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An excerpt from Answers From Heaven — Incredible True Stories of Heavenly Encounters and the Afterlife

Some stories are miraculous, but not all are a matter of life and death, as was the case for Lorella. She could not have known what was coming around the corner, but clearly heaven knew. Something with an awareness of future events intervened to give her a warning. I have personal experience of this kind of warning, when the voice of my mother in spirit spoke to me and saved my life.

If you believe in heaven, you probably don’t need an explanation, but if you want to speculate on how such things might be possible, then you might find your answers by remembering that we are all connected. Science attests to this and there is also the theory that time isn’t linear and there is no past, present or future, just our perception.

These are mind-blowing concepts and there just isn’t enough space here to discuss them, but I hope they will help you to see how the miracles I share below are feasible from a scientific viewpoint. There is a possibility that our thoughts and feelings can cross the boundaries of time and space, life and death. But whatever the ultimate explanation, it is impossible not to be amazed, energized and profoundly inspired by the people in these next two stories. They believe they were saved by heaven.

Invisible hands
In 2015, I was doing some window cleaning with my boyfriend to earn some extra cash while I saved up for university. It was tiring, but I enjoyed it. I remember the day exactly that I believed I was touched by heaven. It was May 14 at around 2 p.m.

I was laughing with my boyfriend about something — I like to tease him, so we laugh a lot — but this was a joke too far and I was shouting playfully to him as he was getting some more soap and sponges from the back of our van and I was climbing down my ladder, so I could move it and start on the next window. I was about halfway down and clearly not concentrating because my phone rang, and as I reached for it, I missed my footing and fell. Right before I fell and blacked out, I remember a hand holding my head, so it didn’t land on the concrete path.

The doctors told me that I had had a narrow escape because I could easily have cracked my skull. I told him that my boyfriend had broken my fall, but he later told me that was impossible because the first he knew about it was hearing me scream and hit the pavement. He ran over from the van and called an ambulance when he couldn’t wake me. Not being trained in first aid, he felt it best not to touch me at all.

This is pretty incredible, right? But even more incredible is that my father died of a heart attack about an hour before my fall. The phone ringing had been my mother to tell me the terrible news. I think my father was there in spirit to break my fall. Can’t prove it, of course, but it doesn’t matter. It is my experience and it helped me cope with my father’s death.

Stop now
Six years after my beautiful angel daughter died serving overseas in the army, I was about to cross the road after doing some shopping. It was raining and the shopping bags were heavy. The lights turned to green, but as they did I saw my daughter – clear as day in the middle of the road – and she was holding a stop sign. I was frozen to the spot. Then she vanished, and at that instant, a white van sped through the red light. I’ve never forgotten that moment of magic heaven. I will carry it with me to my grave and beyond.

Cathy also felt heaven was watching over her. She believes she saw angels on two occasions:

I know it was real
My dear friend was dying and I was frantically praying for her when two enormous male-like angels appeared behind her and telepathically told me to “Let go.” I know it was real because of the enormous power radiating from them. There was no question of disobeying them because along with this power, there was the most unbelievable all-encompassing, pure love. There are no words that can describe this love.

I “let go” — I didn’t really have a choice — and had the most wonderful sleep that I’ve ever had. My friend died three days after that. Later, I was persistently “told” to tell her sister about this, but worried as I didn’t know her. However, an opportunity arose and I nervously told her. Her sister broke down in tears and thanked me profusely for telling her; she said she had been praying for a sign that her sister was okay. I had given her that sign.

Six months after my son, David, died, a pure white shaft of light came down on my left side, and down this light came the most indescribable pure, perfect, divine and all-encompassing love. It was overwhelmingly beautiful and I knew it was from David. I was enveloped in a blanket of such great peace. David, when he had talked (he suffered from schizophrenia and this made communication difficult) invariably spoke about love being all important. How right he was. I felt like I’d been given a little glimpse of heaven that day.

Finally, I share this beautiful afterlife encounter story from lightworker Tania Poppleton:

Life carries on
When my 10-year-old son asked me one evening what heaven was like and was he going to die, I didn’t quite know how to answer. After all, no parent wants to think of losing their child. But his questions were so out of the blue that I should have known then that there were plans for Leon other than what I expected.

Ever since Leon was a baby, I had been so over-protective of him — as if I knew I wouldn’t have him for long. I had an overwhelming feeling that our time together was precious.

One day, he decided to try his sister’s school blazer on, even though he was a year away from wearing one. I found it so hard to imagine him being able to wear it. Call it mother’s instinct or a sixth sense, but I just knew something didn’t feel right.

We had just gotten back from holiday in New Forest when Leon fell ill very quickly and ended up having to be put into an induced coma. We were given a room at the hospital to stay in. One night, when I was lying on the bed, just staring at nothing, absolutely numb to my core, something caught my eye. Some eerie-looking white smoke appeared around the light on the ceiling and then instantly I was directed to a shadowy orb near the wall. Suddenly, I heard a voice in my head say, “We’ve got him; he’s going to be okay.” I knew that voice was separate from me. It wasn’t my voice or one I recognized, but I took it that my son was going to be fine and pull through. As it turned out, Leon passed away with a very rare brain disease called encephalitis caused by sinusitis. I was heartbroken and always will be until my time comes to be reunited with my son. Leon was an amazing, fun, caring, bubbly character who everyone loved and life will never be the same.

I now realize that spirit sent me the most beautiful and comforting message for which I will forever be grateful. They told me that they had received my son into the spirit world and he was safe. Through my grief, that message helped me to feel so reassured. I feel my son around me and have heard footsteps coming down the stairs, felt someone sit on the end of my bed and been awakened by the brush of a kiss on my cheek.

As someone who was always very spiritual since childhood, I am even more so as the spirit world is where my son now is. I made it my mission to find out everything I could about it, but also to tell others to bring them comfort. There is so much more than we see with our physical eyes. We are made up of energy and energy cannot be destroyed. Life carries on in this beautiful place called the spirit world.

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