The Power of Love: An Interview with Bob Fickes on the Quantum Evolution of Meditation


Love. We all know its power, but how often do we consciously tap into love to assist us as we live out our lives? Spiritual and meditation guide Bob Fickes, one of the top teachers of mantra meditation in Thailand and Japan, and trainer of more than a hundred teachers of meditation in the United States, recently has upgraded his acclaimed Fulfillment Meditation by introducing the power of love to the process. The result is the new Eternal Love Meditation program, which he will introduce in January in the Twin Cities.

“I have never seen such extraordinary results in meditation,” he said in a telephone interview with The Edge from Thailand, where he is teaching his new meditation program. “It’s just amazing! How this thing has expanded into such a high state, I just can’t believe what’s happening.”

Fickes is recognized as one of the leading authorities of meditation, Buddhism, healing and shamanic techniques from various cultures around the world, including Thai Buddhist Shamans, Kahunas, Philippine psychic surgeons, and Native Americans. Bob has published 17 books in both English and Japanese, and produced over a dozen CDs and DVDs. He opened his heart to enlightenment in 1970 through meditation and has moved through many human challenges and dramas since then to open his Divine Heart and embody the simple and natural truth of God consciousness as a human being. What he discovered is that our life is an expression of pure love. This experience is not a mental philosophy or understanding.

“It is a mighty sunshine of feeling love and joy in our life at every moment,” he says. “If we are to lift our consciousness to the next level, we must involve more frequencies of love in our meditation. Meditation produces a unique state of consciousness that awakens Pure Infinite Silent Love Consciousness from deep inside of us. Eternal Love Meditation will help us to move into higher consciousness with more love and compassion and greater skill at materializing our highest potential in this life. This is the real purpose of meditation: to expand our present level of consciousness into its highest and most powerful experience through the direct experience of the presence of Divine Love.”

Fickes, who has recently returned to live in Los Angeles after 25 years of living and teaching in Thailand and Japan, spoke with The Edge about his upcoming seminar, private sessions and channeling event.

What are you experiencing from people in Thailand with your new Eternal Love Meditation program?
Such amazing open hearts and unity. Usually with my students, particularly in Japan, they tend to be in little groups, but here everybody is supporting each other and they’re really, really opening their consciousness and speaking from more wisdom. They are more light and love, cooperation and support.

You will be returning to Minnesota in January. What inspired you to reconnect with the Upper Midwest?
It’s where my heart is. There are so many of my friends there and I always love Minneapolis, even though for me it’s the worst time of the year in January. I’m not used to cold weather.

Let’s talk about meditation in general for a moment. What does the general public think meditation is and what is the real purpose of meditation?
I think the general public is getting more aware of meditation. There is a lot of mindfulness and other forms of meditation out there. People are gradually becoming aware that it is not just sitting with your eyes closed. I think they’re more focused on how to expand their mind, how to be more mindful, more attentive, more present in their life. These are all good things.

Meditation in its best form really lowers the metabolism by 16 to 20 percent, and it gives you very deep breaths and helps you to release stress. It opens your mind so that you have a much clearer perspective for everything that you are doing in your life, no matter what that is.

What is the difference between other forms of meditation and the mantra meditations you teach?
I personally feel that any form of meditation that someone does is going to be helpful. We need it. We need a break from our busy life and out active minds. We need time to just settle and connect to our self, so any form of meditation will do that. On the other hand, if you understand one thing, know that your mind is a creature of habit and it’s used to focusing and thinking in a certain way. You need to show your mind how to experience on more subtle levels, and for that you need something like a mantra.

It’s not a repetition, and it’s not trying to pronounce the word and think it over and over again. It’s about feeling the vibration and tuning into that vibration in more subtle ways. It just naturally happens where you just slip into this deep state. So, to me, mantra meditation is very valuable and the easiest for most people to do. I think people try too hard to meditate. It’s like trying to go to sleep. Meditation is a very natural state and, just like sleep, if we try to do it too much we don’t get there. We end up sitting there or lying there all night and nothing happens.

You created the Love Mantra a couple of years ago?
Yes, a couple of years ago I created it and then, right away as I saw the results, I wanted to come to Minneapolis and share it with all my friends there, and we had great results. People really loved it. What I didn’t realize then was that this was just the beginning of a whole new phase of meditation.

I think global consciousness is rising, despite what we may see on the exterior. People are becoming more conscious, more sensitive, and it’s just time for us to have the next step. Whenever we are ready, the Universe provides. What started out as the Love Mantra turned out to open a door for me to realize, first of all, that when we’re doing meditation it’s usually a mental process, like mindfulness — but what we really need today is not more mind-fullness, we need more heart-fullness. We need to be more sensitive, more compassionate, more loving to our self, more loving to others. That’s what the world needs.

I was beginning to realize, even two years ago, particularly in Japan, that the word “love” is usually considered passionate love, so it’s not something they like to speak about out loud. In fact, for some people it is even a little bit embarrassing. As I looked at enlightenment and meditation, I thought, “Yeah, the reason I started meditation in the first place was to feel more love and to experience God, to experience the Universe.” Somehow, in all my years of teaching, the trend of meditation in general was so much about the mind, and I was not really remembering that this is about opening our heart.

Adding love to the process of meditation really changes the whole experience. For one thing you feel it more; it becomes more tangible.

How do you define the energy of love, and what is the Eternal Love Force that you speak of?
In Japanese they refer to Ku, which is the infinite space, silence, non-moving, and then they say Ki, which means life force — the Chinese pronounce it Chi. Meditation produces more life force.

Then I realized, as I was working with the Love Mantra, that I was saying it wrong. It’s not life force, that’s still too flat. It’s love force. Love force is what created the Universe. Love force is the glue that holds it together. Love force is what drives it to achieve more.

Love force is the key. Where does it come from? It’s a part of the Universe. It’s a part of God. It’s a part of infinite space consciousness. Whenever our consciousness vibrates and starts to move, that first vibration, that first instinct, is always coming from love. Then it rises up through our body, through our emotions, through our minds, and gets distorted. But the initial impact, the initial impulse, is the vibration of love, and that vibration wants us to evolve, to become more conscious, to be more compassionate, to start to recognize the world that we’re in. We are not only a part of that world, we are the creator of that world. All that we have thought is what we are producing in our life. So, let’s change our thinking and be more loving and more centered and take more personal responsibility.

So, you’re actually calling for a love movement.
I don’t know that I would call it a love movement, because to me it’s a natural process.

More awareness of love.
Yes. That’s it. More awareness of love. I think this is something that everyone can relate to because it is a natural part of life, but for some reason all of our programs have been, “I’ve got to work harder.” And everything is about the drive and we forget, “No, I’m really here to enjoy. I’m here to feel my life and to love in my life and to enjoy my life.”

You’re calling the Eternal Love Meditation process an upgrade from your Fulfillment Meditation that you have taught for years?
Yes. To really understand this, I think first we have to understand that when you are meditating your mind is involved because mind has to merge with our inner consciousness, our inner infinite consciousness. But, just mind alone cannot feel and it does not always know what results we’re getting from meditation. But, mantra allows mind to travel inwards because it’s a vibration of sound, and as we start to experience that vibration we do meld, we do get more subtle in our awareness. And when we add a yantra (image) to that, now we’re using two senses: the sense of hearing and the sense of sight, and we start to notice more. We start to see more. We start to experience more. Now we add love. That’s a third sense, feeling. And, with these three combined — hearing, sight and feeling — meditation becomes a lot more tangible and we start to feel more encouraged and more enthusiastic to do it, and we grow faster.

It’s all about raising our vibration to higher levels at this time.
Yes. I think we need this very much at this time, because when we raise our consciousness to higher levels, we see more. When we are in 3D we are accustomed to focus and, unfortunately, the things that draw our attention the most are all the problems. We need to be able to step back from that and get a bigger picture of what’s really going on, what’s happening behind the scenes, what’s not that obvious. Expanding our awareness, raising our level of consciousness, helps us to tune in.

Before we can get to where we want to go, we have to clear all the obstacles out of the way — all the things that we thought were important. In the bigger picture, they’re not as important as we thought they were. Let’s look at the simple truth question, “What am I working for?” Yeah, I’m working to take care of my family, but what does that really mean? I want to love with my family. I want to be with my family. I want to have a happy life. We can’t forget that. It’s our primary motivation. It’s the love that drives us to do all these things.

The constant day-to-day causes us to forget that.
Yeah, it does. And, even for the best of us, the most loving of us, we get in our routine and we forget.

Let’s talk about the four techniques of the Eternal Love Meditation. Remind us about the Love Mantra, and then we will move on to the other three new mantras that you have developed.
The Love Mantra is all about love, obviously, and the mantra that we use is the highest frequency of love. It’s the vibration of pure love, pure infinite love, what I call Eternal Love. The yantra is also a magnificent visual representation of the vibration of love. It uses the frequency of magenta, which is blue and pink. These two combined create violet, but if you add more pink to the blue it becomes magenta. Pink is the vibration of love, blue is the vibration of light force energy, power, and as you combine power with love, the love force becomes even greater, and if you add more love to that, the magenta is the frequency that takes us to the highest, most pure form of love.

The Love Mantra and Yantra, within just a few minutes, start to open our heart and we feel more — it’s more a centeredness in love, not just running away with our emotions. We get centered and love becomes a guiding force to help our emotions start to find what they are really looking for. It affects every emotion, even our negative anger. We’re angry because something is blocking our love, blocking our happiness. All emotions really are in some way just a distorted form of love, and if we have more centeredness in love, all of the emotions start to clear out and realign with the purpose of love.

Now we have the New Life Mantra. Tell me about that.
The New Life Mantra is the next step. Once we start opening our heart, now we have to start to see, “Oh, where am I going?” Where I’m going is not usually where I expected to go, because I was driven more by my mental logic, not necessarily what my heart was telling me I enjoy. Once we start to open the heart, the next step is to move into a new life, and that new life is not just spiritual, and it’s not just material; it’s both. The New Life Mantra actually has two mantras: one takes us deep into the Earth and grounds us; and the other takes us high in the sky and opens our awareness to a much broader perspective. When we do these two things simultaneously, we are helping to orchestrate our new life, which has to be both mindful of the things on Earth and our spiritual motivations at the same time.

Tell me about the Magnificent Life Mantra.
That one was a surprise. When it first came through I was really thinking that I wanted to do something more than just New Life and the Love Mantra. I realized, “Yes, this is all about living Heaven on Earth.” It’s not just about transforming our daily life. It’s transforming it into our vision, into our dream of having a beautiful place for our children to live and for us to live and for all of Nature to live. Magnificent Life came out of that, and the mantra and yantra are based on an ancient tradition that is all about how to be in a life of service, a life of devotion, a life of caring about the Universe so much that you would do whatever you could so that the Universe is happy. In that way, you are happy. This is a mantra for the highest form of consciousness, we can call it God consciousness, and the yantra is a display of how to use our God consciousness, our more infinite eternal love consciousness, in a way that is in service to the Universe. These are to motivate us to create a better way.

Finally, tell us about the Violet Fire Mantra.
I have been a channel for many years, and many years ago before I was getting back into teaching meditation I was doing a lot of visualizations from St. Germaine — and they all involved Violet Fire. Violet is the frequency of blue and pink, and it’s also the frequency of the crown chakra. When we use Violet Fire, we are integrating our physical, mortal self with our immortal Divine Heart. Violet Fire is the flame of ascension or transformation of our old life into a new vision, and that’s what inspired me when I was teaching these other mantras. I realized, “I’ve got this tool that St. Germaine gave me so many years ago. What would happen if I used that tool and made a yantra from it and also brought through a mantra that suits that vibration?” It was amazing!

Violet Fire helps us to clear our emotions, clear our minds, clear our memories, but at the same time it helps to integrate our spiritual consciousness and bring it more into our daily life, and that’s magical! Many people are talking about leaving this Earth. They want to go to the spiritual place. People want to move out to the countryside where they are free of the big city and all the stress, but it’s time for us to embody our Divinity. It’s time for us to bring in all that magnificent love and all that beautiful God-awareness, the Universal awareness, and bring it into our body, into our life here. The Violet Fire Manta does exactly that.

This package of the four mantras don’t even have to be done in sequence or succession anymore. That is the old style. Now it’s more about tuning in to see what we need. A teacher can help us to do that, but also we have to tune into ourselves to see, “What do I really need?” Each of these mantras can be used in any order, and in this case it’s about: where are you going, what are you feeling, what does your consciousness need next?

When you come in January, you will be presenting the Love Mantra seminar. Will you be talking about the other three steps to the Eternal Love Meditation?
Yes, I will. In fact, I will be giving the Violet Fire Mantra to those who already have the Love Mantra.

This the first step. There is another step that has evolved just in the last six months. Many years ago I was involved with the TM program, and at that time I learned what we called the TM Siddhi Program. Siddhis are the supernormal powers, the abilities to do things that can only be explained by quantum field. Modern physics can’t believe all these things. So we have all these stories of the Masters, including Jesus, doing things that are to us miracles, but they are really principles of the quantum field. They can be easily explained in a reality that’s free of friction, free of time, space.

So, I was looking at the TM Siddhi Program and I thought, “You know what? That’s still just about power, and about abilities. We need to do something to deepen our awareness, to deepen our understanding of what is happening to us, what’s happening to my consciousness.” For that I looked at what is called Vedanta, or Upanishad, and I started to develop a whole new system of sutras, short phrases that stimulate our Cosmic Mind and our Cosmic Heart to realize the Truth.

Since I have been doing that, I have watched people grow so quickly! Once they have two or three of these mantras, they are ready to start the sutra program and, oh, my God! I have never seen such results, not in all my life. It’s a whole new ballgame. I look at what I was teaching before and what I’m doing now and it’s a world of difference. It’s such an amazing upgrade. And as miraculous as it seems sometimes, it is so normal and so natural. Everyone who starts to open in this way realizes, “Yeah, this is the way I’m supposed to feel. This is the way life is supposed to be!” When I look at the teachings of Jesus, it’s very much the same teachings as the Upanishads. God is love. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you. All the teachings of the great Masters revealed that they see everyone as a part of themselves, and everyone has inside of them that Divinity that is just waiting to be expressed.

This was like a quantum leap for you.
A huge quantum leap. When I first started teaching the Love Mantra, I had no idea what was coming. I’m upgrading everything that I do — all the healing techniques, everything that I’m doing. It’s very exciting!

It’s interesting that at the age of 71 I decide to move from my reality of 25 years in Thailand, back to America, and in that process I also start a whole new style of teaching and work that I’m doing. Before that, I was thinking, “Yeah, I’d really like to have more of a personal life. I’d like to kind of semi-retire.” Impossible!

Overall, what will people experience at your seminar in January?
The first thing they’re going to experience is a form of meditation that they can feel. It’s not just their imagination. They know this is meditation, and then the next obvious thing is they will start to feel that more and more throughout the course — not just when we are meditating, but through the interactions that we have. As their heart opens and their consciousness changes, people will come away from the course feeling it was the best thing they’ve ever done. I’m not just saying that to promote the course. This is what my experience is. These techniques are amazing. In 50 years of teaching, I’ve never seen anything like this.

And the world’s ready. We need as much help as we can get these days.

When you’re in Minnesota in January, you also will present private readings and channelings. In a general sense, what are the Ascended Masters saying about this time of upheaval and transformation in which we are living?
Rather than saying what the Ascended Masters say, I’d like to quote my daughter, who is now 28 years old. Right after I moved back to the States, Trump got elected, and I said, “Oh, my God! What did I do? Why am I here?” As I was driving to dinner with her one night, my daughter said, “You know, Dad, I think what has really happened is there are many things that we believed years ago and Trump is here to take us back to those old beliefs and pick them up again and start to see if they work.”

These are pieces that we left undone, and even now many people are just taking for granted that, “Oh, yeah, this guy’s going to help us change the world, and we are going to have better jobs, and blah, blah, blah,” but these are our old beliefs. Our fundamental truth is that we are the makers and shapers of our life, and that life has to be shaped by love, not by blaming others, but by taking responsibility for ourselves, to change ourselves.

What the Ascended Masters are saying is very clear, that this is a time of upheaval and many challenges, but this is a time to look inside and just feel what is the right answer, what is the solution for my life. I can’t really rely on anything outside, particularly these days when everything is confused. We have to tune into ourselves. It’s a time of transformation.

I don’t believe there is going to be a nuclear holocaust. I know everyone is rattling their sabers now with North Korea, but I don’t believe these things are going to actually materialize. I believe it’s all a display to wake us up. It’s a global wake-up call. And, most of all, I think too many people are looking outside of themselves for a solution and, even more than that, looking for someone else to do it for them. We have to take responsibility for ourselves. Love will find a way. In all my years of channeling, I’ve never heard the Masters talk about something disastrous happening. They always rephrase and say, “It’s a challenge.”

Thanks for speaking with me. Is there a message you would like to leave with our readers?
Don’t give up hope! I want people to really trust their heart and know that whatever is happening is a challenge for us inwardly, not outside of ourselves. We have to find different solutions from our heart. Our heart is the only thing that can get through this maze, because there is so much misunderstanding, so much misdirection. As long as we’re trying to logically figure it out, it’s not going to work. We have to tune in to our heart, feel what’s right for us, and just take a small step. We don’t have to take big steps. We don’t have to plan our future 10 years in advance. We just have to move our heart in the right direction and keep following it.

That’s where meditation helps, because it gets us out of the distraction. We can close our eyes, forget about everything else that is going on in our life, and just center ourself to move into our hearts and let love be our guide.

To register for the Love Mantra Seminar, go to For more information on the seminar, to schedule private appointments or attend the Channeling of the Masters, contact Jean Wallis at 612.874.1453 or email [email protected]. For more on Bob Fickes, visit

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