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Monthly Archives: December 2017

To Choose Happiness

An excerpt from the book, Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment The inmates I work with at the state penitentiary have very few choices....

Meditation for Inner Peace

We've all been there. You wake up at 5 a.m. with your mind full of thoughts for the upcoming day. Are you prepared for...

Meditation & the Power of Conditioning

Before I had a spiritual awakening at age 19, I thought I was going to be a child psychologist. Watching children and following their...

The Art of Practicing Mind Fasting

An excerpt from Fasting the Mind (Inner Traditions) Fasting the mind is easier said than done. It requires immense discipline and a transformation of lifestyle....

Unity is the Answer

I traveled to Israel to be in total immersion and witness how people from the world's major Abrahamic religions live together in such a...

Finding and Teaching Natural Alignment

An excerpt from the book, Healthy Posture for Babies and Children: Tools for Helping Children to Sit, Stand, and Walk Naturally Many of us know...

EarthTalk® | December 2017

Dear EarthTalk: How can we keep our kids safe from environmental hazards all around us in our everyday lives? -- Jennifer Nichols, Wareham, MA Children...


Old Master, turning, Sage leaves to crimson and Gold Waits for my visit

pretty little rebel

i dreamed of a past life where i was fighting for my emperor, and ended up dying to defend him falling off the top of a roof; to this very...


Sometimes all our dreams Can seem quite absurd And you have to go solo Away from the herd Sometimes you just have to Plug your ears And say la la...

see me in the whisper

Does it matter whether I am black, white, male or female whether my name is Brahman, God, Yahweh or Krishna? Whether my apprentices in the world are named Christ Buddha or Mohammed? Only see me...