Balancing Act: Your Personal Baseline in Remaining Centered and Grounded in a Crazy World


Finding balance and grounding is an individual thing, and it is dependent on so many inside and outside factors. You can call it your core, or your center, I think of it as my place of strength. Remaining there is a tricky thing for most. Especially me.

Each of our bodies, in all their complexities, are sensitive to certain things. Each of us is in a different place and phase of our life. Some of us are in grief and despair while others are in utter bliss.

The key for me in remaining balanced is to know my own triggers and sensitivities. It’s about knowing my baseline — on the high end and on the low end — of the things that trigger me and take me out of balance and off center. Getting back to center takes much longer than spiraling out. Learn how to adjust on your personal baseline for self care.

When I have found myself in a place of imbalance — extreme stress, fatigue, anxiety, anger and obsession, the list goes on and on — I first recognize it. The uncomfortable state is a wake-up call to take the long road back to the center place of strength or peace. Typically I experience insomnia, and that is my indicator that I need to do some work.

I usually start with vigorous exercise to reduce stress by walking and biking and pushing myself. I am vegetarian, but I take it to a new level of vegan for a few days. Purifying my body, I decrease my alcohol intake. It usually gets higher when I’m stressed. I bring it back to moderation.

I also watch my posture and breath. I listen to my self talk, which is soothing. I restore my faith in the magic in my life and I remember that I am content with simple things. I fight my personal demon of negativity. I avoid situations and people who add flames to the negative fire. I rebuild my energy shield that I built many years ago. I visualize that bubble of protection. I bond daily with my people and community, for that helps center the nucleus around me, giving me a sense of place. I isolate, as well, to gain my energy.

I have to add one more thing: for some easily excitable, sensitive people like myself, really exciting times can spin me out of control just as easily as really awful times. Knowing your triggers , knowing your body and how it responds is the key. Some people read self-help books and others seek professional help.

Ultimately, know yourself in the present moment, and meet yourself in the center. Being there is the balancing act.

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Megan Bacigalupo
Megan Bacigalupo has a degree in Human Services and works in the restaurant business in Minneapolis. She is a contributing writer for The Edge Magazine. Megan is a survivor of a hemorrhagic stroke. Her survival story, “In the Cobwebs of my Mind,” was featured in Hope Magazine and shared by several of the leading Brain Aneurysm Foundations. Megan was featured in Reader’s Digest in April of 2021. Title: Poultry in Motion. She was also featured in Human Events in June of 2021, In a story about living in Minneapolis during difficult times . In the Cobwebs of My Mind has now been expanded into a book, Wisdom Editions (an imprint of Calumet Editions), July 2023.


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