see me in the whisper


Does it matter
whether I am
black, white, male
or female
whether my name is
Brahman, God, Yahweh
or Krishna?
Whether my apprentices
in the world
are named Christ
Buddha or Mohammed?
Only see me everywhere
in the whisper of
the yawning
of the cat, the
squawking of the
crow and rustling
of the leaves on
all trees
the fragrant scent of
lavender and lapping
waves of the sea
the smile of the
puppy dog and
laughter of the child

My name is expressed
in Being, Living
and Loving
in the touch you
give one another, the
hand to heal
with words or strength

It is uttered
when you dance
together and hold
each other and
care for one another

My name soars
when you sing
embrace and bestow
a kiss upon another
and when you unite
for peace, justice
and harmony
when you feed the
hungry and care
for the sick
help the blind
to see and
break the shackles of
there I will be

When your heart
does lead you
and love rules your
every step, then
and only then
will you discern
my name
a name no word
or thought can
capture, with
no beginning and
no end.

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