Using Heart Coherence for Wellness


Our beloved animals on this planet have been a source of unconditional love, joy and wellness since the beginning of time.

When Power Versus Force was written by David Hawkins in the ’90s, the average vibrational frequency of humanity’s emotionality was about 205. In contrast, the emotion of joy hangs around the frequency of about 540, so it seems as if much of humanity existed with a mediocre emotionality. When in high emotion, a person is more wave and less particle, according to quantum physics. And a human heart has 5,000 times more electromagnetics than the brain. When one is within 4 feet of another person, you are within their heart space.

That made me wonder: if I catapulted my emotionality to a higher frequency, and sit in the space of my 18-year-old cat, Kisses, could it improve her wellness?

When doing this, I took into account something Michael Roads mentioned, that domestic animals get used to a constant buzzing sound –the sound of the constant thoughts of humans. That explains how my cat knows immediately when I am awake in the morning and comes to greet me.

So, I started sitting next to Kisses, closed my eyes and emotionalized love to her. She immediately started purring. Then, I told myself to catapult this emotion times ten, until my heart felt like it would burst. The more I was able to do this, the louder she purred. I listened to her purring to gauge how well I was able to hold such high emotion in my heart. However, I found that if extraneous thoughts came to mind while I did this, Kisses would stop purring and walk away.

Every day now she meows me over to the same special corner of the house to sit and be immersed in “sitting in joy together,” in the sacred space. It has taught me to hold her in high emotion always, no matter how scattered I may be throughout the course of the day. I learned that this space between us is sacred space.

Kisses no longer has symptoms of arthritis in her hips. She also used to not like being picked up and carried around. Now, I get into my heart space, hold her on my heart, and she purrs and wants to be carried around at night. This has improved my wellness, too. It is like being bathed in joy.

Because emotions are a memory of the past, I needed to memorize and harness a new high emotion. In time, I learned how to be present in the world daily in this new emotionality.

Always feed and exercise your beloved pet, and bathe them in love daily!

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