Bob Fickes returns to Cities in January with new Meditation Mantras, Channeling Event


Skip the resolutions and take real spiritual action now! Acclaimed spiritual and meditation guide Bob Fickes returns to the Twin Cities on January 13-19 to present the “Love Mantra Seminar,” offer private readings or channelings, and present “Channeling of the Masters.”

Bob Fickes
The public is invited to join Fickes in experiencing the profound beauty and awareness revealed through the Eternal Love Meditation Program. He has been teaching meditation for 47 years and channeling the Ascended Masters for 32 years, and he has trained more than 50 teachers of meditation in Japan and more than 100 teachers in America. Fickes is considered one of the most important authorities on meditation for the past 25 years in Japan and Thailand.

The Love Mantra Seminar will be presented January 13-14, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day at the Marriot Courtyard Bloomington, 7800 Bloomington Ave. S., Bloomington.

Fickes will use his vast experience in meditation to help us feel more Love, give more Love, and attract more Love into our lives. This technique opens a new level of meditation experience through the Power of Love Force. Now meditation becomes easier to learn, more tangible to experience at deeper levels, and opens the power of the Infinite Divine Heart to everyone on the planet. No prior meditation experience is necessary to attend the Seminar. This style of meditation is compatible with any other style you may be doing.

“Raising global consciousness is the most important transformation ever occurring in human history,” Fickes says. “Higher dimensions of reality are now easier to experience than ever before. The Love Mantra will change your life and the world around you. It is the best tool we have to create positive change and meet the many challenges our world is facing. If we want to change the world, we must start with a dramatic change in our consciousness through the Power of Love.”

Participants are to bring one long-stemmed flower and one average-sized fruit to the event for the ceremony. The cost is $300 through an advanced registration at, and $320 in cash, in the exact amount, at the door.

Fickes also will offer two more events:

Private appointment readings or channelings: Schedule a private reading or channeling on January 15-19. The cost is $150 for a reading and $175 for a channeling.

Channeling of the Masters: Fickes will be channeling the masters to the audience, giving information they want us to know in understanding these times and to advance our growth within them! The event is from 7-10 p.m. Friday, Jan. 19, at Marriot Courtyard Bloomington, 7800 Bloomington Ave. S., Bloomington. Attendance is $35 at the door.

Attend all three events — Love Mantra Seminar, schedule a private reading or channeling, and attend Channeling of the Masters — for $450. For more information call Jean Wallis 612.874.1453 or email [email protected].


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