A Practical Guide to Using Positive Thinking to Enhance Your Life


“For as she thinks in her heart, so is she….” — Proverbs 23:7

I realize that there are some who may be frustrated by the positive psychology movement. Either you have tried it out and wondered why it’s not working or found it trivial to begin with. Alas, there is more to it than just reciting positive affirmations. It takes a little brain hacking to fully utilize the amazing tool that is positive thinking.

Here are a few tips to help navigate through the self doubt that comes up and bring you into alignment to what you truly desire for your life:

Being present is key — Our negative thinking typically originates from a storyline from the past that our mind is trying to insert into the present, or fear of not fulfilling a future narrative. In terms of positive thinking, it’s difficult to trick the brain into believing a positive thought if it is wrapped up in a story about how it didn’t work out for us before.

Instead of getting wrapped up in our conditioned responses, we can take one moment to become aware of our present surroundings. Then test those thoughts to see if they are really true. The present moment is where we can truly enact change in our lives. So, the next time you get caught up in all of the negativity, remember to ask one simple question. Where am I now?

Partner up with a positive buddy — The adage is true that misery loves company. As we begin to shift into present moment awareness, it is common to be more attentive to the conversations and company we keep on a daily basis. In the journey to a more positive perspective, don’t be surprised if there are friends or family members who will try to bring us back down into the negative valley of despair.

That’s why it’s really important to align ourselves with someone who is also focused on creating a feel-good atmosphere. We can’t just stop talking to those we love just because they major in complaints. But we can reinforce our efforts to promote positive thinking by having someone that we can go to for encouragement and solace when the haters get us down.

The beauty of life is that we don’t have to live it alone, so if you’re struggling with optimism, find a cheerleader that can keep you moving in the right direction.

If thinking’s not working, try feeling instead — Positive thinking can be a hard sell to our minds at times, especially when we can’t see the tangible evidence of what we desire most. This can lead to some confusion about what it is we really want. When it’s hard to get clear on our desires and doubt creeps in to deter us, it’s helpful to quit thinking about it. Instead, feel about it.

We give too much credit to the power of our thoughts. It can be more effective to lean into our hearts. Our emotions are usually more accurate than our thoughts anyway. A great tool for accessing our feelings is to do a daily gratitude journal as it brings us back to our centered self and provides awareness of what feels good in our present reality.

By using this practice, we have the power to allow our feelings to guide our thoughts instead of the other way around.

We all have believed in some amazing dreams at some point in our lives. Some of us abandoned them in childhood while others are perpetual dream chasers. Positive thinking is a fantastic way of manifesting your heart’s desire, and become amazing dream catchers. Unlike other things in life, energy can’t be faked in no uncertain terms. Instead, try these helpful tips that will assist with alignment to your true purpose.


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