A Pleiadian Message: The Sun, Your Heart & The New Year

Beloved ones, we greet you. Humanity has moved, realigned to its new potential of awakening, entering the next phase of “New Dawning” energy at the time of New Year. At that precise moment, there was an actual physical shifting of the sun in relationship to the planet. This repositioning created a multidimensional interaction to open between planet Earth and the sun. At the very moment the sun repositioned itself, it then realigned, shifting its relationship to Earth dimensionally. By moving into a direct path alignment to Earth, there was an instantaneous series of multidimensional access points reopened on the planet.

Within one moment all frequency settings within your planet changed. This repositioning of the sun has opened up Earth’s multidimensional purpose to re-access another facet of the frequency of the sun’s rays, which contain the purer form of emanations of God.

This repositioning of the sun has been a pre-destined happening. This is a sacred forging that will bring a profound shift within the magnetic core of your planet, beginning the creation of a new dimensional cycle of ongoing change within the axis rotation point within the center of Earth. These rotation cycles are forming renewal patterns of a light frequency, which is designed to further lift the veils of illusion on your planet and open human consciousness. These renewal patterns are magnetic in form and their action is to realign you back to revelations of Truth — enabling you to begin to remember and sense that which is Truth, revealing your multidimensional heart.

Energetic shift
These dynamic changes within these renewed patterns are also designed to shift Earth’s energetic framework, to support and anchor a change of consciousness. The sun’s multidimensional rays are fully impacting all grid alignments within the planet, reopening a multidimensional energetic spectrum that redefines Earth. These reconstructed energies bring Earth’s energy back into realignment with the rest of this resident universe. Your planet is beginning to vibrate in accordance with your resident universe, further supporting your transition. There is the unseen action opening, a natural synergy unfolding that is being created and built upon right now between Earth and the rest of the universe.

Each one of you on the path is playing out a pivotal role as you link consciously into your multidimensional heart. As you align consciously to your heart, you anchor and create a fluidity of patterned light, which supports the expansion of this synergetic happening throughout your universe.

The sun’s rays have always held the multidimensional emanations of God, and now through this repositioning of the sun, you are receiving these higher emanation levels. Planet Earth has begun a new phase of self-realization through this more direct alignment to those multidimensional forms of God.

The energy on the planet is going to be in a state of continual adjustment throughout this timeframe of 2018. There is going to be an accelerated creation of drama within the 3rd dimensional illusion on your planet. You will be need to let go like never before and to consciously make the choice of aligning to your heart over the drama. It’s as though all the density within the planet will be unearthed, nothing will be able to stay hidden through this transitional phase. Anything that does not contain Truth will be unveiled.

Throughout this unearthing process you will need to stay centered within your heart, focusing only within the moment. Use the conscious breath (breathing in and out of the mouth) and trust in the processes that will open all around you. This time calls for you play witness to the unfolding moments by staying connected to that which is within you.

In contrast to all the upheaval that will take place through the unearthing, you will be able to utilize the pure awakening energy that is available through your heart. The newly developed patterning within the sun’s rays reopens a doorway to realign within your own unique sacred aspect, which exists within the expanded sphere of the heart.

Your heart cells are naturally multidimensional and are able to fully respond and align to these expanded multidimensional emanations of God. You choose the moments that you begin to channel this energy from the sun’s rays. You choose when you open to receive, like a flower to the sun. You get to activate the metamorphic process for the redesign of your heart’s multidimensional potential.

Leading into this next phase, you have been in a deep and continual process of “not knowing,” of nothing seeming clear, nothing seeming to work in your life. As you move through January the sun’s rays carry a natural light to illuminate your path. Collectively you can move as a conscious community, with “each like a ray of light,” you build a collective torch lighting the way.

Stepping forward
You begin this month of January to be able to see, sense or feel the path in front of you. You can begin to step forward as you relink into your multidimensional heart one step at a time.

The conscious activation by you with the sun through your heart is powerful. You are to work in alliance with the sun’s rays, always bringing your consciousness to rest on the sun’s rays. Developing this strong alliance between your heart and the sun through conscious choice will move you through a series of multidimensional layers that make up your heart’s chamber. This recalibration process enables you to synergize with the expanded emanations of God.

This month will be an essential opportunity to develop your anchor, creating a pathway Home to higher conscious awakening. Your process will require you to continue to slow down and utilize the conscious breath. This will support you in the metamorphic process that will take place within your heart. You will discover the power of transformation of your heart, giving you direct access into the state of fully receiving the light blessings, which are being held out to you from the God essence held within the sun’s rays. You will be self-realized as you actively realign to your gifts through reconnecting to the emanations of God.

On this path there will be a redefinition taking place within you. Through letting go of all that you think you know and all that you think that you understand, this process can accelerate. You must be guided through the light on your path, moving into another level of trust.

Your path, which is lit by the sun’s rays, illuminates your destiny for you to follow. Open into the living essence of brilliance that is held and created within the sun’s rays. Witness the light, which is bursting outwards across the planet each day, each moment. Open into the reflections of light that are within the water, on the leaves of the trees, that are mirrored on any surface that surrounds and calls to you.

You are to consciously work with these emanations of God and build this alliance through your heart. The sun’s rays are at their most potent when the sun breaches over the horizon at dawn. Your heart recognizes the potency of the energy and at that moment there are to be revelations held within a series of reflected light within the rays. There will be Truth emanating directly through the expanded expression of God moving and opening within your heart.

Divine connection
Understand that each one of you has a unique Divine connection to these emanations of God held within the light rays of the sun. You are a unique aspect of God, and it is at the very moment of sunrise that you can claim and reawaken to your unique aspect of God.

Be conscious of your own unlimited potential as you move your awareness to align to the sun’s light frequency. Know that it is essential that this process must be activated through your own conscious choice. Only you can seek out your own unique aspect of light that is held within the sun’s rays. Utilize the words, I AM. This anchors Truth, of your own unlimited God consciousness aspect. And through the action of those words, I AM, you become an expression of your own creation energy. With I AM, you reopen the doorway of reunion to Self. This action of directly engaging with the sun’s rays is the revelation to your own source of light.

This is time for a rapid reconnection within the multidimensional chamber of your heart. Within this chamber exists your natural state of multidimensionality, of being. Within your heart exists your link to your unlimited potential.

Your conscious breath plays a pivotal role, anchoring the life force expression of multidimensionality within the cells of your physical body. By using the conscious breath within a chosen moment as you engage within the sun’s rays, you activate an acceleration of rejuvenation of the cells. A nutritional light can enter the cells of the body, creating healing. The conscious breath opens up a powerful receivership action within you. Remember, the conscious breath says, “Yes, I am willing to receive my light, and yes, I am willing to let go of any density still holding within my cells.”

When you choose to consciously receive in this way, you draw towards you the natural abundance that exists on all multidimensional levels. You open into self-liberation.

This conscious action of the conscious breath will transform the moments within your life. You don’t necessarily have to fully understand all of the steps of this process. You only need to utilize the conscious breath for realignment.

This conscious action by you does create a weave of your own unique pattern of God through the entire landscape of your world. The conscious breath slows you down within the process of life, and develops within you a more stable, aligned connection to support you within this transition phase that is happening now.

New canvas
This New Year of 2018 heralds forth a new canvas for you to create upon. You will be brought deeply into the meaning of all that you have lived and endured during this 3rd dimensional process up to this point. These revelations open up an appreciation for your human experiences along the zigzag path of your life, which collectively have brought you to who you are in this very moment. In retrospect, you are to gain clarity of the many roles you have played, and to glimpse what your future roles are to entail.

Through the building blocks of your multidimensionality, a natural, ongoing unfolding will arise within you, a deepening understanding of the vast content of your individual heart space. There will be moments of recognizing the I AM frequency of Self. These reflections will be held up to you like a mirror through the expanded emanations of light from the sun. You will become more aware of being constantly held and supported through the essence of the sun’s rays as you move through levels of self-transformation.

In reality, you each are “the One.” Through reconnection to the conscious light of your being, you radiate this Truth outward to humanity. You are witnessed as you consciously launch your self.


1. Place both palms of your hands on your heart. Bring your awareness into your heart and use the conscious breath (Remember, the conscious breath is breathing in and out of the mouth.) Allow the connection into your heart to build.

2. Use the sound, QUEN TAH, bring the sound directly into the heart, as many sounds until you feel the heart aligns to the sound.

3. Open the reflections of the sun’s rays by bringing your full attention to the sunlight (whatever form), while still anchoring through your heart.

4. Bring this sound into the sunlight: QUEN TAH ENNN.

5. This sound aligns you into the essence held within the Sun’s rays. Let go and allow your self to continue to make the sound until you feel bathed by the sun’s rays. Continue to hold your heart.

6. Then bring the sound, QUEN TAH ENNN, directly within the heart, until you feel the heart bathed by the sun’s energy.

This process is designed to continue to support your unfolding birth process.

We witness you and hold the essence of love around you. Blessings, The Pleiadians.


  1. As the sun has been so very important for me throughout my life I must say that your post went directly to my heart. Your channeling gave answers to a lot that I have experienced with the sun on this path. Thank you very much <3

    A reflection – what about us who live in the north and don´t have sun rays every day nor open waters? Guess I´m a bit impatient 😉

  2. Hello, can you make a Video about it because i don’t find a way to do the steps at the end without wondering if i do it right or wrong.

    Simone <3


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