, it’s true. It’s not that we’re behind, it’s our time now for the transitional energy to take place. The Pleiadians say we’re perfectly on time and in good shape. We wouldn’t look at it and say it that way when we look out in the midst of our world, this drama that is in front of us, but the Pleiadians don’t see it that way. They just see things playing out as they should be playing out at this time, especially with the new light that is pouring onto the planet — that discrepancy of the light and the shadow. All the truths are being revealed and things are coming up out of the dark mist to be revealed. So, this transformational process is creating a lot of chaos.

Did the Pleiadians ever exist in the third dimension, or is that unique to planet Earth?
It’s very unique to planet Earth. The Pleiadians and most of the universe operate from the fifth-, sixth- and seventh-dimensional consciousness — and we can transform, as well. It doesn’t take a long time for us to make our move. That’s the whole thing. We’re already perfectly intact in our sacredness. It’s just a matter of a veil being removed and us remembering.

Some people have the perception that, “Oh, my gosh! I’ve got this long path to find and reconnect and find myself,” but, no. We are already fully intact. It’s like awakening from a dream. We’re moving through the veil that is loosening and lifting for many of us now, so that we come to reconnection, reunion, remembering — and then we’re there!

In your monthly column in The Edge, “A Pleiadian Message,” you have been outlining these specific changes occurring throughout our transformation. How would you describe where we are now in this process?
I think we’re two thirds of the way there. The Pleiadians are saying that this transmutation will take place in our lifetime. We will achieve the reconnection, the sacred that we are, the full remembering process. We’re destined to shift the relationship with our humanness through that awakening to the sacred of ourself, because we will hold ourselves in much more love and compassion and less self-judgment. Separation won’t be there.

It will really be a total revolution within ourselves, with our human part and our sacred part. We’re not going to lose our human part. We’re going to live that out, but we will be consciously living our sacredness, as well. The picture is very rosy, as far as the Pleiadians are concerned, and there’s a lot of joy in it.

And then we go back to our daily experience right now and people say things are getting worse, but that’s just an illusion at this point?
Indeed, it is. The illusion is accelerating, and the drama is accelerating, because all that is not truth now is just shattering and all the muck is coming up. All the density is coming up. All the separation, all the racial prejudice, all the murk within the world is being revealed — it can’t be put under the carpet anymore. It is not possible, because the light is bringing it up to the surface.

So we are looking at a messy situation right now, but it is the illusion. The Pleiadians keep saying, “Come into your heart” — and I love this, that the heart is our only true and authentic reference point in our world right now. That is where we must source from to stay balanced and anchored. We won’t do that all the time because we’re still not done with the drama, but we can start doing it on a regular basis and our lives can change. We can change ourselves. It’s self-empowerment. It’s very important.

How can people enter their heart, for those who have never done that consciously?
It’s simpler than you think, especially right now, because another chamber of the heart has opened to support every individual, including the person who has never looked further than in their mind. When you come into your heart, your heart cells are actually waiting for this reconnection now. [Read Christine Day’s November column, “A Pleiadian Message,” on the Heart online at]

This is available for anyone who wants to have that moment. The heart space is the full chest, so you can put the palm of your hand on any part of the chest and just let your awareness come to where you feel the warmth or the pressure of your hand on your heart. Begin by taking one breath and saying, “This is my heart.”

It’s about you consciously choosing to claim this space of your heart, maybe for the first time. It is a simple process of breathing and letting go, and just five minutes a day will start to create an evolution of reconnection through you, and every cell in your heart will transform in that moment you choose to come in. It’s a simple process.

Would you say that’s the key right now, for each one of us during this transformational phase?
It’s the only key. I’ll say it again, the heart is your only authentic and true reference point in your life right now. It will absolutely open the doors, bring you into a place of peace, and move you away from the illusion so that you can start to really be peaceful and start to see things from another vantage point and not get drawn into the drama. Simply just witness it.

What I see is a bud of a flower, and it starts to open as you come into your heart. You’re the bud and the petals pull back and begin to open like a flower to the sun, and that sun is that light of your Self that is connected through the heart space. You choose to align to that, to that light of the sun, as you start to navigate into your heart space.

That is all we’re being asked to do right now, this one, simple step, and let everything unfold naturally from there. It is a natural re-unfolding into another part of yourself, that sacred Higher Self.

In a recent interview, you talked about the power of the light that occurred on September 23. Will you tell us about that?
Yes, that was a very interesting energy because on that date a huge amount of light came onto the planet, more than had ever come onto the planet at any one time in the history of the Earth plane. The light just flowed in.

It was designed to bathe those who were ready to receive that huge amount of light. It also set in motion a tremendous amount of change, bringing up more levels of density and drama, so we had a lot of eruptions going on. Those who were ready opened to receive that huge influx of light and they went through a massive transformational moment. That was the whole day of the 23rd of September, and that energy is still impacting the Earth plane right now.

It’s going to accelerate into November and December. This energy is accelerating the natural forces of storms, or earthquakes. Everything is erupting. Earth is going through its own transformational metamorphic process, and so we’re going to see a lot of that.

For those who have not experienced your events live, please explain a little bit about the Pleiadian initiations and the sacred sounds that participants might experience when they come and see you.
The Pleiadians bring in what are called light initiations. The design for these initiations is that they don’t enter your energetic field, but they bring in light that comes around your energetic field and allows you to align into your Higher Self energy. It actually opens the door for you to re-access that which is sacred in you.

It opens and activates energy within the cells of your body and through your energetic field, and it empowers you to begin to align deeper within an awakening process.

Now, let’s talk about the sacred sounds that are given during these initiations. Every individual makes the sacred sound like no one else in the whole universe. Your sound is recognized by the cells of your body, and as you bring that sacred sound forward, as you create the sound, the cells of your body go through a transformation. They begin to open and anchor more of your own light into the cells of your body, into your energetic field, and there is a transmitter in every cell that begins to activate through that sound. It’s like an awakening sound — a key to the door to your Self, to that multidimensional natural state of your Self.

The sacred sound is that key to the door that allows you to come into a new state of being in your life with clarity and understanding, self-healing, self-manifestation. As that sound begins to transmit out into the universe, you are received and recognized through the universe.

These light initiations are a very powerful, but empowering process. The Pleiadians just simply bring the energy through. They don’t interfere. They just hold the space for you to birth through your Self. It’s you birthing You, which I just love.

Let’s talk about your three events coming up. First is your keynote at the Minneapolis Expo, “The Pineal Gland Activation.” What is this process about and what will people experience?
This is going to be a very empowering process. The Pleiadians will be setting up a multidimensional grid in the room that allows you to rebirth your Self, realign to the sacredness that you are. We will be working through the pineal gland and through the use of sacred sounds.

During the process, the Pleiadians remove veils from the pineal gland and I transmit the light initiation directly into your pineal gland and you bring in the sacred sound into that pineal gland.

You come into an awakening experience. That process removes seals that have kept people in a restricted and a limited perception of truth. It opens up the inner vision to the Higher Self.

These seals have been in place and have fulfilled their role for us to keep us in that illusion of separation, but during this process the veils of illusion will be lifted and the separation will come to an end. You actually come and allow an inner liberation to take place through the initiations and through the use of the sacred sounds that the Pleiadians will be providing in this session, and then you will get to take away a handout that will give you step-by-step processes to continue the unfolding of this self liberation process with a further awakening of the vision.

It’s going to be a really high-powered, high-energy process. The Pleiadians don’t waste any time. They bring information, understanding and integration along this energetic grid so everyone experiences a very individual process while we’re doing a collective group process. A very individual integration takes place to support where you are in your unfolding.

And as we have said before, you don’t have to have any prior experience with you or the Pleiadians. They will assist you right at the place where you are.
That’s the beauty of this. You can come in as a beginner — not that anyone is a beginner, because we are all sacred; we’re just behind the veil — and we take everyone step-by-step wherever they are in their evolution or unfolding. They will be taken from that place and moved gently to the next step for them — and that’s what I love about the process itself.

Following the Expo, on November 13-14, you will have a two-day workshop that is described as the first introduction of the Holy Vine initiations to the general public. Tell us about that.
This is going to be a very pure experience. The Holy Vine initiation energy has been coming onto the planet since April of this year, and it is accelerated with its fluid membrane around the Earth now.

Holy Vine initiations carry a very pure frequency and such a pure frequency of love. We’re going to be setting up a powerful crystal vortex designed by the Pleiadians. The Holy Vine energy will be interwoven through that vortex, so you will learn to align directly with the pure frequency of love that the Holy Vine energy carries.

It will gently, but powerfully, align you to access your Higher Self. The heart will go through a very deep transformation because we will be aligning to the crystalline platform within the vortex that is holding that very pure frequency of love. This is going to give you access to a new element of your heart’s desire within the heart. It will activate a natural ability for you to open up to receive your abundance.

We will be working very strongly with the Mother Mary energy of receivership energy. We will be doing a process with Mother Mary in alignment with the crystalline vortex. The heart is going to receive a lot of imprints to expand that activation of the heart’s desire. So, we will be working with manifesting energy.

It’s going to be a very beautiful experience of Mother Mary, the Christ energy, the Pleiadians, and the Holy Vine essence within the crystalline vortex. I really know it’s going to be life-changing for anyone who decides to come. Participants will receive written materials to take home to continue the unfolding of your journey with your Self.

I can already feel the energy of this and the purity of the love that will be there. It’s going to be a very sacred event.

Following that, on December 2-4, you will lead the three-day Pleiadian seminar, “Higher Realm Initiations.” Have you ever done three events like this so closely together, and how are these three events working together?
I haven’t done this yet, but it feels really like a key time for people to move very quickly in a very new way.

The three-day Pleiadian seminar is like nothing we’ve ever done before. It’s carrying an energy that has not been on the planet before, so I’m going to be very interested in watching the transformation of this. This is unprecedented, the energies that are going to be at this seminar. I feel the events we have just talked about will lead people into coming to this. Wherever you are on your path, this seminar is a destiny call, and it’s leading into reopening the God Consciousness Center within the brain.

This is a totally a new process that will be anchored here in Minneapolis, then in Rio De Janeiro in March, and then in Paris, France, in June to create a new energetic grid on the Earth plane. Those who are coming will be part of anchoring that grid for the transformation of humanity on the planet. It’s actually going to break down some of the separation and illusion on the planet.

I feel it’s going to be life-changing for people who come and life-changing for people on the planet as we anchor this energy, and honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it. We start with transforming the energetic structure of the pineal gland. It’s almost like we reestablish the original blueprint of the fully opened pineal gland, and then we open a doorway to reopen the God Consciousness Center in the brain. That gives access to the essence and the energy of what the Pleiadians call The One, which is the full God Consciousness collective energy. This energy is really unprecedented, and I am deeply honored and privileged to be bringing this to whoever chooses to be called.

And these initiations have an effect on those who do not even participate?
Of course they do. That is part of the Divine economy. There are those of us on the path who are destined to bring in the energy and hold the anchored mirror for this, for the planet and for humanity. I believe everyone who is coming to this seminar has that destiny. They will leave this seminar transformed, but they also will carry the frequency, the mirror, and be part of that grid that is breaking down and putting a big crack through the illusion of that separation.

We will be a collective group, yet individually we will transform and collectively we will be holding that frequency, that mirror for humanity, and it feels like an essential turning point in the transition of the Earth.

One thing we have not talked about is your latest book, The Pleiadian Promise.
The Pleiadian Promise is called that because this is a final piece that the Pleiadians have committed to as part of their mission here on the Earth plane, and that is to reveal what has been hidden from view from us until they have revealed this information. They reveal their role to guide us back to our path through giving us this new clarity and initiations. Through clarity is self-empowerment.

I love that this book gives us information to expand our vision as a human being. Our vision opens the door for us to receive and gives us a direct experience of our own multidimensionality through the revelation of the information. The book gives us new information that has not been revealed until this time on this Earth plane. It opens each one of us up to seeing ourselves playing a different role than this tunnel vision of being here on Earth as an insignificant piece.

It’s so beautiful that is empowers and allows us to begin to witness who we are in our true place, rightfully, and to allow us to take back that which is ours by our natural heritage. This is an essential part of understanding why we’re here and the times that are coming, so that we can reconnect, remember, reunite, return back to Self and understanding that we have another heritage that actually exists off planet. Part of our enlightenment process is allowing our awareness to go beyond the Earth plane, and move out of that tunnel vision.

The key message for me, which really impacted me, were these words: “You are who you have been waiting for.” That still brings emotions to me because it kind of says it in a nutshell. There is nothing else. We’ve always been waiting to reconnect to ourselves, to return home within ourselves, and everything that we need exists within that. We carry the vastness of our selves in our hearts.

Within The Pleiadian Promise are 13 audio files that allow the reader to have a full, direct experience of the channeled material from the Pleiadians to initiate from the chapter with that audio and work with the imprints, with the sacred codes, and the sacred sounds once more in a self-empowering process.

This book, to me really changed my life, channeling it through, and it has changed the lives of many people. I’ve got a lot of positive feedback that people who have completed it have been transformed by it.

Is there any message you’d like to leave with our readers?
The biggest message is, and this is from the Pleiadians too, is that we have done an amazing job in our human experience. It has brought us right to where we are on the pinnacle of this transformation, and there is absolutely no wrong choice, no wrong decisions that you can make on this journey. We need to hold ourself with love and compassion for all that we have gone through to have the series of experiences for our learning process. Now, it’s time to move in for the second phase of reclaiming our sacredness.

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