The Singing Bowl


Life is an eternal song of truth in awe, filled with melodies of awareness, joy, detachment and compassion playing on its own. We are here to simply listen to this song with all our being. To remain mesmerized in the eternal song of truth is Dharma (religion) of all beings. To remain attuned to the eternal song of truth is being human, being awake.

The eternal song plays in the present moment, where the mind is still. In past and in future, the mind sings its mortal songs. When we attune to songs of the mind, we become deaf to the eternal song of life. Our mind sings of mortal desires. The mind only loves what it already knows, that which exists in its memory. When the mind leads us, the eternal song of life fades away.

The mind leads back to the past or jumps into the future based on what has elapsed in the past. Essentially for the mind, past and future are reflections of each other. The reflection is made of recycled thoughts. These recycled thoughts are already known, but they are reshuffled to create something different in the form of the world that the mind shows us.

No matter how different life as an outside world might look, in time it gets boring. This boredom is the life one lives when led by the mind. Loneliness and insecurity accompany boredom. To kill this boredom, one has to move through life looking for something different from the outside.

The outside world is a blank canvas, to be filled in with the colors of thoughts. The mind creates by coloring the outside world with what the mind seeks, demands, wants, and desires or dreams. Thus, the outside world is a mere reflection of one’s mind. For this reason, we are not liked or disliked equally by everyone, as others see us as what their mind seeks, demands, wants, and desires or dreams.

Looking inside at the mind, instead of looking outside, is a moment of benediction. When we happen to look inside, we make first contact with our life. Upon first contact with life, our life that existed outside starts fading. This is because the five senses, as brushes in the hands of the mind, are not adding any more colors as thoughts to the canvas of the outside world. When this moment of benediction arrives in life, hold onto it for as long as possible. This moment is an announcement of the manifestation of the eternal song of truth for you. This moment is the present moment. The present moment is always a single moment — a single bowl holding one eternal song of truth. Learn to listen to the singing bowl of the present moment, for it will bring salvation from all illusions (Maya).

The mind tries to fill the singing bowl of the present moment with its song of past or future mortal demands, wants, and desires or dreams. The mind vies with you for the singing bowl of the present moment, because the bowls of the past and future do not exist. The mind needs something to hold many possessions. The mind needs to hold onto what it has learned, what it believes, what it considers life. The mind needs something in which to contain anger, attachments, greed and ego.

But there is only one bowl available — the singing bowl of the present moment. Either we let the mind pour its possessions into the singing bowl of the present moment or we let the singing bowl of the present moment manifest the eternal song of truth for us to be awake, be human and be Dharmic (religious).

We all have the choice of how we want to fill the singing bowl of the present moment. Maybe this choice has not manifested yet for some of us. To invoke the choice, simply watch your singing bowl of the present moment. It might be overfilled with thoughts of the past and future, burying your choice underneath it. Dig gently to discover this choice. If you are looking for motivation to do so, let me tell you that this article is from the singing bowl of the present moment, filled with the song of eternal truth. It shows me my path, it empowers me to share, it connects with others, and it keeps me awake. What more could I ask for? It simply fills me with gratitude.

So this is your choice: what do you want to put in the singing bowl of the present moment?

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Bhupinder Singh
Bhupinder Singh set out on his own journey to find a "self-sustainable method of eternal happiness" ten years ago. Along the way he has become a prolific writer, poet, motivational speaker and blogger in his attempts to share the revelations he has discovered along his pathway to truth. Chief among those was the discovery of Shabad (Supreme Wisdom) as his personal guru towards transformation and a quenching force for his parched soul. At its essence, all of his writing is but the attempts of his pen to capture the realizations that spring forth like a fountain of love from his soul. Bhupinder Singh is author of an inspirational book titled, Sanyog: Moving towards Unification with the Infinite. Realizing that everyone is on this eternal journey voluntarily or involuntarily, Bhupinder set about to chronicle his own journey towards unification with the infinite in everyday life.


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