Milo’s Story


It all started five years ago when Milo, our beloved Bichon, began showing signs of slowing down. At that time, he was 10 years old.

Mom, at 75 years of age, lived upstairs in a duplex we own. Milo ran up the stairs ahead of Mom, because he knew he would get a treat after being walked. He chased his tail in anticipation! As the weeks passed, we noticed that he was slowing down: he would take one step at a time up the three flights of stairs — going slower and slower as the days passed. We waited patiently for him to do it on his own.


At that time, Milo had pulled a tendon in his hind leg trying to run away from a vet who was trying to clean his teeth. We was in pain and began limping. The vet said it would be $1,200 to fix it.

We reached the point when we needed to carry Milo up the stairs, because it became too painful to watch what was happening. We gave serious consideration to putting him down, because Mom couldn’t carry him up and down the stairs every time. We were so devastated at the thought of such a possibility and really struggled with the decision.

Around that same time, my son Isaac came home from barber school talking about a new “water” and how amazing it was. I thought it was a cult and wanted no part of it. Water is just water, I thought. My mom, on the other hand, opened her mind and invested in a machine to make what I now call “Miracle water.” Within two weeks of drinking that water, Milo was running up the stairs and chasing his tail and he stopped limping! We couldn’t believe it. Honestly, it changed his life! It gave him a lot more life to live.

Milo recently passed away, and we are so grateful we had five more years with him! It was all due to opening our minds to a different way of thinking. We are all made of water and so the right kind of water makes all the difference: anti-oxidant, clean, oxygen water. Try it.

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