The Great Re-Birth of a Nation: Total Solar Eclipse of 08/21/2017


In Her silence
She speaks
The black ink of shadow
Slowly covers the fiery yellow blaze
Of the Sun
A Full Eclipse
Is bringing a fresh birth
Of the United States of America
As the US of America is plunged into
The Void of Darkness
A Shadow expands across the continent
Like a cartoon cloud
Fanning out to cover
All the prejudice, hatred
And small-mindedness
Of the past
It is the Future
That will make US who we truly are
As the blanket of despair, depression, lack and fear
We celebrate
Our true Being
Joy, Love, Generosity, Compassion
And the limitless Eternal Power
We have
To Go forward into the Light
Of our own Truth

It is us
The US
We intended to be
From the Start
We embrace a new opportunity
To set it Right
Clearing the bonds of slavery, manipulation
And Doubt
We are Sure
This time
We are the Gods
That Create
A Genuine
Clear Reality
Of Infinite Love

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Cynthia G. Piano
Cynthia G. Piano is a writer, spiritual teacher and mentor. She established Oneness House -- A Spiritual Spa ( -- in Kauai in 2002, and now, having moved to the mainland, she continues assisting people, animals and all multidimensional life to experience joy, peace, love and oneness. To contact her for interview, presentation, CreationShops, or remote spiritual work, please write her at [email protected].


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