The “Y” Mindblower

In my mind, I feel this readiness, something I call alacrity.
But in the mad rush of life, everything gets blurry.
Exciting opportunities lying ahead make one a bit choosy.
Only is that one, however chosen, the one blazoned in our destiny.
When finally a decision made, we caper about in ecstasy
And all around turns fancy.
If only one accepts all praise and glory,
With aplomb and humility,
The sweetness of heart will remove all impurity.
Positive feelings get engraved, erasing all jealousy,
Warmth and tenderness, henceforth, being the key.
Now, if only one takes a look around this very earth so lively,
One can forget all sadness to embrace the freshness of air so merrily.
Treading this earth, breathing it’s air, one seems intoxicated enough to close ears to the world so noisy.
And in this world so noisy, the opportunities, once received, remain far from being orderly.
A tirade often begins and comrades lose their calm only to answer petulantly,
And passersby see the world being filled with hatred quietly.
But who can stop the shower of love from above so radiantly,
That in our hearts we crave to see between us peace and serenity.
Today, I wish that my eyes roll down their lids only to get lost in a dream where there exists no tragedy,
Where no one has seen the word “ugly”
Because in my dream where life will seem so alive violently,
Everyone seems wealthy,
Wanting to utter an expression of joy like “Yay”
All accepting chances zealously.



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