7 Steps to Creating the Holistic Divine Within


For some, it is easier to view divinity as an omniscient being beyond understanding. Yet, in order to make divinity conscious, we face the condition of being human, with limitations of gender, senses, culture, language, perspective, and beyond. Creating divinity is also a part of the human condition and collective, just as male and female energies are within all of us. How do we create the masculine and feminine divine in our consciousness in order to achieve greater spiritual balance?

In Western culture, most of us already have a sense of what we feel and think about the image of God the Father, while the image of Goddess the Mother may seem blurry. From our earliest experiences with religion and spiritual ideals, much of what we hold onto fits our needs and wants at the time.

Follow the guided steps below to begin — or expand — your journey of creating the holistic divine within:

STEP 1 — Make a list of how you imagined and imagine God the Father, including his traits, qualities, limitations, characteristics and energies.

STEP 2 — Make a list of how you imagined and imagine Goddess the Mother, including a list of her traits, qualities, limitations, characteristics and energies.

STEP 3 — Make a list of the Father and Mother figures who are/were in your life. Keep in mind that they do not have to be biological parents. They may be teachers, aunts or uncles, spiritual guides, or even movie characters if your parents were absent. Next to each name, add how you viewed each person, including his or her qualities and limitations.

STEP 4 — Strip your mind of everything you’ve ever been told about God the Father, and write about how you want to envision the masculine divine if you are the one in charge of creating him.

STEP 5 — Strip your mind of everything you’ve ever been told, or not told, about Goddess the Mother, and write about how you want to envision the feminine divine if you are the one in charge of creating her.

STEP 6 — Take a good look at your lists and what you’ve written. Consider the similarities and differences between each list, and then answer the following questions:

What spiritual qualities did you see in Goddess or God that were mirrors of your earthly Mother and Father guides?

How many God and Goddess qualities were compensating for the guides you wanted in your life?

How similar were your images of God and Goddess?

With this guided exercise, you are not only unraveling your psyche from a young age, but you are also uncovering your spiritual foundation. Your images and experiences with both Goddess/Mothers and God/Fathers reveal how you coped with and created your spiritual beliefs. Now that you’ve shaken those beliefs up, change them, create them again, and expand them into new levels of divine, spiritual consciousness!

STEP 7 — Instead of searching for the same things and repeating the patterns of your life, search for more, see more, feel more, and be more than you were before. Heal the parts of yourself that felt abused, afraid, unwanted or misunderstood. Embrace your visions of divinity and invite them to evolve into your highest ideals. Merge and transform your images of God and Goddess to create the holistic divine within.

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Jennifer Hollie Bowles
Jennifer Hollie Bowles is passionate about holistic healing and the intuitive arts.  She is a well-published writer of many genres, with articles recently appearing in Spirituality & Health, The Edge, New Spirit Journal, and Best Self Magazine. Her first full-length poetry book, "Eyeteeth of Goddesses," recently was published by Lapwing Publications in Ireland. 


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