Use It or Lose It, Baby!


Where am I? What is this? I hear I came from an egg and sperm and grew in mother’s belly — and nine months later I came out of her and landed onto the Earth. I’ve been here ever since.

I mean — Wow — what the heck? Right? It is a stunning, miraculous process and existence we find ourselves in if we pause to consider this for a moment.

What I find even more intriguing is the idea of what is behind all of it — what is powering such processes like human gestation and all of existence, who or what has orchestrated the existence we find ourselves in and are a part of?

Obviously, whatever or whomever, is an Intelligence that is beyond our own. Yet, we are one with this Intelligence. We are aware of it, and we are one with it. Mind-bending, isn’t it?

We also notice that life’s processes are carried on within certain boundaries, for instance nine months for a fetus to grow from egg and sperm united to a human baby.

Life is also carried out within the boundaries of Natural Law, or Universal Law.

One example: life’s operations are confined to the Law of Use. Whatever you do not use, in time, you will lose. Your ability to use a quality, attribute, power or skill that you have diminishes with your lack of use of it. The flipside of that coin is this: your ability to use improves and expands as you use it. The more you are using a faculty or skill, the more you keep your ability to use it, alive and thriving.

It is the difference between bringing energy to something, some aspect of yourself or some skill you have and putting it to constructive use, versus bringing little to no energy to it and doing nothing with it, in which case your ability to use it diminishes over time.

Vibration and polarity
There is also the Law of Vibration and the Law of Polarity. Again, life is confined to its operations within the boundaries of the law. Life is motion, motion is vibration, and without polarity there is no vibration — and without vibration there is no life as we know it.

So, these laws are dependent upon one another and constantly work together. The laws are what they are, and life is free to express according to the extent of the law.

The whole arrangement elicits awe in me — a striking sense of amazement and curiosity and I think, “What or who is this Life Force Energy and what or who has made and is maintaining these laws?” So many philosophers, occultists, holy men and women, gurus and saints have sought an understanding of and answers for these mysteries of life.

If you have ever wondered about these types of questions or similar ones, you must realize you are one of those philosopher minds that has the awareness to ask itself such questions. If you have that, you need to be making sure you are putting that curiosity, that thirst for knowing, that thirst for answer and experience, to use. It needs you to pay attention to it for you to grow it strong.

It is not some whimsical elementary spiritual curiosity but comes from somewhere much deeper within you — and you must keep fanning the flame by using your desire. For it to flourish, it requires your use.

You have desire to live your own version of spiritual life, desire to transform yourself personally and spiritually, and desire to be an ever more masterful designer of your life.

To deny yourself, or slack on the furtherance of that desire and the expression of that desire, is to deny yourself blood, to deny yourself oxygen.

If a conversation about the spiritually mysterious lights you up, if a conversation about personal and spiritual transformation lights you up, if your transformation and that of others’ in and of itself lights you up, you absolutely must feed that.

It is there for this reason: it is to be used by you. All it requires from you to reveal to you the answers to the mystery of yourself and life is your constructive and harmonious use of your desire.

So, keep reading, keep practicing, keep learning, keep teaching. Don’t ever let that precious flame go out. You are rare as it is — and your flame helps ignite the dormant flames in others.

Put your dreams and desires for a fulfilling, successful, rewarding spiritual and personal life to use — and do not hesitate another day to do so.


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