A Pleiadian Message: A Reunion to Self


Beloved ones, we greet you. Humanity is beginning a new potential of awakening, as another phase of the “New Dawning” energy on your planet is about to become self-realized. In the month of December you are to be recalibrated energetically in readiness for a rebirth at the time of the New Year.

A process has been set in motion. There will be a series of realignments within the grid systems on your planet, lifting veils to reveal the hidden, while simultaneously your own systems will be undergoing rapid changes. All of these adjustments are to prepare you for a total reset of energy that will take place within planet Earth at the moment of the New Year.

At that precise moment there is going to be an actual physical shifting taking place between your Earth and sun. When this occurs, all the frequency settings within your planet will change. The repositioning of the sun gives Earth access to another facet of frequency of the sun’s rays, which contain the pure form alignments of the emanations of God.

This repositioning is a pre-destined sacred forging that brings a profound shift within the magnetic core of Earth, creating a new dimensional cycle in the axis rotation point. These cycles will form a new patterned light frequency that will pulse and radiate outwards across the planet, lifting the veils of illusion, revealing Truth.

These changes are designed to reopen different energetic forms of multidimensional creation energy allowing a “mirrored effect” throughout the planet. The entire energetic frequency framework on your planet will begin a quickening process, heralding in the beginning of this profound change. The sun’s multidimensional rays will fully impact all grid alignments within Earth, shifting the full energetic spectrum. These newly constructed energies that will unfold within this dimensional synergy will create a fluidity of patterned light. This will penetrate through to all life force, expanding the consciousness of all who inhabit the Earth plane.

Developed patterning
This pure frequency patterning that will emerge from “the shift” is designed to interact through the heart cells. This developed patterning will strongly impact your individual ability to align deeper within your own unique sacred aspect that exists within the sphere of your heart.

Simultaneously, the Holy Vine membrane surrounding our Earth will begin a new phase of expansion. The membrane itself will carry a new fluid light of consciousness to us, designed to accelerate a consciousness awakening. This light will be absorbed within your heart chamber and flow into the brain receptor centers for access to higher consciousness.

Your heart chamber is to fulfill a new role for you as it responds to the God component frequency held within the sun’s rays. This sacred multidimensional realignment within your heart is designed to return you to a natural ability to manifest, as you anchor your Higher Self essence. Remember, your heart has always been your only true and authentic reference point in your life. This Truth will become more pronounced as you open into the essence of the sun’s multidimensional rays realigning through Earth.

Throughout this entire month, your heart cells will be undergoing a metamorphic process that will be redesigning your heart electrically. You will find that you will be in a deepening process of “not knowing” as you move through a series of these energetic shifts within your heart’s chamber. This recalibration process will enable you, during the time of this transition of New Year, to adjust within the expansion that the sun’s rays will bring. It is essential for those of you on the path to slow down and let go at this juncture of transformation. There will be challenges as you move through this preparatory phase. You will need to let go of all that you know, and move into another level of Trust.

Sacred reconnections
This unfolding within yourself now will enable you to fully utilize and participate within these sacred reconnections as the Earth and sun reposition into a multidimensional synergy in the New Year.

Energetic changes will be strong within the Earth plane throughout December in preparation for “the shift.” The energetic grids that have been established previously throughout the planet will be in a constant expanding multidimensional fluidity. This will create upheaval within you — and also throughout the planet — on all levels. This will be a continuous building process leading right up to New Year.

The natural forces are designed to play a pivotal role in supporting “the shift” of the entire planet’s framework in readiness for the New Year. Each one of you is being called to engage with the natural forces to support the ongoing changes taking place within your systems. Lie on the Earth while working with the sun’s energy. Open to the wind, the water elements and work with the creation energy held within the element of fire. All of these energies are designed to support you to prepare for this transitional phase.

Let go as this profound and expansive metamorphic shift takes place within all your systems. This initiation process is designed to create a shifting of your dimensional perspective within your consciousness, enabling you to begin to witness situations differently in your world and you will be able to perceive the changing light of conscious Truth within yourself. Do not be surprised if you suddenly, simply, know a Truth previously not understood or experienced. Your heart cells are going to reflect this new patterning coming onto the planet this month, elevating you to a new way of experiencing life. You simply need to let go!

Clarity & Truth
As the New Year dawns, the potential for reconnection to clarity, truth and a remembering of your own essence unfolds. This essence of brilliance will burst open across the planet, like a sun coming over the horizon. This process reveals a series of reflections of Truth that emanate directly through the sun’s rays. Understand that each one of you have a unique divine connection to these emanations of God held within the light rays of the sun. You are a unique aspect of God.

As you move through December it is essential that you seek out the sun’s rays in preparation for this coming transitional phase. Always be conscious as you move your awareness to align to the sun’s light frequency. Know how significant your conscious choice will be as you seek out your own individual aspect of light that is held within the sun’s rays. Through this conscious action you are creating reunion to Self. You each carry a unique life force within you, and this action of engaging with the sun’s rays reclaims your own source of light essence. This process is designed to reopen a metamorphic realignment to the source of your Higher Self within your heart cells.

This unfolding is designed to expand and deepen your true alignments to the multidimensional aspect of Self through your Heart. This will be your time for rapid reconnection, reunion and remembering. Within your heart exists the unlimited space in which you can truly function within your world on a multidimensional level. You are, by nature, a multidimensional being.

Stabilizing energies
We, the Pleiadians, are transmitting stabilizing energies to open up your energetic field to enable you to receive the latest energetic light patterns that the Holy Vine membrane is filtering down to you now. Your heart cells will recognize these awakening patterns and will readily absorb the essence of the fluid light contained within the patterning. Your ability to stay balanced through this transmutation will be sourced within your heart.

This is your time to reenter the vastness of your heart through your conscious participation with the light rays of the sun before the New Year. Each ray will reflect your true essence of patterning that you are. Within these rays of light you can receive the renewal of a patterning of Self, flowing into the cells of your heart, the cells of your body. This patterning transforms your energetic framework and realigns the imprint of the sacred light that you carry. Prepare now to expand your sacred connection within your Heart, to open like a flower to the sun, taking flight like a moth to a flame. Rejoin the sun of which you are naturally a part.

Process in December:
Throughout December, utilize this process to work with the sun in preparation for the changes coming at the New Year. Note: Do this process at least three times a week in preparation for the New Year:

1. Place both palms of your hands on your heart.

2. Bring your awareness into your heart and use the Conscious breath (breathing in the mouth and out of the mouth). Allow the connection into your heart to build.

3. Open your awareness into the energy of the sun as you continue to hold your heart (Whether it is the rising sun, or the reflected light of the sun, the sun coming through the window) Feel the warmth of the sun, consciously receiving the energy of the sun into your heart.

4. Now stay connected to the sun’s form while holding the heart and use the sound, ASTE, ASTE NYNE (pronounced astay, astay nine).

5. Open to receive through your heart, using the sounds as many times as you feel complete.

Process At New Year:

1. Place both palms of your hands on your heart.

2. Bring your awareness into your heart and use the Conscious breath. Allow the connection into your Heart to build.

3. Bring in the sound, QUASTAHN (pronounced qwar-starn).

These activations will open you automatically into the new expanded realignment of God held within the sun’s rays. The sound will continue to support and fortify you through the next steps of transition on your planet Earth in the following weeks. Use the sounds as many times until you feel complete within the moment.

Conscious breath
We wish to emphasize the importance of the Conscious Breath in your life. Use the Conscious Breath in the moment to slow down during your day. This action will transform your day-to-day life, enabling you to open your awareness more completely within the moment as it unfolds within your life. This conscious action creates a weaving of your own unique patterning of light within the framework of your world. You can begin to weave your consciousness within moments. This slowing down process in alignment with your Conscious Breath will develop a deeper, more complete inner connection through your heart chamber.

You are going to know and understand, in a more detailed way, about your mission here on Earth through these powerful shifts that will unfold as you navigate the New Year. You will begin to appreciate all of the elements of your process in your life that have brought you to this moment in time. In retrospect, you will gain clarity of your role up to this point, and glimpse what your future role is to encompass.

Through a deepening of understanding of the vastness within your Heart space, there will come a moment of recognizing the “I AM” frequency of Self. Through this recognition, you will simply receive the full truth of your Higher Self at this monumental time of self-transmutation on a conscious level. You are going to be continually held and supported as you move through this level of upcoming transformation.

This time frame on Earth is about you consciously choosing to engage within your heart in your daily living experience, fully engaging within the extended consciousness of the light emanations of God from the sun’s rays.

We, the Pleiadians, are holding the platform of Truth within the planet to support this activation of your new transition being launched for those of you who are ready to regain your own mantle of light.

In reality you are the One. Through reconnection, the conscious light of your own being will radiate this Truth out to all humanity. We witness you as you prepare yourself to launch. Blessings, The Pleiadians.


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