Some Positive Thinking Turns People Off


Some new age practitioners have turned positive thinking and creating reality into a simplistic “you-can-control-everything” view of the world void of compassion. That turns people off.

I went to a healer who, when I told her I had a history of cancer, said she could not help or treat me if I had received any radiation or chemotherapy. She believed that her way was the only way. I saw the same kind of arrogance in the radiologist who didn’t believe any complementary medicine was valid. He lied to me about radiation sometimes causing cardiac disease. I knew the truth because I worked for a cardiology clinic for over a decade and did energy healing with cancer patients for years. I personally witnessed the damage radiation sometimes does.

Allopathic and complementary medicine worked together for me. If I had not seen a doctor and had a mammogram, I would not have known I needed a healer. Psychics and healers saved my life, but so have doctors and medications. The sooner we quit demonizing medicine the way medicine demonizes us, the more people will open themselves to what we have to offer.

I had surgery for stage 2 breast cancer. I received distant healing, choosing not to get the recommended radiation and chemotherapy, or take estrogen blockers (that journey is described in my book, Promise of Angels). I understand the risks of medical therapies; they obviously work for thousands of people.

I have heard people twist the law of attraction, stating that everything that happens to you is your fault and that you are never a victim. We live in a dual reality where everyone suffers, regardless of their faith — even saints and masters. Anyone who thinks they are in total control is in denial or delusional. Difficult experiences do not make us less spiritual.

I have met dozens of energy workers and only a handful make enough money to survive from their practice alone. That fact has nothing to do with their beliefs, skills or power as healers. Over the years I had people tell me that if I believed in God, I would quit my job in the medical field and trust the Universe to provide for me. The gall of someone who did not pay my mortgage or my medical insurance, telling me to quit. Today, I am doing what I love — writing and healing — but I also have a 401K and they don’t.

I just ate a Hershey bar with almonds. Hundreds of readers are probably thinking, “Don’t you know sugar causes cancer.” If that were true, I’d be dead. I know that nutrition plays a role in healing, but so does a little perspective, and a sense of humor. Doing everything to avoid death is not only futile, but can become such a fearful obsession in itself that it can destroy any quality of life we have.

My brother, a lifelong vegetarian and meditator, always took care of himself. He worked as a computer programmer and died suffering the loss of his mind from Lewy Body Dementia, a form of Parkinson’s. I have been only moderately successful with diet, never exercise, but my cancer has been in “remission” for more than seven years. I have had asthma since age 12. It’s the reason I got into healing in the first place, and I still treat it medically.

Just because everything isn’t healed, you aren’t rich or you might need a doctor does not mean you lack faith or did anything wrong — or were too negative.

I don’t believe in judging or blaming anyone who is suffering. Healers and psychics have enhanced my life and even saved it, but sometimes practitioners make simplistic and absolute statements that do more harm than good. Nobody wants to be around someone gleefully telling you to think positive when your spouse just died, you were diagnosed with a terminal illness, or your minister molested you.

When something bad happens, and it will, you are not alone and, no, you didn’t ask for it!


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